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The Masculinity Paradox and Women

Artful Prudence
February 12, 2021

It is rather beguiling how men, being the stronger sex, are the ones who get exploited by women, not the other way around. There is imbued in it a sense of sarcasm how present culture has grown more womanish and unmanly. The tragic paradox, therefore, is that men live in a society that is largely dependent on men’s clever labour for its prolongation, but on the other hand, depresses and subjugates his virile nature which is the very source of his excellence. To persecute someone on his immorality is reasonable, but to bully and rebuke him on his fundamental nature is disturbing and ruinous.

The question of why women are scarcely uncovered and put at risk is a curious one. However, it is a question that you can answer for yourself through observance. The culture we live in today is such that men’s lack of courage and self-respect has brought about the very downfall of its sex, and it will not be undergoing any transformation for its betterment any time soon. Men today are caught in a descending stream of misapprehension. Thus, to talk them out of their own mistaken beliefs is arduous and doubtful. For they can observe evidence of their testimony regarding their beliefs through tinted glasses, and men are less likely to disbelieve it when the case is such. And so, we live in a civilisation that is dilapidating men’s essence progressively. Masculine traits such as dignity, strength, decisiveness, self-assurance etc. are in short supply and weighed down because men have missed their mark, but they are ignorant of this verity.

This leads me to the state of affairs involving women, whose nature too has deviated as a consequence of men’s disillusionment. Women becoming increasingly more masculine, as a side effect of men’s incapacity to live up to their purpose and embrace their nature. We find ourselves, therefore, in a state where men have renounced themselves for women and handed them authority. Invariably, women are incompetent in leadership as it is man’s work to fulfil, but they cannot help but give it up since they lack ability as a consequence of their ill-conditioning.

Think about it, why should a woman acquire the knowledge to resolve a flat tire if a man can do it for her since he is willing to? You see, a woman will resort to men and utilise him should the opportunity arise. Men’s functionality differs, but women, whose life’s work and ambition are inferior to men’s, require men for just about everything. The masculine traits that serve no usefulness to the woman, she will not deem manly. Conversely, those traits which she can benefit from, she will regard as masculine. This leads me to this unpleasant and grating truth; the most impoverished man is almost always the one that gets utilised by the unappealing woman. Without a man’s strength of character, a woman will capitalise on his weakness to their merit without mercy.

There is a strong moral here; when man deviates from his nature, he brings the worst out of women. The destructive aspect associated with the feminine becomes amplified and present in the truancy of a man’s dignity. Having said that, the vast majority of men lack sufficient integrity and modesty to make women respect them, bringing the antagonistic aspect out of a woman’s natural temperament, which should be yielding and soft. You will never be treated with soft submission if you lack the competency to be firm and assured with a woman. Understand the polarity, women detest frailty and compliance in men as that is the very function of the feminine.

If you want to have a favourable outcome with women, therefore, make your purpose your prime concern as this is your life’s work. You give your life supreme meaning through the diligent work you put towards carrying out your purpose as a man. Remember: no matter your pursuit, you live in a ruthless system that is intended to benefit off your shortcomings because mankind is self-absorbed. However, the incongruous verity remains that a man is continually looking, through wilful blindness, for someone to sell him into bondage and more often than not, it is a woman he picks out. For only as a drudge does the man feel stable and shielded. His life’s principle revolves around the doctrine of delight in imprisonment as he lacks the strength of character to sustain a relationship with a woman as a fine accompaniment to his already content life. Instead, he incarcerates himself for her, neglecting his life’s work and conforming to her territory as that is his prime concern.

The most substantial inaccuracy you can make is to presume that you are an equivalent to the feminine. This is to say that women are of identical emotional and mental ability as men, which is silly and unfruitful for both genders in question. The biological and organic make up associated with both sexes is such that they personify a polarity that enables both the function of the masculine and feminine to coordinate in perfect euphony. However, when the stronger function of the masculine is deficient to operate and act as its nature implies, the inferior function, in this case the feminine, is in a state of dissonance. The deficiency of the masculine is a consequence of a culture and way of life that has conditioned men in a way that subdues their masculine essence.

Men’s abstract ideals of women are also, invariably, a ramification of their dishonourable conditioning. For, a man sees a woman fulfilling her role in her home, by cooking, cleaning, doing the dishes, and other such jobs that involve the household and the family’s wellbeing, and it scarcely crosses his mind that these responsibilities inherently make her untroubled. Moreover, if a man stopped from his careless hurry to development and re-evaluated his course of action, he would come to grasp that his striving to convey to a woman a sense of encouragement, is utterly ineffective and to no avail. Nevertheless, when the man comes to the recognition of the vanity in the culture of the woman, naturally, he believes it is his liability and is restraining her. In the present time, though, the roles have tipped over, and the dependency that the woman once had upon the man is no longer customary.

Presently, the genders are conflicting and in total discord, women have grown increasingly masculine, men increasingly effeminate. The traits associated with favourable masculinity has come to be sparse, and the traits associated with favourable femininity has come to be just as unusual. Evidently, today, men possessing such traits as integrity, stateliness and dominance are regarded as pariahs that have not conformed to societal norms. You see, men have become such a letdown, that when such traits as stateliness, integrity, and toughness are exhibited, it is regarded as radical to the common people. Do not feel compelled, therefore, to abide by societal norms. If you have not acknowledged the disarray of this cruel system, there is a good chance you have been taken in by it. To conform to a system that subverts your masculinity is to wreck your magnificent potentiality as a man whose purpose in life transcends any dogma and tyranny.

You must identify where your indisposition lies, find out how you have come to be a casualty in the system and untie yourself from it. Your purpose as a man is not your connection with a woman, this is merely an accessory, it is your divine aptitude with which you will serve the world. This is your power, and one no one can take away from you till your demise. It is your life’s work, it should be your prime concern without further negotiation. Women only have their place when your life purpose has been determined and established. This is the perfect panacea to avert your desperateness and craving for sexual relations.

To compound it, careful consideration for your physique is of great importance. Your body is a reflection of your inner being in many ways and a well-kept body signifies self-respect and pre-eminence. A poorly kept body looks careless and indicates a lack of discipline in physical wellbeing. Furthermore, better your intellectual capacity through industrious study of brilliant writing. In other words, read great books that will serve you. Two crucial themes are power and prudence since the common people are inadequate in cunning and canniness. In other words, they lack competence and intelligence. The third should be that of your vocation, which will push you forward towards impeccable mastery in execution and knowledge.

If you are in charge of the realms mentioned above, you will be so well ahead of the crowd, that you will start to regard mediocrity with some contempt, acknowledging first hand how inferior present standards are.

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