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Devices of Persuasion (Part 2)

Artful Prudence
February 12, 2021


This is the second part of Coaxing Devices. A piece of writing conferring about various stratagems of persuasion; a facet of cunning that sways and convinces people to make the decision you desire.

In the first part of this essay, I will break down and analyse the craft of Intimation, drawing reference to Art of Seduction; The Art of Insinuation, a device like no other as there is no possible safeguarding course of action that you can engage in to counteract its potency.

In the succeeding part, I shall break down Law 13; Appeal to People’s Self-Interest, a worthy addition to Intimation. People are inherently selfish, this verity allows you to leverage their self-centeredness through the strategic use of charm and entreaty to lower their opposition.

Employing Intimations

Insinuation is the most unparalleled mode of persuasion and influence. One indefinite suggestion and you have left your mark. An intimation is difficult to catch as it is so understated. It does not manifest straight away, only days later, and when it does it may show itself to be their own thought. Its efficacy makes it one of the most vigorous weapons you could use. It has, furthermore, a unique way of imparting its substance through brave statements accompanied by withdrawal and apologia. Moreover, trite and commonplace talk is coupled with enticing body language and equivocal comments. Intimation is its own expression and this compound is the prescription that penetrates the unconscious.

Direct means are not as effectual in matters of persuasion and influence, being straightforward about your wants and needs is impolitic and foolish yet most people do not know better. Words carry bias and that bias is competing with an extensive stream of predetermined ideology that is already present in the individual’s psychology. So, there is a conflict of preconceived ideas and newly harvested bias. Set out to prevail on people and they will grudge you for it, with the thought that they lack the capacity for conclusiveness. No competent persuader, be it with women or business matters, without becoming adept in the art of intimation.

Intimation is straightforward, all it takes is one trite comment and a seed of suggestion is sowed. The very delicacy of an intimation does not make it unforgettable in its application, it only comes to be prevalent as it grows and pervades the psychology of the subject. The effect is such that it seems as if it sprung up artlessly in a natural manner which makes it all the more astute. It will seem to the subject, furthermore, as if it has been present ahead of time. The inkling sinks in and an elusive crack pierces their vulnerability. A hint dropped in an animated discussion, for instance, is one such convenient smokescreen. One principal key to bear in mind is the vagueness of words, their indefiniteness makes them compelling and inscrutable, leaving your subject somewhat bemused and simultaneously swayed.

Upon leading off an interaction, implying things that people yearn to hear will give you a sufficient impetus for persuasion, with the potentiality for delight and excitement or affluence. This should not be misused and hackneyed, though, for this will disintegrate your course of action. This should be utilised mainly in the opening when their guard is up. There is no exception, just about every individual is deprived of something in life, there is always a sparseness somewhere whether by a large or small margin. Perhaps a rapture of delight that has not come to fruition or a deficiency in adventure. You can identify their insufficiencies by opening them up, and you open them up through divergent suggestion, intimation, and understated inquiry.

By way of illustration, a simple tumble of the tongue that is seemingly a closing remark, or an attractive and enticing source of information, or a declaration that is swiftly followed by apologia. Having a sense of repartee with people arms you with an ideal front, when people are in contemplation, your insinuation is that much more imperceptible. If they are in a state of ignorance, either very loosened up or preoccupied, this is a good opportunity to drop an intimation. People have an organic opposition by their nature, and a mere implication circumvents this verity and appears to them to be something that has arisen inherently. This is the degree to which a simple implication expands, its substance takes a creation of its own.

People’s creative power and wishful fantasy is a lever that can be utilised through an attractive and alluring concept or thought, but to do so you should seize their imaginativeness and get it roused. When a deep yearning is entertained through your persuasion, people are apt to consider and harbour it further. One shall remember, as well, that intimation is the subtle communication of desire and joy. The world lacks secrecy, your yearnings and sentiments are too overt, leaving no space for plotting and mystery. People pine for paradox and unsolved problems, for it gets their imagination spinning, and when you are the person who is stimulating such suspicion, you radiate an aura of charm and appeal that is deprived in our culture.

Body language is also one more device you should be alert and watchful of. Words are a great device for intimation, but body signals, gazes, and glances are all consequential. Become a student of human nature, and learn to scrutinise body language to assimilate its significance. Frankly, your glances and stares are continually being interpreted, thus, transfer the implications to your benefit. If you want to interpret one’s intentions or feelings, observe their body language more than their words, for words are easier to control than a gesture. Your manner of conduct, then, is also of import, your look in your eyes should be one of temptation and charm, and your articulation not absurd.

Leverage People’s Selfishness

“Law 13: When asking for help, appeal to people’s self-interest, never to their mercy or gratitude.” – Robert Greene, 48 Laws of Power

In matters of support, it is more sensible to charm the other’s selfishness other than their appreciation or leniency. Men are so personal and prejudiced that all that is of interest is themselves, other than that, there is not much. Man will, with pleasure, disregard any acknowledgement as this is deemed a dreadful responsibility for him, and to compound it, he does not feel indebted to be thankful. You see, people of this kind are best dealt with in the most succinct time by making it understandably evident that your success is in their interest to advance it.

The pragmatic person is ideally spoken to pragmatically, for that manner is most suitable for his understanding. The brave and tough ought to treat the feeble and inadequate with their vigour, exposing them to acute hardship in order to pull them out of their timidity. The means you use to get to that point is of your choosing, however, self-interest is an impelling force that drives people to act outside their supposed normal ruts. When their demands are met through tempting intrigue, their opposition will be relinquished. If you are putting forward an invitation for support, you are dealing with a person who has requirements to be met. If your capacity to discern his character is poor, you will not be successful in your entreat. You should, therefore, get to know their wants and needs carefully, so as not to muddle your interest with his as that will only result in fiasco.

You can understand one’s psychology through personal inquiry, what is his prestige and social position? Is he despised or conceited? What is his reputation like from what he has told you? Can you discern his motives, is he money-oriented? This is an essential course of action to make as close a precise assessment as possible. To give an example, a despised person will not have a good name, and there is a good chance he may be wrapped up in himself. He may be despised as a result of having little to no acclaim and an incapacity to win people’s heart through charming appeal. On the other hand, a person who is driven by money will be obstinate and strong-willed, more often than not requiring more than appeal to satisfy and thus, a more thorough recognition of their shortcomings will be adequate to soften their aversion and benefit from his flaws.

The various distinctions between you and the person can be detoured by drawing attention to his needs and making them alluring enough so as to entice him. His needs and wants should be given a certain emphasis so as to seem like there is something substantial to be gained for him, while concurrently not disclosing your motives to him as this will unsettle him and conflict with his. Concealment of your motives conveys to him the impression that his needs correspond to yours, and thus presumes that both he and you will emerge with a positive result. To consider the other person’s inclinations and disposition, clear any sentiment that shrouds veracity.

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