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Friends and How to Use your Enemies

Artful Prudence
February 12, 2021

Be prudent with your friendly relationships, for friends will break the promise in due course. Friends can rapidly foster a blend of envy and distaste for you, and become upset and worse, autocratic. Men are willing to recompense an offence but scarcely a blessing because thankfulness is responsibility and retribution a rapture. On numerous occasions, the people you love may be unfaithful, even those you regard greatly. And, it may be fair-minded to have a deep affection and esteem for particular people but on no account should you rely copiously on the alluring snare of friendship. For it may bring with it terrible repentance that is of no service to your mental soundness.

“Lord, protect me from my friends; I can take care of my enemies.”


You consider you know your friends more than you do. You may have high acclaim for them and as a result, your evaluation of them does not hit the mark, for your judgement is distorted by your personal prejudice. If you have agreeable friends, they tend to run away from arguments and concur.

They conceal their wrongdoing, both for reputation and to avoid an unnecessary upset. Candour and sincerity hardly ever reinforce a friendship, not to mention a treacherous one.

Friends have a tendency of exhibiting lofty commendation towards your good looks, etiquette, and culture. Perhaps it is frank, many a time it is not. When you get to be acquainted more deeply, their real qualities start to give out. Everyone wears a mask in the dawn, for they will seem more principled. Your act of affection is what unhinged the double-dealing, and that is quite a queer observation. A good turn can come to be tyrannical and burdensome, it implies that you have been picked out because you are a friend, and not for your admirable decency. Employing your friends for favour borders on scorn and that privately besets them. This is almost a recipe for disaster, you will start catching glimpses of subtle envy and hints of indignation that slowly dissolves the friendship. And, conversely, the more you invest in attempting to resuscitate the friendship, the less appreciation you receive in turn. For an act of revival of friendship has imbued in it a sense of dishonesty. The history associated with thanklessness goes far down. You are better off acting prudent and sceptical. If you do not have high suppositions of gratitude, you will be taken by surprise when they show appreciation. There is more to be gained from a foe than a friend. A foe will let you know of your shortcomings sooner than your friends and companions. As a matter of course, your power is finite through employing your friends for a good turn. Forthrightly, only on a few rare junctures will your friend be proficient enough to support you because cordial empathy is not as consequential as adeptness and capability.

A workplace requires a sense of cultivated detachment between yourself and other people. Your work is your precedence. And, you are in the workplace to get your work fulfilled, not make friends and be affable. In fact, geniality merely hides it. This leads to a crucial rudimentary lesson of power, that is, the capacity to determine who is accomplished and gifted to further your passions in all your pursuits. Friends are great for friendship, but always affiliate with the proficient and competent in the workplace. Your enemies are like diamonds in the rough, if you know how to utilise them, and use to good advantage.

When the opportunity arises, bury the hatchet with an enemy and put him under your wing. An enemy has much to prove, and an enemy is knocked down when you befriend him.

We grow indolent in their absence, for in their presence you brush up your shrewdness, and they keep you attentive to what’s going on in the present. That being said, an enemy does not necessarily have to be converted into a friend. It is mentally refreshing to have enemies around, a man cannot grow stronger without opposition. If you have no enemies, you must from time to time make an arrangement, perhaps even converting a friend into a deserving nemesis. The prudent man of power embraces confrontation and dispute, utilising his enemies to amplify his character and good name. And, in times of disruption, he can be dependent upon.

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