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The Essential Principles of the Red Pill (Part 1)

Artful Prudence
February 12, 2021


The origins of what we now call the red-pill dates back to the early 2000s, on a pick-up forum which was at that time known as SoSuave. SoSuave was simply a forum where guys discussed Game, exchanged ideas, and so forth. Much of the theory associated with the red pill finds its basis on that forum, which later became known as the Manosphere. The three R’s of the Manosphere are Roissy, Rollo and Roosh. They were moderators of the SoSuaveForum and became widely regarded as the prime movers of the praxeology because of their extensive contribution to the members who took part.

With that said, the Red Pill is more about unlearning a set of pre-conditioned beliefs that cause you to behave in such a manner that contradicts your unrefined, authentic masculine nature and I shall discuss this more in depth in the subsequent chapters. I shall note also, before I dive in to the intricacies, that there is what is called in the Manosphere as the ‘5 Stages of Unplugging’. Therefore, if you are met with resistance and refusal, you have been warned. This is part of the process, you must accept the verity that when your strongly held beliefs that you have much attachment to are at stake, you are bound to oppose it.

The red pill essentially arms men with the tools they need to transcend the anti-masculinity via feminism that is prevalent today in our culture. It is a composite of improving and prioritising yourself and your state of affairs as well as leveraging your sexual strategy, and capitalising on the revolt that is transforming society. The opposing counter-part of the red pill is the blue pill, which refers to the rivalry of men who are still conforming to the feminine imperative. These men are much like ordinary men, except the difference is that they express their opposition out of a lack of knowledge of the complexities of the dynamic. Many men know better than that, but most men don’t. The red pill is the strongest and most pertinent opposition to feminism that is prevalent today, it is much like the messenger that delivers men out of their preconceived beliefs and awakens them to a set of dynamics that they were previously ignorant and unaware of.

Needless to say, experience will be your messenger even if you disregard everything you read in this essay. Experience is the wisest teacher of all, it teaches you cruel truths that you will only fathom when you encounter it in actual life. The harsh truth is the toughest pill to swallow, internalising it is a long and bitter road, but experiencing it first hand will accelerate your mastery over it tenfold, especially if you are also diligently studying the appropriate red pill material.

Elaborating on all the derivations would make for an excessive preface, so I shall refute from explaining further presuming that many of you will have a basic foundation already in place, and dive straight into the core of this piece of writing. In closing, do not take everything as verbatim, I want you to inquire and become an onlooker of human nature. This is when it gets gripping because you need not believe in something that is evident in the real world, since you know its truthfulness. These dynamics are at play day and night, it is literally that apparent. You do not need to look out for it arduously, it is there for all to see. Except, everyone is blind to it because they have blue-tinted glasses that misrepresent the authentic and basic colours.

Your Soulmate is Fictional

Most men are of the belief that somewhere out there, there is that ‘one’ unicorn that will be awaiting them, someone who they will share their life with forever. This is much like Disney make-believe in real life, except people are convinced by it in the most serious way. They have been brought up in a culture of idealistic myths that for the most part, have been imbued upon them in their boyhood when their vulnerability is their thumbscrew. This is scarcely a practical way of orienting your life and too oftener than not, it makes you powerless and numb.

Let me break it to you, there is no ‘one’ or ‘soulmate’ waiting for you and if you, by some means have not realised by now, you have heard it here first. With the good comes the bad, and thus there are ample good ones and ample bad ones. If you are getting hung up on the notion that your supposed ‘soulmate’ has broken it off with you, I will make you a point of assurance, and tell you that she is just like all the other women out there, you exclusively put her up on a pedestal because of your discerned imaginary ideals of her and how you anticipate to be treated by her.

As the culture in the West grows more effeminate, this romanticised myth have become so prevalent and permeating that it has come to be comparable to a declaration of divinity or faith and furthermore, it has coalesced with myriad different dogmas of religion. When one is intoxicated of such a fallacy, this is known as ‘oneitis’. Oneitis is a detrimental mental helplessness and clinging that is the consequence of the uninterrupted circulation of the fallacy in our society. More alarming is the fact oneitis has come to be equated to having a wholesome relationship or matrimony with another.

Essentially, the soulmate myth deliberately damages your natural predispositions and as a result, you struggle to see clearly. The notion, furthermore, that men have an unprocessed ability for security and provider-ship in a monogamous relationship is indisputably not induced under the psychological vulnerability and debilitation of oneitis. This is a sharp paradox; they acknowledge your power, and then take it away from you through the psychological impotence that you become a victim of as a result of corrupt dogma and blind faith.

Men are fundamentally advancing the feminisation of culture, adhering to ideals proposed by women, and happily conforming to them like the utter chumps that they are. When the woman knows for certain that she is your only source of sexual fulfilment and closeness, you have handed her all the power she wished for from you.

Recognise, your capacity does not stem from authority, status, or material wealth. It stems from acknowledging how much jurisdiction you have in your life. Cultivate an understanding of the underlying misconception that permeates our culture and grasp that there are good and bad ones, but never simply ‘one’.

The Fundamental Rule of Relationships

” In any relationship, the person with the most power is the one who needs the other the least.”

