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The Essential Principles of the Red Pill (Part 2)

Artful Prudence
February 12, 2021


This is the succeeding part of ’The Essential Principles of the Red Pill’. In the previous essay, I discussed the very basic principles that gave newcomers a brief introduction to what the red pill stands for, and for the people familiar, a recollection of the fundamentals. In this second issue, I shall examine four dominant themes; The Biological Imperative and Procreation, Imagination and Frame, The Alpha Mental Picture, and Spinning Plates. The subsequent themes are to some degree more elaborate than those of the preceding issue, nevertheless, they are the crucial building blocks of your substructure and so, they should not be set aside as they are indispensable for grasping Red Pill principles.

The Biological Imperative and Procreation

For the woman to comply with her biological imperative, the feminine had to formulate communal conventions and mechanisms that ensure the woman will, nevertheless, satisfy her biology by entangling with men of superior genes (20% of men) in the short-term, while tying up the men with provisioning in the long-term (80% of men). This imperative is induced through an instinctive necessity for safety and security. Both genders are constrained and to a degree controlled by the development of the sexes. After all, it is only well reasoned to offer your children the most favourable conditions possible for their continuance.

On the one hand, men are such that their reproductive strategy is for their genetic substance to be dispersed to the most expansive range of available females. Conversely, for women, proportionate to her sexual attraction, she will select the foremost conceivable mate that will fulfil her imperative for security and possible offspring. In other words, they are the strainers of their procreation. What is more, is that men must abandon their reproductive agenda to fulfil and provide for the women’s. It is not possible for the woman and the man to comply with their own respective reproductive strategies concurrently, one must be deserted for the other, usually, it is the man who renounces his power.

There is a quandary surrounding single moms, where she bears the child of the ‘good genes’ man, subsequently finds a ‘good dad’, resolves him for provisioning, and assures the man to take care of her ‘good genes’ child. As I have expressed, the short-term implies the alpha, the long-term, the beta and thus, for the woman to secure the benefits of both realms, the indispensability to cheat is prevalent. From the women’s frame of mind, it is not their willed intention to entangle men into abiding by their imperative, rather, it happens heedlessly through the evolutionary expansion of female nature. Nevertheless, they succumb to this dynamic even if they are ignorant of it. From a developmental point of view, this is like coming first in the raffle, hitting two birds with one stone; high-quality genes from the alpha, provisioning and security from the beta.

Imagination and Frame

If there is one tool you ought to master in your toolbox, it would be a woman’s imagination, as it is the most advantageous. Body language, competition anxiety, and demonstrating high value all rest upon the rousing of imagination. If you know how to prompt her imagination, through reframing, concealing information, and acting deliberately enigmatic and puzzling, you have what can be regarded the most potent and profitable tool in your relationships, flings, and so forth.

We are of the belief that honesty is the best policy and chumps, especially, heavily endorse this as they are of the conviction that by being honest people will like you more and you will win the favour of the people. These men are talking gibberish and their ignorance of the underlying dynamics of inter-sexual relations is evident in their words and actions. Women do not in truth hope for you to be wholly honest with them, they want to be amused and messed with. However, chumps, more often than not, divulge everything about their personal life in a single throw and shatter the puzzle before they even start playing. Women feel deep sexual contentment from assuming they have worked out a man through imaginary instinct.

Nevertheless, when a man discloses his personality and narrative through words, the surge of intrigue and suspicion is banished. At that moment, what was once inscrutable and interesting has grown unduly familiar and foreseeable. When you, as it were, fill the unknown ‘blanks’ which she pervades with myth and imagination, you spoil the conundrum and the game you are playing with her. This is a relevant point to refer to Law 4; Always say less than necessary. (48 Laws of Power)

”Power cannot accrue to those who squander their treasure of words.”

Robert Greene, 48 Laws of Power

He who knows how to dispose of his words and signaling is more precious. For the reason that you create dissimilarities through your shortage of words and also, your stateliness is amplified by this very act. Use an excess of words sparingly, you do not want to cultivate an air of ordinariness by becoming loquacious, this makes you look mindless and effortlessly swayed.

”It is even more damaging for a minister to say foolish things than to do them.”

Cardinal de Retz

Contrary to what many women utter, they do not seek consolation with a sexual prospect they want to be involved with. Really, they want to feel eager and excited about your unpredictability, this anxiety is not induced through becoming ordinary to her. She does not desire comfort, she fantasises about the thrill and exhilaration of an enigmatic and reticent sexual partner that knows how to keep her on her heels in anticipation.

An all too common omission White Knights (frustrated chumps) make when going into a relationship with a woman is they relinquish their own frame in order to submit to hers. Frame is essentially your underlying narrative from which you precede. If you possess a strong frame, your discernment is such that you regard yourself highly and are self-concerned, you have dignity and integrity, and you will not disregard them in an acute state of affairs. Having said that, if you renounce your frame for a woman, your frame is frail and inadequate for relationship commitment. A frail frame is one that lacks what the strong frame doesn’t. Below is the contrast in attributes:

Strong Frame: Unpredictable, Integrity, Dignity, High-Regard of Oneself, Disagreeable, Ruthless (when necessary), Self-concerned, Assertive.

