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The Games Women Play

Artful Prudence
February 20, 2021

“Seducing a girl is no art, but it needs a stroke of good fortune to find one worth seducing.”

Søren Kierkegaard

Women’s Game

There is a common variance with regards to women’s game and the typical notion that they will only sleep with one man at a time. I want to elaborate on this notion and expand on how women, comparatively, are naturally skilled with dating multiple men simultaneously. Nevertheless, though women are inclined and pressured to pursue sexual relationships, their words seldomly correspond to their actions. Sexual activity is a woman’s foremost means, the unsophisticated recognize this, even though they protest about it. Therefore, to make this possible, women employ a deliberate form of false virtue which is gender-fortified by the totality of women and a good deal of beta men who are generally spineless and weakly, attempting to capitalize on this opportunity to ‘seduce’ her, or those men whose dishonourable programming compels them to disregard it. 

Women’s entitlement is such that she can change her mind anytime. When a woman doesn’t desire sex, it must be the case that she was coerced to be sexual, the alpha asshole could have compelled her or she had second thoughts and subsequently evaluated her choice. Whether it was before or after this reality is not so pertinent. Unsurprisingly so, for the majority of women, juggling multiple men is not a deliberate endeavour but a natural one. In reality, it is acknowledged that women revert to this condition independently. Since women’s conduct will largely be justified and forgiven, they have the freedom to date around without any adverse reaction by society. Moreover, when a woman is not sexually interested in a man, his appeal is still of some merit to her long term potential for security, which is a ceaseless pattern in her hindbrain – the basic way of thinking supporting the notion of ‘hypergamy’

If you comprehend this and amalgamate it with women’s medium of communication; concealed messages, a man will naturally presume that women will sleep with one man at a time. Men inherently reason through rationality, women through emotionality. Thus, man’s presumption is one that is reasoned based on practical logic yet since women’s innate medium for communication is hidden unlike men’s undisguised medium, man’s supposition is not calibrated with the actual underpinnings of feminine nature. Men tend to overlook women’s actions and believe their words. If a man were to discern a woman’s schemes for their actuality, he would understand how it is in women’s best interest to make men think that monogamy is a requisite for sexual relations, even when her behaviour denies her every word. Women like to engage in intra-gender warfare; a woman calls out another woman for being a “slag”, a plain betrayal which intimates that women necessitate monogamy for sexual relations but a slag is not deserving of a man’s devotion since she is not playing the game according to what the halfwits were led to believe. These very same women undergo what is called ‘competition anxiety’; they will reproach men for establishing their judgement on women’s surface beauty.  Nonetheless, it is likely a woman who is the least intimidating to her unease. Remember: women are all carnal, you simply need to be in the proper context with the ideal character for it. 

How Women Love

Despite that, oddly enough, it shall be granted that a woman’s love has been close to mysterious in men’s thinking, owing to its frequently unconventional and conflicting character. The woman’s sense of uncertainty when she secretly and light-heartedly attempts to hide her loving weakness with a trivial cough has been wittingly acknowledged in renowned love with that worn proverb; “Love and a cough cannot be hid“. On the whole, women do not completely love a man. They pick a man to be loved rather than to love him since it is delightful for them to receive it. There is a well-liked french saying on the force of a woman’s love; “Love subdues all but the ruffian’s heart” In other words, a woman’s love conquers all men except the rogue’s feelings and affection. The old days are overflown with exemplifications of this aphorism, another notable adaptation; “Love rules his kingdom without a sword.” You see, love is a honeyed despotism seeing that the lover voluntarily tolerates his suffering. By the same token, the French have another adage; “He who has love in his heart has spurs in his sides.” The grounds for this being the apprehension of the equitable gender to demonstrate control over a man’s heart. A woman is keen on putting her lover’s confidence to the test by igniting his envy and covetousness. A traditional adage states; “There is no love without jealousy.” Conversely, there is a widespread precept which states that love banishes envy with its potence. Such are the disconcerting thoughts that left men dumbfounded about the inherent nature of the feminine and its seemingly unclear spirit. 

