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Leadership: Elevating Man’s Spirit

Artful Prudence
July 26, 2021


Leaders are largely responsible for the unity and harmony of the group. It is useful to understand the subtleties involved in elevating and preserving a high spirit that will drive triumph. By deficient morale, not only will you breed chaos and disorganisation among the group, but you will discompose the psychology of your subordinates. Knowing how to induce in your group the proper vigour and enthusiasm is indispensable, and the way you do that is by competently adapting their precedence to agree with the group. 

The puzzle to influencing people and preserving their spirit is to compel them to orient themselves to the group. Form a campaign at odds with a detested adversary and involve them in it. Adapt their perception so that their continuance appears binded to the prosperity of the entire circle. Emotions are transmittable – a group involved in zealous emotional bonding makes it easier to incite passion. 

As a leader, your actions must be an exemplary demonstration. Your secondaries should discern your struggle and acknowledge your honest commitments – this will encourage them to mirror your heroic deeds. Remember: a driven group will often compensate for a deprivation in resources. Man is by nature egocentric: his first thought tends to be concerned with selfish interests. On top of that, he tends also to conceal self-centredness to make his motivation appear self-sacrificing and contrary to reality. You may presume that your associates are sincerely passionate and interested, as their word and gesture indicates so.

Bit by bit, you come to perceive a different reality; they are exploiting their role for private interests. There’s a lot to learn from history’s finest commanders. To get people to work together and preserve team spirit, you must know how to make them feel part of a purposive group. This will deflect their attention from selfish interest while gratifying their inherent urge to feel part of an elevated cause. The more they appraise the group, the more their own interests and the group’s dovetail in agreement. Team spirit is like an infectious disease; it spreads rapidly. If you place people in a well integrated and high-spirited environment, they will naturally attune to it – and if they recoil and regress to selfishness, they will be secluded from it. Your responsibility, then, is to immediately set up this interplay. After all, it can come only from the superior.

The Grand Purpose

It is basic human nature; people have a hankering appetite to believe in anything persuasive. There is an internal void, and they sense its futility, as they soon realize that it can’t be satisfied by drugs or brutality. This sense of vacancy is advantageous – you can assure them of a high-minded cause worth fighting for. By their deprivation and futility, they are disposed to be convinced by your enthralling reasoning. When you unite people for a ‘grand’ purpose, the generated force moves people and stirs vigour and fire. Your incentive should be forward-looking, adapted to the time and tending to the future, as if ordained to be successful. If you think it essential, adding a spiritual impression could be convenient. In addition, it is most advantageous to have a rival in sight, a loathed opposer – he will assist in establishing a compelling narrative.

Don’t Coddle Your Men

If people sense that they have been used to good advantage, their inborn egotism rises to the top. Knowing you have been betrayed or cheated on is a source of fervent unease that incites in people an urge to defy authorities. You want to avoid this situation at all costs by making them feel genuinely included, looked after and valued. On the other hand, you don’t want to impair their disposition by undue recompense. Don’t pamper them by excess pay, instead ensure they are furnished with sufficient comfort, so they know they are being carefully attended to. The patriarchal protection of a leader puts people at ease, even muffling their self-obsession and firing up their strength. 

Demonstrate the Ideal

If you don’t practice what you teach, you’re not a true leader. Deficiency and disquiet are often a consequence of a lack of leadership and incongruity. Your inferiors ought to notice your thoughtfulness, if you’re not properly bearing the same hazards and burdens, they will inevitably feel let down by your indisposition. You must command from the front, not the back. In other words, you shall give them a run for their money by coercing them into keeping abreast. 

Engage their Emotions

The foremost means to actuate people is by emotion more than reason. Humans are by nature resistant. If you start by appealing to emotion, you will rouse doubt and they will discern you as conniving. Firstly, lessen their resistance and compel group bonding by settling an amusing presentation to elevate the mood and encourage connection. Once they grow more passionate, a more sincere proposal is viable as you comfortably transition from humour to indignation or distaste.

Selective Kindliness

Ample recompense disfigures their temperament while making them neglect your authority. On the other hand, ample punishment knocks down the group spirit. Your kindness, then, should be sparse yet relevant. If you excessively apply it, its innate potency will be denigrated. Make others contend to charm you, so that through their striving, they are endowed with more kindliness and less cruelty.


In sum, the duty of the leader is to understand the inner workings of the group as well as how to properly push the right buttons of each individual, so that there is as little discord as possible while preserving a constant harmony among his subordinates. Without such a thorough understanding, there will be perpetual confusion, disagreement and defiance. To maintain high morale and unity, inclusion and steadiness are imperative. Remember: without stirring up opportune emotions, there will be a shortage of morale, faith and trust – all of which are crucially important for the group’s concurrence. 

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