Rollo Tomassi

You can disregard this axiom, needless to say, the dynamic is still in play if you are in an intersexual relationship with another. You are adequate for her, and you measure up to a myriad of basis, and her to yours. A relationship would not commence with her if this were not the case. Whether you are conscious of it or not, you unconsciously and intrinsically assess your women, you utilise contrast and juxtapose every aspect about her, mainly in the opening desirability to resolve whether she is sufficient for your affinity.

A relationship in good condition transfers control as requisite and yearning entail. If your relationship is the product of deranged deception of jurisdiction, you may already know it is detrimental to your mental well-being. This occurs for various reasons, there are two courses of action. The compliant partner allows the manipulation to transpire, or the dominant partner starts the manipulation. Anyhow, the one who requires the other less has more control, and the principle still holds its pertinence. This is so prevalent in our society today that it is hardly unnoticeable, especially if you are a student of human nature.

The fundamental rule is observed in different light, assaulted women crawl back to their disparaging husbands or boyfriends, and thirsty chumps undermine their identity and disregard their resources to conform to their women’s lack of confidence. In other words, alpha seed, beta need. The purpose of this rule, consequently, is to awaken men to the reality that they are the prize to be won over and not the other way around. Most young men are already susceptible to depreciate themselves and glorify women to a large extent, they make it their objective in life and this is tremendously sterile and deplorable.

Invariably, agreement and understanding are part of any relationship, but it is crucial for you to recognise that when acquiescence becomes the consequence of dishonesty and duplicity, you should have utmost self-assurance and dignity to be inflexible in such a state of affairs. Surrendering your argument with your girlfriend is not dishonourable. What is reprehensible, though, is when you frequently make concessions merely to avoid upset because she will refuse to give you intimacy if you assert your frame. This is what is coined in the Manosphere as the ‘fitness-test’ or ‘shit-test’. It is a power play that determines a number of character variables to gauge your strength and nerve.

Women’s intimacy is never worth your agreement, your value to her is directly proportionate to your willingness to compromise her intimacy. By compromising, you denigrate your merit. In fact, women do not want you to comply with their conditions as they would more readily bow to a self-directed man. However, they would rather you get that and act accordingly instead of them having to utter it to you as if you’re her child. If they need to tell you how to conduct yourself, it implies that you are not that by your immediate nature and that is anti-seductive.

A man who is unwilling to comply, out of his sufficient understanding and confidence, to the ruthless nature of the feminine, is the man who is to be chased after. Such men, today, are a dying breed and represent the minute minority of the male population. This is the alpha male that women fall to their knees over, for he has the courage and dignity to confidently walk away with the knowledge that better prospects await him. This man understands that a relationship with a woman, that is based upon abiding to her deceit, is a destructive and futile connection to pursue. Moreover, his sexual appeal generates for him a vast range of female prospects who will be more than willing to share him with additional women.

Understand: you must get your act together and recognise that you always had the answers. However, when you keep looking for more answers, you forget where you stand and never act, out of terror. This is paralyses, you should re-evaluate limiting self-beliefs that weigh you down because they have no utility whatsoever. Prioritise and incrementally better yourself, do not go out of your way to assist others before you have gained mastery over yourself.

Real Desire Cannot Be Consulted

Desire cannot possibly be worked out or arranged with a woman. Most men are capable of killing genuine desire in less than 6 months, and in innumerable cases, in less than a few weeks or months. Except, they misinterpret the state of affairs because they are unknowledgeable of the underpinnings. Familiarity breeds contempt. It kills your ‘game’ at full tilt, you do not know how to keep your distance and the thrill that pervaded your initial attraction is wiped out. At this point, further negotiation of genuine desire is insufficient in her eyes, and this is hardly realised among men.

Regardless of what terms you confer to your girlfriend, her genuine desire for you is not present and this cannot possibly be arranged or negotiated in any possible method. Any attempt to do so is confirming to her that you are not sufficient to put her to the side and move on. Negotiated desire breeds obligation, you or your girlfriend may comply with your terms, not out of genuine intrigue, but out of duty you have imposed on her. This may not be apparent to you out of ignorance, but men with a rather scarce mentality have an all-too-common tendency of negotiating desire as the pain associated with letting her go is more acute than sustaining an inadequate and poor relationship.

Genuine desire is never conferred on a woman, it is a feeling she gets that arises on its accord, spontaneously. Having understood that, your overt attempt at reconditioning said desire will invariably never induce genuine desire, merely obligation, as it is utterly impractical to talk a woman into feeling that way following your excessive familiarity and consolation. The genuine intrigue she felt for you was grounded in a culmination of undisclosed ingredients.

Aim for genuine desire in your affairs, this is what makes the game worth playing. Thus, when you know you will not pursue women who do not want to please you, you are in better posture to find a suitable prospect that will be fixated out of genuine desire and not obligation. The only way to stimulate genuine desire is through covert means, never through words. If she is unaware of your effort to rouse it, she will assume that she is feeling this way out of authentic desire and not out of commitment.

Closing Note

To avoid making this essay lengthy, I have split it in several parts for the reader’s perusal and understanding. This will not bore you (the reader) with an overabundance of writing at once. If you have made it to the end, I am honoured to have written for you and will be pleased to have you back.

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