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The State of the Red Pill

Artful Prudence
November 27, 2021


Since I’ve never took the time to write a more extensive piece on my stances with regards to the red-pill, I thought it would be a good time to write a piece expanding on what I have already talked about in the past before I began this blog, with the intention of making you consider a few alternate viewpoints and prod at your belief, with the hope that you find some value in these ruminations.

In general, I think there has been a bewilderment, a sense of untidiness accompanying the recent development of the red pill, chiefly because a great deal of men are stumbling on it without any firm base or consciousness of the game they are inevitably playing, and so their perception and discernment are still quite juvenile in this respect. In my estimation, most men who are finding out about it still don’t know what to make of it; they are furnished with this foreign knowledge – they don’t know how to operate or manipulate it to fit their needs and wants. The reason for this is simple: they are inexperienced, they have a deficiency in practical knowledge, and they stumbled on the red pill precisely because what it aims to offer meets their aspirations. As a matter of fact, most men who seek the red pill are impoverished in some way or other, often that poverty relating to a shortage of women, or shall I say, a shortage of meaning.

Man’s Principal Motive

So, is it that man has strayed from leading a meaningful life that he stumbled upon the red pill, with the hope that sleeping with as many women as possible will settle his difficulties? or is it that he already leads a meaningful life yet still faces a recurring difficulty with women that he believes chips away at his contentment, knowing that he can amount to something greater had he found an answer to his problem? In my outlook, the greater majority of men reflect the former, and they come with a very particular frame of mind – their sole intention is not to uncover their purpose and actualise their fortune, but rather to satisfy their pleasure-seeking. They are not looking for a favourable, masculine identity in pursuit of a skill they are intensely passionate about, that truly invigorates their life with a superior meaning – they are looking for a cope, but they are not conscious of it. Their cope is hedonism, or shall I say, sensual gratification; an unending flow of it. And is there anything more destructive, looking far into the future, than a man who’s reduced himself to a wretched, capitulating his seed to satisfy his craving at every turn, without stop, indifferent to moderation, gladly tending to indulgence.

This is the typical man who stumbles on the red-pill. After he’s done his rounds of reading the sidebar and the likes, he goes out of his way to spend two thirds of his time trying to figure out the mysteries surrounding the nature of the feminine. Interestingly, this young man starts lifting weights, fixing his diet and refining his attire, all with the principal aim of appealing to a broader pool of women, and ultimately, with the conclusive aim of bedding as many of them as he can bear without suffering that sting of rejection. However, one must ask himself a direct question – is he adopting these habits for himself or for others? when you get down to it, why is he going out of his way to reorder his way of life? And more importantly, what is the underlying incentive behind his amends? Is he doing it for himself, because he has a bona fide care toward his potentiality, or is he doing it to make someone else feel good because he doesn’t feel at ease with himself? This is a fundamental question any man should ask himself before diligently tackling the red-pill and everything it supplies man.

Red Pill as a Toolbox

The red pill is a means for man to find out the truth about women’s inherent nature and a man’s inherent capacities to orient himself toward dominance. But more than that, it is a means for him to acquire a firm understanding of sexual strategy, to learn how to play the game to his benefit and acquire the ability to distinguish the real from the fake in order to lead a life free of slavery, ignorance, undue compliance, etc. But that isn’t everything that the red pill advocates, of course, it also furthers the idea of establishing an impetus for your life, to have something to do, so that you don’t fritter away with mediocrity in pursuit of vanity. But the latter is often neglected, as most men join the ‘manosphere’ to resolve an insufficiency tied to women, that is, to fill the void of scarcity that unsettles their urges. And that being their dominant sentiment, they lose themselves in the process, as they commence with a mistaken frame of mind and yield unsatisfactory results. In truth, the red pill is nothing more than a toolbox for man, not an ideology that you cautiously and unreservedly adhere to; you single out whats useful and discard what isn’t. Contingent upon context and period, everyone makes use of the tools that best fit his own frame of reference, preserving enough openness of mind to be willing to adopt new tools when the spirit of the time demands it.

Man should not, therefore, study red pill material with the sole purpose of sleeping with more women, this is nothing more than a degenerate cope that should, if you are to lead a noble existence, be discarded and replaced with a spirit of inquiry, so that you have the agency to find out what it is you want to do with your life – that’s ever more important and always comes before knowing how to deal with women. This is not to say that one should not become sensible of the ‘game’ per se. Actually, that is a necessary building block that comes a little later. However, unless you have established your worth and found your place in the world as a man of higher worth, you should cease entertaining the notion of becoming a master at playing the ‘game’, as there are, I believe, serious dangers to eluding purpose for pleasure, denigrating your value in pursuit of becoming experienced with women. Think about it, if you were to follow the trail to its end, and gathered the experience you sought, and slept with a desirable amount of women; what happens after that? what’s left of you? have you built anything that cuts across the hedonism that you so uncontrollably yearned for and pursued with relentless passion? Though sexual strategy is amoral, neither good nor bad, the noble man should caution himself against the ruins of promiscuity while being conscious enough of the game he’s playing, and at that, who he is playing with. Let us be truthful with oursevles, what is more noble; being ever discriminating and exacting with your relationships, or being haphazard and cheap, with a careless ‘anything goes’ attitude, driven always by that blind sexual appetite? The red pill grants you an advantage over the herd, in that it teaches you how to handle and control women to your benefit and hers, but that shouldn’t be a reasonable justification to misuse the wisdom in order to satisfy your inner weakling that longs to drool over every platter that comes in view.