A woman’s love has often been scolded as being capricious and inconsistent, especially when it comes swiftly. Hasty love is often short-lived and fleeting, many a time a consequence of man’s rash commitment to pursue her. The man should shun away from ensnaring himself through immediate emotion-driven commitment that is unreasonable. Frequently, diving into commitment is a result of clouded judgement, not wise resolve. Thus, if you have the capacity to stop yourself from acting on your emotions and instead give yourself time to be reasonable, you will in all likelihood make a better judgement based more on rationality and less on feeling. Women are not fond of emotional men, they may say otherwise but this does not justify the actual fact. Emotional men lack the strength of character to preserve their integrity and pragmatism, they have a deficiency of masculinity that women detest. If you want to know the truth, watch her actions not her words with regards to this. Her words are too often contradictory to be trusted, yet men tend to lay their conviction in them since our inherent nature is unmistakably frank and theirs is in a sense in opposition with itself; conflicting words and actions. 

The man who is demoralized by her provocative behaviour and fearful of losing her through immoderate temptation will be berated and chastised. A wise man will never lay his trust in a woman’s unfortunately insufficient faithfulness nor be hindered by flirtatious behaviour that is geared towards making him infatuated or envious. Furthermore, a prudent man does not give her the golden opportunity to change her mind – he simply understands her inner workings and adjusts his behaviour accordingly. Although I must add, that a man of integrity and honour need not adjust his temperament to comply with feminine ideals, for his inherent and unrefined nature, assuming he has not diverted from his masculinity, is already desirable and superior. However, understanding the function and nature of the feminine will only add to an already resilient character and make women easier to deal with, make out and influence. 

Anxiety, Envy and Doubt

Women like a man who is disposed to cheat yet do not actually want him to cheat. Of course, you do not make it seem like you are searching for romantic advances, for this is apparent and obvious. Rather, it is your ability to go with it and playfully and indirectly stir up the coquetry that gives the impression that other women find you attractive. What is important, however, is how you conduct yourself after the teasing. You should make her feel that although other women find you desirable, you still pick her over them. Women are continually assessing men’s desirability, for the man’s value is to a substantial degree a reflection of her value. Thus, this constant evaluation is a way for her to gauge her worthiness and feel justified. The surest way to rapidly stimulate an exhausted relationship is through envy and a sense of uncertainty. Both of which stir up her imagination [one of the most advantageous devices] and get her hamster reeling once more. Furthermore, marriage does not mean that aspects of Game are no longer applicable, they are actually just as successful and it is your role to keep the hamster reeling forward for the furtherance of your relationship. 

If you could look beyond your liking for the histrionic and revert back to the indifferent and offhand teasing and playful mocking, you would notice that this is a flattering remark to a woman, for it gratifies her hypergamous uncertainty about whether or not you are still attractive to other women. When you are constantly apprehensive about your safety and protection and you make this your main importance, it is puzzling to discern the utility of intimating a degree of danger and lack of protection to your relationship. This sense of safeguarding your relationship at all cost is the enemy for its prospering, for if you have a certain dependency on its sustenance, you do not have a relationship, you have an unhealthy attachment towards a person of the opposite sex who will begrudge you for your desperation and frailty. In spite of that, if you are obviously searching for chances to flex your coquetry with your woman, this only tells us that your underlying sentiment is one of insecurity, not self-assurance. Men too often undervalue the responsiveness from the woman’s part to subtle distinction and indirect communication. It does not take a great deal to kindle her imagination with some subtlety and mystery and yet men go out of their way in the most apparent manner, trying to make her understand through reason. This behaviour merely rejects the motive, you should be the one who gets the message and stop yourself from being so predictable and pronounced. Do not speak rationality to someone who speaks emotionality. Instead, understand her language and act accordingly; indirect, concealed communication is women’s language, you will never hear the basic truth come out of her mouth but it will manifest in her behaviour for all those who can observe it. 

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