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Strategy: On Command and Leadership

Artful Prudence
February 12, 2021

“Boldness governed by superior intellect is the mark of a hero.”

Carl von Clausewitz

Exceptional leaders influence people without making them feel controlled by an external authority, thus they are both shrewd and understated in favourable doses. If you hold an authoritative position, your orders should be stimulating and understandable, attentively focused on the group, not your vanity. Your method and course of command determine your triumph or downfall. Ill-defined direction is indiscernible and until it gets to the battleground, it will be long-overdue. Meagre leadership results in misguided action that’s based on people’s egotism. Vague direction causes people to act in accordance with their bigotry, stirring further disarray. Your mode of governance should be attuned to the deficiencies of the comrades in your group. Do not fail to spot your group’s flaws and count on instinct, it is not practical. Grand leaders are conscientious and aware, understanding the nuts and bolts of differing characters and arranging accordingly. Hence, if you fail to attune, your trail of command will almost surely collapse. Moreover, A leader with a flexible nature is of great benefit. Changeability is open to change in relation to the conditions and a commander with said trait has adept leverage that shapes the versatility of his group into a powerhouse. Remember: Insanity is an anomaly in human beings but a notable law in groups.

Leaders are permitting self-constraint by present-day politics, alluring them into a mode of conduct that clashes with one of the most momentous laws of war; directive union. In other words, the unification and harmony of ordered instruction. A productive means for catastrophe is segregated leadership. It has been the product of the most prominent conquests in former times. A sure way to destroy creativity is to engage in bargaining among an expansive range of individual characters. The group embodies an independent psyche; vigilant, unhurried, uninspired and in certain circumstances, purely groundless. Preservation of this union is absolutely critical, you have to remain in control of the threads, avoiding their abandonment. Simultaneously, you ought to know how to conceal your marks wisely, working behind closed doors and making your alliance feel concerned in your resolutions, to enforce this sense of fusion. Their guidance is profitable, so long as you know how to navigate through it efficiently, employing their productive proposals and courteously diverting from the unproductive ones. When you do this correctly, it will make them feel valuable and thoroughly connected with the advancement of the group.

Leadership is both understatedness and astuteness, the more arduously you try and coerce people, the more resistance you fire up and in turn, the less influence you have over them. The moral, therefore, is that a more substantial authority could result from detachment, although the frame of reference is consequential in this regard. An essential measure in a successful chain of command is a proficient alliance whose moral code aligns with yours. Thus, it is of utmost importance to pick well-suited people for the position. The appropriate character of a subordinate is a capacity to operate harmoniously under your command and with other members in your alliance and be endowed with a competency to take on the necessary duty as well as an adequate degree of mental self-government. The moment may not be on your side but never pick a man based solely on a written biography. Examine a man’s psychology apart from his expertise to form a more accurate judgement of his nature. Furthermore, reasonable reliance on your group is not destructive but avoid being held hostage or imposing excessive control. To be able to gather and endow useful details is a crucial duty for a successful course of order to allow you to attune swifter to conditions. The more concise and efficient your course of order, the more fluent your circulation of intelligence. People in your group would occupy distinct positions within the circle, endowing you with immediate intelligence from the battle lines, this will serve as an effective and regulated carrier for the amassing of data.

When people’s beliefs wholly resemble yours, they are likely attempting to cajole you with the appeal of alikeness. It is wise in said conditions to sustain a sceptical nature around them until you get to make out their temperament. Superficial charm is a ruse and an effective one at that, people employ it on their targets to lessen their sense of opposition but also to win their good favour and alleviate the potential threat. Do not make the assumption that a charming person is necessarily good-intentioned and benign, it is foolish to base your judgement on mere fabrication and appearance. There are people who are supremely competent in disguising their incentives, mainly the Machiavellian types and they make sure their genuine motives are by no means insinuated in their tongue. Undercover spies are doyens at this mode of conduct, ensuring no traces are exposed or left behind.

It is crucial, also, that your desires are understandable prior to giving out directives to your group, you must neither be unduly definite nor constricting, you should know how to entrust an adequate amount of emancipation in the people within your group to strategise independently when the condition necessitates it, rather than advocating mechanized deportment which makes them feel uninspired. Lastly, don’t be threatened by forces with divided leadership, you already have the edge which is sufficient. Forces with segregated leadership make for the opportune adversaries, you will not come to grief.

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