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On Charming the ‘Right’ Woman

Artful Prudence
June 5, 2021

Where female attraction is involved, selection is of the essence. Your choosing will dictate a great deal of what follows. Your choice of woman does not have definite attributes or the same inclinations in occupation or ambition. The ‘ideal’ woman to seduce is one that excites you in an inexpressible way; the energy she conveys is not shallow, but thorough. Before setting out to entice, you shall inquire into the woman, gauging her sensitivity, openness and vulnerability to your appeal. A suitable woman is one whose void you can charge, and who notices in you a striking titillation and foreignness. Such women are many a time off the beaten track, as it were, or perhaps, due to fresh unfavourable situations, rather dissatisfied and down. Really, a totally pleased woman is not worth seducing, since she lacks the need to be persuaded.

Risk, Thrill and Pleasure

Most women long to be enticed by a domineering man, they want to be extricated from their usual groove and set foot in a world of ardour, where they leave behind their difficulties and anxieties. In general, what normally grips us is the inkling that someone is endowed with something we covet but do not possess. Similarly, the suitable woman is one who believes you have something she lacks and craves. It is the contrasting nature between the masculine and feminine temper that breeds a thrilling tightness. In quite the opposite, you should mostly stay away from women who are inordinately immersed in their career. For, enchantment desires attention and forceful women have much confusion to take in hand to bend to temptation – they actually become rather obstinate and overbearing. Consequently, risk, thrill and pleasure are among the greatest shortages that charming lure provides to a woman.

It is arduous trying to charm a very jovial woman, for her fulfilment makes her out of reach – this is why women who are a little beset by problems are easier to attract. That being so, a dash of unhappiness too is suggestive where temptation is concerned. But, if there is one requisite that would heighten a seduction, it is a woman’s capacity for imagination. A woman’s imagination will assist the conundrum, as it were, and turn her relationship with you into a flight of fancy where your every gesture takes on a meaning of its own in her brain. A stupefied woman is captured by the dangerous and uncertain; she can be quite innocent and gullible if you play your cards right and nourish a degree of pleasure and amusement.

Gauge the Waters Before You Wish

Oddly, though, a woman is often convinced that she is unsusceptible to charm, in spite of the fact that the greater part of man are virtually liable to other people’s baits, by way of nature. In truth, no matter how compelling a seduction, it is vain if the woman is unduly ill-disposed to your authority. Therefore, it is helpful to know how to gauge the waters before you fish; when you know she is subject to your influence, you can get going. Though the underlying nature of the feminine is alike, temperaments differ from woman to woman – e.g. restrained natures are fitting and inclined to be seduced, as women who hold back their hunger for sexual gratification are ready and lamenting to mislay their inhibition.

What’s more, do not dart towards the first person who is attracted to you; an insecure man is rash and within easy reach, too available and unduly vulnerable. A little anxiety is useful, it is not necessarily a bad thing if she reveres you or feels unsettled by your appearance – there is a titillating potentiality in this kind of sexual tension; it will make your relationship full of life and energy. Not so strangely, love is a kind of fancy for a deliberate pursuit. A hankering for an undertaking that call for an interminable variety of impetus to oppose capability. For that reason, the Don Juan picks a woman with a bright imagination that lives in a world of invention and speculation – where every action is glazed with added intensity and depth. In parallel, neither too cheery a woman nor one short of imagination makes for a fitting option for an expressive seduction.

Her Unconscious Bearing

Ordinarily, though, a feminine woman who conveys a sincere interest is more susceptible to your charm and will readily submit to your authority if you play your cards appropriately and bear your strength firmly. An intrigued feminine woman is more liable to exercise her imagination if she is properly contained and regulated by a clever and dominant man who neither tries to clutch nor dislodge her femininity. Time and again, a ladykiller would rather have the odds stacked against him, for he longs the tremor of the pursuit; the more passionate the hunt, the more rapturous. If you want to lay bare a woman’s intentions, do not pay ample notice to her purposive answers, pay more heed to her unthinking responses in her behaviour, such as facial flush, hair playing, mirroring, nervous twitches, rapid blinking, lip biting, physical contact etc. A woman has finite control over her unconscious bearing, and a man capable of decoding social cues will validly gauge a woman’s attraction by her manners, for they unveil her vulnerability to your influence.

Besides, when a woman puts up a small opposition, it normally brings about a sense of liveliness, compelling you to be ingenious and inspired to outdo her aversion. After all, a slight hostility only incites stirred passions and enflames the brilliant fire. It will taint the woman with the risky impression that she has more control over the state of affairs, even though you are fundamentally controlling the dynamic by making her fervent and feeling at precisely the right points, going back and forth like a good drama. Expressively, the unconscious manner of the feminine lures the man before he dares to seduce her. A woman’s uninhibited gestures are enchanting and candid, spurring a man’s compulsions to attract and pollute her emotions with his marrow.

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