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Musings on Diligence and Ability

Artful Prudence
July 3, 2021

The diligent-average will accomplish more than the superior-lazy. Assiduity outshines superiority, when excellence lacks constancy. In other words, it’s better to be average yet hard-working, than bright yet idle. To acquire prestige and repute, industrious effort is crucial. Valuable things come at a dear price, but cheap things don’t. A man of merit becomes worthy by paying the price – if that price is economical, its inherent purpose and value is rejected. 

Truthfully, you can inhabit a superior role but still lack proper application. Remember, superiority does not definitely equal superior practice. You can be superior in intelligence yet inferior in application – industriousness is not analogized with intelligence. It is rare for a man to eclipse his natural temperament. Things that are irreversible by nature can’t possibly be rectified beyond their fringes. The only way to acknowledge your limits is by endeavouring to exceed them. It is only when you overstep the apparent boundaries that you find out where they truly lie. If not, you’re simply making prejudiced predictions based on nothing more than suggestive symbols. 

If you are satisfied being mediocre in a dull pursuit when you could be excellent in an honourable one, you are misplacing capability and resigning virtue for subservience. Self-awareness is crucial; if you don’t know where your strength lies, you’re liable to put it in the wrong place. You don’t want to confuse strength for weakness, nor vice versa. Ability and potentiality must be fully acknowledged, as well as imperfection. Endeavour to apply yourself carefully and diligently, for only when capability is rightly carried out is there sound competence. Imbue your work with personality and dexterity, but ensure persistent and efficient application. 

The man of purpose identified his aptitude and enhanced it by application and knowledge. There is no knowledge without failure and there is no bettering of application without knowledge. Extract knowledge from failure and imbue that understanding in your application. Advancement is the product of adaptation and wisdom. Your lifeblood should penetrate through your work, braced by distinctiveness and exquisite style. Make your craft an art in itself, elevate its beauty by graceful execution and fluidity, moderate its ugliness by assured superiority. Mastery heightens your genius and allays your blunders; when you have reached a degree of proficiency, minor errors become inconsequential because the grand delivery outshines all else. 

Character and expertise move in unison, one kindles intensity and aspiration, the other fruitfully manifests them. Where there is passion, there is potency; where there is potency, your aspirations are realized and carried out. Passion compels ambition, potency compels efficacy. Everyone has a natural bent that balances nature itself; its recognition tends to be accompanied by burning vigour and a stark curiosity. Ponder what fires up your attention and competence, there you will discover budding potential and profound meaning. No man should go through life doing things he truthfully detests – your time is limited, pick a profession that encourages your virtue. It is one thing to feel forced to do something you hate, but another thing to feel sincerely compelled by preference to persist in the direction of your impassioned goals. 

It is more useful to be diligent yet unintelligent than intelligent yet lifeless. Respect is earned by rigour. The admirable not only skilfully and continually carry out their work, but do so with an imperturbable head. Neither capability nor application are requisite in the absence of the other, both must be amalgamated and fused with conscientiousness and intent. Constant imperfection teaches you more than inconstant excellence. The man who makes an appearance, even when marked by failure, extricates something useful; but the undisciplined obstruct their excellence by a lack of discipline and fail to thrive, in spite of impeccability. 

When laziness and arrogance meet, excellence is diminished. To preserve a virtue, you must be virtuous, otherwise you simply tarnish what is good by what is relatively bad. The practical way to conquer laziness is by learning to consistently do small-scale tasks, why? Because by committing yourself to what is realizable, your efforts compound. In due course, you are building a nature that transcends your present condition; it’s called having impetus. 

When you have impetus and a realistic plan, you are magnifying value and virtue; forbearance, endurance and resolution. What were small-scale commitments are now significant methods well implanted in your temperament: they serve your intent and nurture your virtue, strength and efficacy. Neither inefficiently effective, nor efficiently ineffective, but efficient and effective. The former by organization, discipline and structure, the latter by competence, skill, and experience.

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