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Laws of Power: Absence and Presence

Artful Prudence
February 12, 2021


There is a worn saying that too much circulation lessens value. In other words, by being seen and heard regularly, you make yourself look unexceptional and plain. You can make people respect you in your group through employing momentary withdrawals from it without prior assertion. Your absence stirs veneration and esteem, but you shall know, also, that timing is of great significance with regards to your disengagement because a late or premature withdrawal will achieve the contrary, making you forgotten or scorned. You create merit through shortage, for what is hard to find is reticent and sought after.

Introductory Presence and Familiarity

Beginnings should be filled with your ubiquitousness not scarcity. Prosperity should be pervaded with both absence and presence. What is appreciated will be missed in its non-appearance. In matters of attracting women, you should first build adequate comfort before attempting to disengage. Employ and grip her emotions, put her at ease and soften her resistance, then your withdrawal will be thrilling and unpredictable. If your absence is unforeseen, it is all the more enticing, for the woman will make various assumptions of what could have possibly went wrong and moreover, there is a a sense of repudiation associated with it that stimulates a woman’s imagination in the most desirable manner. Recognise that sudden withdrawal and shortage, even if seemingly so, is deserving of esteem and where women are concerned, of lust. The common and ordinary transforms appeal into contempt, as its prolongation provokes discourtesy.

Truancy subsides trivial passions and stimulates glorious ones. Often, people overlook the reality that growing inordinately obtainable and accessible makes you assailable to exploitation. Occupying your domain for extended periods without momentary departures will make it taxing for you to withdraw in the long-run, and that is counter-productive since attachment of any sort will, in due course, generate diminishing returns. Absence and presence are a dualism, and should be in moderate equilibrium, for if you’re wedded to one polarity and antagonistic to the other, you are a symptom of an unsound mind. Much in this world is hinged on this dualism, and thus to stabilise yourself adequately is to possess a graceful poise that is neither fastened nor loose.

The Game of Absence and Presence

Absence and presence, in many forms, is a game of hide and seek, as you become more recognised and discerned, your value starts to decline. You attempt to adjust your model of conduct, so people perceive you differently, but it is all futile. You must be capable of withdrawal, making it a point that your withdrawal is timed correctly and done prior to rousing disdain in others. People who regard you with contempt will make it apparent in their conduct and if you are unaware of their behaviour, you make matters worse and no mere withdrawal will make them suddenly admire you. This is not only relevant in general social circumstances, it is as relevant in affairs related to women and seduction.

Absence is effective with women only when your image has been established and your presence is noteworthy and glaring. It is only under such a condition that a woman will be reminded of you in your absence. If there is no underlying contrast between a heightened presence and a sudden withdrawal, your absence will not stimulate a passionate response that will, in turn, induce a striking and exciting arrival. In the beginning stages, absence plays a major role in stimulating the woman’s imagination, however, as time goes and you divulge your character to the woman, the initial charm starts to wear off and the woman does not feel the burning desire she felt in the opening phase. At this point, the woman knows more than necessary about you for her imaginativeness to be roused, and thus has no expanse to be exercised for both her and your merit.

Consequently, imagination is easily stimulated through mystery, but men, by and large, are incompetent in sustaining mystery after the opening stage of an affair. Men have a tendency to grow immoderately familiar to a woman and in a rapid manner, this is a repulsive move and one that most men are ignorant of. Some disclosure is acceptable and necessary, complete disclosure is revolting, overfamiliar and boring. A lack of disclosure gives your woman space to draw assumptions about you without your emphasising it, and this is compelling and fruitful. Moreover, when you’re not in a hurry revealing all the specifics, you have the opportunity to unfasten and let the woman do the talking while you amuse yourself with all the particulars she is imparting.

You are not like everyone else, so do not tolerate substandard behaviour because others do. If you let others deal with you poorly, they will keep dealing with you in the same manner. For, they have found a loophole for exploitation that they can leverage. It is better to starve the other person of your attendance than grow familiar. Your withdrawal is your means of averting potential contempt and disrespect. Make it a point that your women or friends know that their behaviour comes at a cost, that way they will think over their actions and act accordingly, with the knowledge of your willingness to leave.

The Utility of Withdrawal

If they are threatened with the possibility of losing you, they will not persist in their obnoxious behaviour, and if they do, you rid yourself of people who do not value your presence. After your death, an aura of respect will encircle you. People’s reprisals of you will be recalled, as well as their disputes with you and they will grow contrite and culpable. Your withdrawal is a form of demise, and upon your arrival it will be as if you have come back to life and an air of rebirth will emanate from your presence, imbuing in people a sense of consolation from your recurrence. Scarcity, as well, is just as applicable to personal skills, your work can come to be rare and exceptional, increasing its value notably. If your work is discerned in this light, there will be an unavoidable aura surrounding your persona that will make you seem singular and distinctive, for your work is, in many forms, a reflection and expression of your character.

Napoleon understood the law when he remarked, “If I am often seen at the theatre, people will cease to notice me.” In other words, commonality lessens attention and breeds negligence. In matters of command, there comes a juncture when the powerful are regarded with scorn and disdain, people lost esteem and grown fed up with them. They seem as undistinguished as everyone, which renders to them being estimated worse since you collate them to their previous persona. If you retire well, you can preserve some power and reclaim lost respect. If you retire in an imprudent manner, you are running the high prospect of losing both.

To sum up, absence generates acclaim and admiration and while presence denigrates fame, absence amplifies it. A man, when present, grows ordinary and absurd, when absent, grows brave and heroic. The gleam of talents turns familiar, for the carapace of the intellect does not justify its copious and fertile internal substance. The call for retirement, therefore, is likewise utilised by remarkable brains, in order for other men to applaud and hold in great respect and rouse a yearning in their absence.

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