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On Boldness

Artful Prudence
May 15, 2021


Evidently, no one can deny the truth that most men that occupy society lack boldness, among other things. This does not come as a surprise to anyone who has perceived the breakdown of gender roles; as men grow increasingly effeminate, their capacity for boldness assuages.

This piece will flesh out the nuance of boldness: why it works, how to use it and when to avoid it. Forthrightly, I will draw reference to various excerpts to further corroborate my discourse for this theme.

Boldness should not be the only good trait, it should be one of numerous, since its efficacy is partially resting on the efficacy of other good traits. No single trait is useful in the absence of other useful traits: they stabilise and brace each other.

Boldness and Timidity

Uncertainty in execution is dangerous, indecision and reluctance are contaminating. This is where boldness comes into play; while cowardice is ill-protected, boldness is stable – and a fault done by daringness can be rectified with more boldness. The fearful man is dishonourable, but the bold man worthy of admiration.

The emotional reactions of boldness and reluctance differ; while the former abolishes impediments, the latter generates them. In other words, boldness dismantles limitation, but timidity engenders more restrictions that incite passivity and drawback. Timidity denigrates your capacities and boldness enlarges them.

“Great enterprises are only achieved by adventurous spirits. They who calculate with too great nicety every difficulty and obstacle which is likely to lie in their way, lose that time in hesitation, which the more daring seize and render available to the loftiest purposes.”

Jean De La Fontaine

Audacity Amplifies Greatness

A dash of boldness has an enchanting influence: it conceals our defects and makes us appear larger than life itself. Every man is better off with a hint of audacity, it elevates his identity and enriches his nature. More heroic deeds, less fearful evasion.

A valiant spirit is indispensable for grand endeavours and illustrious conquests. If man is taken aback by the barrier ahead of him, he will squander a favourable chance in temporisation. The daring snatch a chance without delay as postponement is a loser’s game. The incompetent reschedule their duties, the capable swiftly oppose them.

Boldness is versatile; e.g. you will be confounded how compelling it is in matters of negotiation, where being rigid in your demands will earn you respect and resources.

Compliance is Dangerous

Picking out weakness is instinctual: if you confirm a readiness to find a happy medium and surrender your power, you let loose the monster even in those who are not diabolical. Remember: While audacity knocks terror, terror results in power. So, when you are terrified, you are inciting his power; when you are intrepid, you are inciting his fear.

Especially when daringness appears suddenly, its swiftness makes it that more menacing. A bold move alarms – it sets up an exemplar that in later engagements others will be scared stiff by your unpredictability.

“Always set to work without misgivings on the score of imprudence. Fear of failure in the mind of a performer is, for an onlooker, already evidence of failure…. Actions are dangerous when there is doubt as to their wisdom; it would be safer to do nothing.”

Baltasar Gracian

Fear is Vulnerability

When a person is easily frightened, he is bound to be stumped. He will perceive a way out even when there isn’t, and in doing so, generate further problems for himself. The timid will do their best to flee, but only to find themselves contending with more pitfalls. The fearful invite difficulties by trying to run away from them. There is a price to be paid for cowardice.

Boldness leaves no cracks, its alacrity leave no time for anxiety or a change of mind. As a matter of fact, a bold move tops off any good seduction, entrusting women no instant for judgement.

The faint-hearted only dwell on boldness, but don’t submit to it: they are risk averse and petrified of the viable outcome. People’s judgement and antagonism perturbs and paralyses them into passivity. So, they never provoke what alarms them: they are governed by its influence.

If the timid only dared to transcend, things would be more sane.

Nourishing Self-Deception

Often, you hide your diffidence with apparent altruism, conveying a kind of innocuous nature. But really, the contrary is true: you are an insecure egotist who is anxious about his public perception. You attempt to deceive others to make up for your inadequacy, thereby nourishing your self-deception.

“There is not one of us who does not prefer a little rough handling to too much consideration. Men lose through blundering more hearts than virtue saves. The more timidity a lover shows with us the more it concerns our pride to goad him on; the more respect he has for our resistance, the more respect we demand of him.”

Ninon de l’Enclos

Ninon understood this better than most men today – women too like it better when a man is more impetuous than considerate. The more timid a man with women, the more he fondles their ego; the more they provoke him. The more he tolerates their opposition, the more respect they urge of him.

Women Detest the Faint-Hearted

Women, as observed, have little to no respect for men who are amenable and diffident, their lack of authority gives women a surfeit of control; they rig the game to their own detriment presuming that women will feel sorry for them; they won’t. Truthfully, they are repulsed by it and don’t want anything to do with you.

Man is a loser when he compels a woman to feel more righteous than she really is; he perverts her nature when he overvalues her good.

Boldness Puts Her at Ease

More boldness on your end would pacify the waters and relieve resistance. No man in love should act like an imbecile, but a sensible man could act like a lunatic; women have a liking for roughness, but not for idiocy. The former as it is a demonstration of virility, the latter as it is a demonstration of frailty.

Really, your concern with the outcome of boldness is not proportional to the real world, and the effects of timidity can be far more sinister than intrepidity. This should serve you a lesson to always tend towards bravery when you are uncertain by fear; do not allow reluctance to govern your actions, nor stop you from fulfilling your purpose.

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