Weak Frame: Unstable, Insecure, Timid, Agreeable, Effeminate, Submissive, Hesitant, Vulnerable, Self-less.

The striking contrast between possessing a strong frame as opposed to a weak frame is plainly obvious. This comparison emphasises one distinct point, most men today, for the most part, equate with the weak frame predominantly. The notable minority of men, on the other hand, personify strong frame. Besides, the weak frame is figuratively feminine, and thus, you could draw the inference that most men behave like women as a consequence of their delicate and soft qualities.

You must understand, also, that the frame with which you set foot in your relationship is the basis and ground for the fate of that connection. If you are still of the notion that you will yield to her world and merely exist in it, make yourself a favour and break it off in readiness because you will come out overthrown and thwarted. The consequences of such a defeat will be catastrophic, principally for men with a weak frame. Having contemplated that, your only successful and effectual course of action is for her to enter your world, not vice versa. You are the prize in your eyes and that ought to be your prime concern.

In addition, you must cultivate, through the betterment of your circumstances, the qualities attributed to the strong frame. Predominantly, your sense of dignity and unpredictability, and too, your self-regard and situational ruthlessness. These facets are not developed from day to night, they are symptoms of diligent effort in your pursuits, a prudent study of relevant material, and physical superiority through building up your body. Possessing such qualities will inherently generate a strong frame, as the strength of your frame is the side effect of your essential character. Furthermore, you must learn how to convey meaning covertly, as this is women’s primary medium for communication.

Communicating covertly to your girlfriend will rouse such feelings of misgiving and umbrage that women unconsciously yearn for, and there is a cascade of sexual stimulation involved in conveying particular implications indirectly that gets her hamster reeling out of control. Men’s primary medium of communication is overt and plain to see, such as words, whereas women’s is disguised and undercover. Note: If you want to comprehend a woman’s genuine intentions, watch her actions, not her words. Women are ruled by their emotions, and their words usually do not line up with their actions, you must distinguish the two without error. The majority of men are of the opinion that the essentials of Game cannot be utilised in a relationship or marriage since you have ‘tied’ her up. Here is a fine arcane secret for you; the same temperament and devices necessary to attract her are unchanging and imperative also to retain her.

The Alpha Mental Picture

There are much disagreement and argument in regards to this subject matter. Even if you have been part of the Red Pill for time, there are still numerous errors that need clarification. Instead of beginning by remarking what Alpha is, I shall first point out what it is not, this way, you shall comprehend the mental picture with better lucidity. Alpha is not conditional on your height nor your abdomen, nor your facial structure, and neither on how virile and tough you seem. Nevertheless, these aspects complement and substantially louden your self-image in people’s appreciation. Furthermore, alpha is not at all about being hostile, combative, and uncontrollably autocratic. Having said that, though, possessing the potentiality to exhibit stone-hearted qualities such as ruthlessness and savagery are favourable in the pertinent circumstances.

I shall note here, for further elucidation, that you must rightly differentiate between having the capacity for aggression and being deliberately belligerent by design. On the one hand, the man with the capacity for cruelty is prudent in his conduct, on the other, he is senseless and compulsive to the point of hostility without foresight. You shall, for that reason, identify your flaws and bring them into equilibrium with your strong points. If, for instance, you are excessively aggressive, you shall adjust your care and concern to even out your superiority. Remember: Contrast is majestic, and thus you shall acknowledge and adapt immoderate qualities to make the contrast beguiling and enthralling, not alarming and repulsive.

I shall now discuss the intricacies of the Alpha and elaborate on some points from the preceding bits. Firstly, you ought to recognise that the essential qualities of the Alpha are bound to be muddled by bigotry, this is inevitable. Of course, your self-image is more concerned with how harmoniously it lines up with Alpha attributes. To be able to observe these qualities with an absence of prejudice is unlikely. For people with a natural Alpha affinity, no self-analysis is necessary, they just get it, the frame of mind is internalised and many a time they are ignorant of it. Consider a young boy with a lack of insecurity and self-consciousness, he does not know the turnaround. He is the pure, unconditioned and natural alpha, he discerns and exhibits alpha better than most teenage and adult men, in fact. The rationale behind the boy’s unrefined nature is that the boy has not been made conscious of it, it is undisturbed and as a consequence, his disposition is impervious to external influence.

