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Laws of Power: Attention and Mystery

Artful Prudence
February 12, 2021


Good name is not enough without eminence. Attention is an essential element of fame, without your recognised attendance, you merely mingle with everyone else fruitlessly. To be esteemed is to have people’s eyes on you, irrelevant of whether it is through infamy or uprightness. To rouse intrigue is to have an audience. It gives you exclusive soundness and justifiability and bestows you a favour to excel. Crowds tend to coexist together, it is a chain reaction where the few become the many and a chain reaction compounds rapidly. P. T Barnum’s principal elements for moving forward and prospering was to know how to court attention. Disagreement and argument heighten your recognition, and contrary to common misconception, you should not demur about a contentious image.

For that reason, a controversial image that sparks difference is not substandard. A storm kindles both excitement and dread, making people conspire over a state of affairs and its unravelling. Condemnation and criticism are more beneficial than disregard in certain conditions. Showmanship is a mark of the master, a charm and a hypnotic influence that draws people in. Any form of censuring should not be taken to heart, remember this. Your composure is the downfall or the advancement, unwavering tranquillity will be sufficient in most circumstances. Do not shun away from your peculiarities, bring them to light. The unfamiliar and abnormal is captivating, rousing both dispute and inquisitiveness among people. Unfamiliarity and distinction is the magic bullet, it makes you transcend the ordinary and appear larger than life.

Pablo Picasso had a capacity for sustained attention. He knew well how to create disruption through intentional and unpredictable adaptations to his style of work. His unpredictable manner engrossed crowds through his consistent inconsistency. Picasso always had the upper hand, there was no need for enduring stability, he was consistently in opposition with his art. Therefore, well-judged invigoration will sustain notice, and leave people eager. Remember: do not let your work or image grow monotone or mundane. Adaptation is essential, recondition your methods often, deliberately and calculatedly. To be flexible is to be changeable circumstantially. Do not bore your admirers, ordinariness and intimacy are fruitless and should be avoided. Lastly, Mata Hari also captivated by her constant restyling of narratives, such as attire and different dances.

Cultivating Attention and Being Mysterious

First, make yourself easily visible by the public. Slipping in the mob will only make you blend in with everyone. A hint of boldness and mystery in everything will make you grandiose. While the mob retreats into timidity, you stand out with distinction. As I elaborated in an essay on Reputation, focus your emergence on attaching your name to a divine quality that makes you remarkable. A memorable feature will set you apart from others as it will be the centre of attention. Condemnation by the mob should not make you apprehensive, your individuality unfastens you from them. Do not diverge sound from substandard attention, both will serve you. Actually, rousing argument and debate is an effective method to condemn a figure with much renown. He has more to lose, you more to acquire. Regardless, steer clear from such schemes when you have prominence or do not misuse them.

A spice of mystery in everything is divine, it is both revering and compelling. Do not hurriedly proclaim yourself if you are not recognised. Exhibiting your intentions obviously is not clever, refrain from talking openly about them. Only fools utter their plans, the wise dissimulate their past conduct. The divine way is not wholly revealing, thus do not be explicit in your explanations. Reverence is stimulated by the undefinable, not the affable. If you are confined from being mysterious as a consequence of conditions, at the minimum you should be less clear. Familiarity is tasteless, people are too predictable, you can foresee all their moves and there is little allure. Ordinariness is both cheap and unrefined because it is less taxing to be unrestrained than to be reticent. Moreover, composure is the ability to direct your tongue amidst an intense moment.

Mystery’s enchanting nature induces explanation because what cannot be deciphered generates power. In a trite world, things that were once prohibited have grown familiar and unremarkable. What is puzzling is longed for, creating a compelling urge to fathom it, owing to the feelings it induces. Besides, the imaginary is analogous to the incomprehensible. People feel superior to the predictable, they feel in control when action is foreseeable. Play the unforeseeable game by being unpredictable, avoid playing as expected. Mystery in your everyday living can be implemented in subtle manners; it charms, tempts, and pierces one’s psychology.

Ambiguous language, silence, unpredictability, and contrast all achieve such enigma when executed correctly. A common image is stable, interrupting your appearance unpredictably catches people off guard and brings about interesting responses. Once an image is disturbed with inconsistency, people are demented by your conduct and thus you hold the upper hand, this is a favourable position. Indescribable demeanour provokes uncertainty and this verity could be leveraged. The divine demands respect and familiarity rears contempt. The impudent mob are incompetent in good judgement, and thus your good service will be misconceived and belittled. The quintessence of mystery: partial disclosure excites, secretion entices. However, know when to captivate or withdraw, develop sufficient awareness of surroundings. Greed is insecurity, and exhibiting it among your superiors will challenge their good name and offend them. Mystery should not evolve into deception, modesty should not be left behind. Enigma should be pleasurable, but not menacing.

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