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Imperturbability and Elusiveness

Artful Prudence
February 12, 2021

Commendation at their unconventionality is a form of respect towards your triumph. It is neither beneficial nor enjoyable to expose your hand. Suspense fuels expectation, and it demonstrates an aura of mystery that people venerate. During the interaction, stay away from total honesty, in the same way, you would in all your dealings. Always say less than it asked of you. An open announcement is scarcely esteemed and it leads to denunciation and if things go south, you will be dissatisfied twofold. Deliberate practice of dissimulation will prove advantageous to vanquish your excessive candidness. Dissimulation is merely the cover-up of your own thoughts, feelings, or character. To say less than necessary also reinforces your higher merit, for the man of character leads an interaction without looking for external validation.

An expressionless person’s dominance liberates him from subjugation to rude and indecent impressions. This is the man with a self-possessed calm and cool. Mastery over yourself and your emotions is the crowning point of superiority and power. Seeming equally intelligent to everyone is not a necessity, don’t go an extra mile unless absolutely obligatory. Nothing is wasted with fine knowledge and brilliance. Don’t show off your good qualities without a break, for there will be nothing left to praise and worship. Remember; A good falconer never lets off more birds than necessary for the chase. In the same way, know when to flaunt your qualities and when to conceal them. There must always be something creative and new to be admired, for the interesting man is the one who sustains an aura of mystery and keeps attraction and appeal in existence, and never lets people know what the limits of his great expertise lie.

In the house of Fortune, if you enter through pleasure’s door, you’ll leave through sorrow’s, and vice versa.

Pay close attention to how things conclude and then take even better care that you make a respected exit rather than a commended entry. It is usual and ordinary for fortunate people to have brilliant beginnings and disastrous endings. The truth is that your aim is not to have a highly praised entrance cheered by the common people because everyone is welcomed in that same way. Rather, what is of importance here is the common feeling your departure induces because very few are pined for once finished. Good fate rarely goes with those on their egress.

She is as polite to those who are arriving as she is rude to those who are leaving.

The moral is, then, that everyone will acknowledge your emergence and may salute, but the same people who were once welcoming may very well contribute to your downfall or be insolent upon your departure. You never know what may be the wretched consequence of a poor exit, however, a substandard entry can be the stepping stone to develop your good name and character and have a commendable exit.

This is what may be considered the escape route of practical people. The charm of an amusing or humorous phrase can usually disentangle you from a complicated maze.

A challenging conflict can be evaded with a smile. In fact, the bravery and valour of the greatest commanders finds its basis on this. A well mannered strategy is to change the subject, and the principal act of caution is to hide that you have understood.

Remember, an embellished ’no’ pleases more than a dampened ‘yes’.

It is important to note, though, that not everything has to be conceded and admitted, and certainly not to everyone. Your fashion and demeanour are of crucial importance here, for one person’s ‘no’ is worth more than another’s ‘yes’. Remember, an embellished ’no’ pleases more than a dampened ‘yes’. Many people have a propensity to say ‘no’ to everything, they embitter things quickly. It is their default reaction, and even though they may follow-up with capitulation, the initial non-acceptance leaves the water sour. Think things through, do not be so quick to refuse in a spontaneous burst, let the frustration manifest slowly. This awards you the time to be more prudent in your decision making. Do not get caught up in your mental bogus and let it engulf you in its chaos. Maintain a sense of objectivity towards outer circumstances, keep your calm and cool in the midst of conflict, and never be so quick with your conclusions.

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