On that account, Alpha is a state of mind that is not systematic or analytical. Consequently, there are alphas in prison and there are alphas in wheelchairs, the mere variance lies in application, not in their mental outlook. There are various alphas in accordance with differing contexts, however, it is of import to recognise that an alpha mindset is not tied to one environment, it is expansive and situational. Also, I see many men appealing on Reddit whether particular conduct is alpha or beta, this, of course, is a foolish question to ask and is in and of itself beta. Whether one gesture is alpha or beta is beside the point, as being alpha is not a move you make, it is a mental picture you’re in, and that renders your actions in their entirety and not in isolated fragments. So, I encourage you to put an end to imprudent questions like these and concede the bigger picture. For it will be of great bonus for you to consider that your essential nature is knowingly alpha, except, I must add that you shall, at first, unlearn the flawed preconceived notions of your virility that have been imbued within by a society that exterminates your masculine ethos.

The meaning, therefore, is that you are not Alpha as a result of your doing, your doing is the result of being Alpha. Moreover, you hold a value hierarchy and your denotation of alpha is contingent upon your values. Thus, your discernment of someone who you regard alpha does not signify an alpha state of mind. On that note, a man who slept with 200 women and was imprisoned does not immediately translate to him having an alpha mindset by necessity. There are full-blown betas who slept with more than 100 women, not as a direct consequence of having an alpha mindset, but perhaps through physical superiority or notability.

Spinning Plates

“Women would rather share a high-value male than be saddled with a faithful loser.”

Rollo Tomassi, The Rational Male

A man’s merit and self-assurance with women is directly proportionate to his power to choose between multiple women. A plate refers to a prospect who you may be involved with unaccompanied by the intention of becoming exclusive with her. Spinning plates is essentially dating multiple women non-exclusively concurrently. This course of action is generally classified by women and betas as dishonest, unprincipled, and downright inappropriate. This leads me to a rather incongruous truism; women are inherently more competent and proficient at spinning plates than men. Yet again, we see the evident conflict between a woman’s actions and her words. Women are hypergamous by nature, they branch swing and filter the superior from the weak. For, their hypergamy necessitates that they continually seek the higher value male.

Hypergamy, in point of fact, does not care whether you take out the trash every morning, buy her flowers on valentines, or pamper her with gifts on her birthday. A woman does not concern herself with your feelings, this is a hard pill to swallow. If you are looking to unfasten your feelings, it better not be with a woman as it is the last thing she anticipates in a man. She does not desire a man who is emotionally vulnerable in her eyes, it dries her up and her respect for him promptly diminishes. She wants a stoic rock, not an unfortified gentle child. If you need emotional release, find deviant means but never go to your woman for resolve, it will be disastrous. Spinning plates enables you to exercise objectivity and aloofness, both of which women cannot resist.

Through spinning different plates you are less invested in each, this lack of investment manifests as a consequence of your growing choices, and in turn, provides you with a frame of mind of abundance that women, principally, detect. Their discernment is such that you are seen as a man that is desired by other women and that induces in her competition anxiety that sexually excites her. What’s more, this state of affairs brings about a shift in your conduct that radiates a natural aura of confidence that high-value alpha men, predominantly, seem to exhibit almost effortlessly. This is a consequence of profusion, what you have done is overturned the narrative and got women to contend for your time and yielding to your frame instead of the ordinary reversal. In other words, you are the prize.

Cocky Funny, for instance, is a manner which Alpha males exhibit by nature, they do not think about it, it is an aspect of their temperament. For, it is commonplace behaviour for men with choices to conduct themselves with a playful cockiness and a comical aspect. Thus, this must be recompensed by men with a lack of options by exercising it around women throughout daily interaction. It shall be implemented voluntarily until you get more prospects in line, and it will increasingly become second nature as your abundance of women grows and your game gets tighter.

Spinning plates is, furthermore, the countermeasure to oneitis (refer to part 1). The deliberate act of seeing multiple women concurrently arms you with the adequate assurance and credence that if one plate tumbles over, you have got two or three more plates who are sexually available for you to fill the space. When women notice that you are hardly troubled by it, they become enraged and in numerous instances, come creeping back into your life. The way you let her go without concern, knowing you cannot negotiate desire while enjoying other choices, she grows diffident yet captivated by your unemotional, steady demeanour.

Understand: You shall cultivate with your plates unsparing transparency as well as a responsibility to sincere non-exclusivity with them. By doing so, you retain frank choices and you are both on the same page. If she does not comply, she is welcome to leave under those terms. By exercising honest non-exclusivity, you also insinuate that you got other options, or give the impression that you do. If you are cunning, utilise sincerity in this circumstance to disguise your artifice in another. Women are naturally more cunning than men, thus, play your cards competently and make her play with the cards you deal. It is of good value to note, that you do not convey your honesty overtly through words, you make your intentions known covertly.

If you got social proof from other women, all the better. Indirect means are always most favourable, for they have an element of ambiguity that leaves women gaps to fantasise. For instance, if you are with a plate at a house party, and another plate happens to be there, do not be reluctant to flirt with the other plate and rouse some jealousy. To sum up, if you expand a strong frame (refer to Imagination and Frame), exercise honest non-exclusivity, the right impression will be evidently implied in your actions. As a side note, be prudent in your words.

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