Women as a Complement

Oddly, many men become more desperate rather than stoic when they’re granted the knowledge, and so with that understanding they swiftly discount their composure and restraint. Sadly, this is true of many men. The red pill will not solve your inward, hidden desperation, it often gives you a reason to exacerbate it. Thus, unless you learn to control your urges and tend to moderation, you will feel very much overpowered by forces that seem out of your control, even though they are within your sway. Unless man takes the initiative and conquers himself, he should at once stop trying to conquer women. No man who hasn’t conquered himself is fit to conquer women, and even if he endeavours to do so, he will in due course injure himself, as there are dire consequences that come with self-abandonment that appear only later – they are bitter, ugly and self-defeating. It is all-important to consolidate yourself, deeply and thoroughly, before trying to make total sense of said knowledge, that is, if you aspire to use it rightly and without running the risk of having it tamper with your character in ways so deplorable. It is helpful to remember that you become what you repeatedly practice, and if you find yourself practising a sham that causes inward discordance, you are inviting mayhem that is far uglier than being incompetent in dealing with women.

The red pill teaches, does it not, that women are nothing more than an accompaniment to an already fulfilling life – what are the implications of that? Well, one of the implications is that you should not treat a complement so lavishly so as to make her feel as if she is more than that. In general, a woman needs a man more than a man needs a woman, but a man has a very hard time bearing in mind his superiority over her, as the nature of his conditioning has convinced him that she is his equal, and that by portioning his power, he is making both himself and her a favour – this is a myth, and if you haven’t figured it out already, it has brought about a terrible collapse where male dominance is concerned. Man, being the dominant figure in the relationship, must consistently assume that role by nature of his being, the implication of that is thus; unless he destroys that insistent desperation and need for validation that lurks beneath the surface, he will repeatedly repel her, making her feel more superior than she actually is, shifting the power dynamic between the man and the woman – this is how women grow more controlling and masculine, as there’s no man to restrain them and assume dominance. Their needs aren’t being met and thus their urge to submit turns into an urge to command a man who is assailable, compliant, and easy to deceive. A lack of dominance in a man tends to manifest as a contemptible effeminacy, a vulnerability that makes the woman resent him by lack of spine, authority and self-respect.

Loss of Respect

In this way, man has shattered his solidity and lost her respect by disrespecting himself – this is the point at which man brings the worst in a woman, irrespective of how gracious, feminine and modest she was toward him – her cruelty will make its way up, and for the first time, he will discern a side of her that was quite foreign to him, and he will wonder to himself why her behaviour has took such a drastic turn. Unable to control himself, he’s lost all sense of sight. You see, a man, after having supposedly swallowed the pill, thinks himself fit for leading a relationship and guiding a woman. Having never been in a proper relationship and believing, by his arrogance, that he’s figured out all there is to figure out, he misleads himself with the supposition that there is no encumbrance to pursuing a relationship. Keeping a woman and having her respect you for a prolonged time is harder than merely attracting and sleeping with her. Unless you have a sufficient degree of emotional mastery, prolonged intimacy starts to undermine your frame control – you become unduly emotional, she catches on it, then you’re in troubled waters. Soon enough you realise that you weren’t half as fit as you thought you were for a relationship. You didn’t consider the extent to which you will be emotionally tested. Not to mention, the true shades of her character start to make themselves clear to you, and your preconceived notion of who you idealistically think she is starts to collide with who she’s turned out to be.

Nonetheless, this is not to suggest that a man unfit for love should never, under any circumstance, experiment with commitment until he has ‘plenty’ of experience. I believe a great enduring lesson is known when a man suffers a terrible heartbreak – a transformative experience that coerces him into a new perspective and attitude, assuming the agony and trauma was sharp enough. You often don’t know how much upheaval is needed to shock you out of your eternal sleep, and one blow may not be enough to kindle lasting change. On the one hand, you have people who are quick to catch on to their insufficiencies when shit really hits the fan, but on the other, you have incurable fools who demand multiple blows to the heart for them to show signs of life. Experience is a ruthless teacher, but in that cruelty lies the most rewarding transformation of masculine essence. No one wants to get burned by the blazing fire, but like getting rejected, there is no more useful experience than immediate contact with a hard reality. It is not so reasonable to try and avoid a rejection, for instance, or carry a continual dread of losing a woman, for that is a rather short-sighted frame of mind. Consider the big picture, what will be the consequences of losing a woman you care about, or having her betray your loyalty? These are tough questions to consider, but the upshots of such ‘ugly’ experiences can almost always be wielded to your ultimate betterment. Too much ego will always, and I mean always, make loss harder than it actually is. An inflated self-importance always aggravates defeat, as it usually stems from scarcity and insecurity more than abundance. Let us, then, not invite betrayal or disrespect, but let us be assured and confident that even if these were to occur, the experience itself will be of great utility to us, because men lose only when they have admitted defeat. So long as man has his eyes open and his vigour intact, he never loses, he either discovers or prevails, irrespective of how tragic the circumstance is. This is superior ‘outcome independence’.

In Closing

To avoid making this piece too exhaustive, I’d like to close with a few conclusive remarks. The red pill should be taken with a grain of salt, not as verbatim and with a serious compliance. Further, the intention with which you proceed makes a sizeable difference. Whether by pleasure-seeking or self-respect, your leading sentiment will determine how practical and convenient the teachings will be. Unless you have thoroughly thought about what you want to do with your life, having discovered a higher aim for your existence, that is, a ‘why’ to live, spending your precious time learning sexual strategy to indulge in hedonism is an invitation for disaster. If you haven’t sorted yourself out, don’t distract yourself, don’t search for copes in an attempt to forget your difficulties. Man’s chief obligation, above all, is to immediately take responsibility of all the things that undermine his fortitude. That being said, an inability to carry your burdens and rectify your problems renders you incapacitated, half a man with a feeble spirit.

Thank you for reading, if you found this piece useful, you might find my newly released book beneficial.

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