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The Undoing of Men

Artful Prudence
February 12, 2021

I would like to preface this piece by saying that I will not be drawing reference to external notes and will attempt to write from mere sense and perception as these particular melodies which relate to our inherent nature as men are of considerable significance to me and I shall not attempt to allude to what deviates from what is essentially my natural articulation, in other words, what comes to me by a matter of course, without further embellishment. I would like to elaborate and discuss the matters involving the conquest of men, in particular, for the reason that I have some remarks to put forth that have been lurking unspoken and voiceless for some time.

Firstly, I must express my unusual curiosity and incredulity that slaps me in the face every time I go outside and simply observe how we, as men, have managed to mortify and disgrace our honour and integrity in the manner in which we have, and furthermore, to comprehend our terrible capacity for ignorance, idiocy, inexperience and cluelessness with regards to what could be considered the most invaluable and exquisite gift we have been offered, that is our will and judgement. Nonetheless, most men scarcely contemplate what they could be if they only cultivated some of their innate aptitudes and looked beyond the flawed and blind faith they have been lured and drenched into by a society that is in present-day in opposition with a model of masculinity that is not grounded in poison but in an unrefined, deep-rooted ethos that will never be worthy of culture’s persecution.

A culture which, in present-day, is as second-rate, imperceptive and feminized as can be, a culture which is, in numerous ways, symbolical of the submission and surrender of man to the feminine and this is also where the origin of disorder sets about. I call it a disorder because when the dominant sex mindlessly relinquishes his authority to offer it to the inferior sex, we end up with a state of affairs that is quite faithfully synonymous with perpetual, chaotic disarray which is almost out of the question to undo at present time. The roles, as it were, have overturned, for the seeming betterment of the feminine, but in actuality for the dreadful dissension of both sexes. The roles have come to be as such; effeminate men and masculine women. The former disowned his inherently noble qualities which are indispensable for his maturing, the latter disowned her province and responsibility to exploit insufficient men for giving up their power. Invariably, it is none other than the man’s lack of honour and integrity that is blameworthy.

To be masculine and embody honourable excellence is to be designated an outlier among other misapprehensions, and this is simultaneously alarming and predictable because for one, we asked for it, and for two, it is truly dispiriting for those who acknowledge this subjugation and have not contributed to the ruination of unrefined masculinity. Of those who preserved or revivified their nature, what are they to do about this mass gender disruption? It is not like they will be recognised for their superiority of character because people who lack the knowledge to see it cannot possibly admire it. Furthermore, it is not so much a question of what are they to do about it as it is about educating the blind about the ones with sight. It is very hard to talk people out of their delusions, especially conditioning that is so thoroughly ingrained in one’s disposition, that looking beyond it will prove ineffective and incomprehensible. You must, as it were, be led to it through cruel and severe occurrence, and this is the regrettable and hapless truth for the exceptionally deluded types who require a sufficient proportion of trauma to unlatch their eyes for the first time and grasp their appalling foolishness.

Men have grown increasingly compliant because they, among other rationales, never had the dominant and authoritative fathers with strong characters to model themselves after, a father figure is so consequential and crucial during the boy’s upbringing that his presence or absence will quite literally determine the boy’s temperament and to what proportion his inherent masculine qualities will be cultivated. However, young men have no higher guidance, by and large, they are merely drifting weak-mindedly through their trail without practical and lasting knowledge of the underlying reality of their intrinsic nature they have not made sense what it means to be a man, and it is not so much that they don’t or didn’t want to, as it is that they never were made conscious of it by a superior father figure who will imbue in them those invaluable traits that will set them up for a life of remarkable significance and influence. This is not to say, of course, that there aren’t men who have relentlessly carried themselves out of their undoing and prospered heroically in their undertakings, but these are minorities who have otherwise been competent and illustrious enough to acknowledge their insufficiency and then assuredly deviate from it towards something much greater. But, how many of them are left? they are a diminishing breed that is few and far between.

Weak and effeminate men will only generate more of their own clones and this is the snare that pervades our present society, a culture which sustains its duplicity through empowering effeminate qualities in men while simultaneously persecuting the man that possesses the ideal traits that would orient him the most optimally both for his children and his community. This duplicity is not clever, it is unintelligent, brainless and incongruous to its core, and its sustenance is only plausible as a consequence of men’s incapacity to own up to their essence which they are illiterate of. This fraud would not survive a day if men were adequately educated and positively conditioned in such a way that their inherent disposition is illuminated and shun forth by men who are superior in their own right and have the tangible wisdom and manhood to offer their knowledge and sagacity to young boys who are on their way to grow into sovereigns. I don’t have the privilege of saying I cherished my father’s presence for very long, as his death came earlier than anticipated and that developed in an extensive deprivation and catastrophe that no ignorant man without a sound intelligence and a distinct awareness would rise above because to be aware is not enough, and neither to be intelligent, one without the other will leave you unequipped to discern the dogma and then transcend it heroically.

The most sensible thing you can do is educate yourself on what you lack knowledge of but if you don’t know what you ought to educate yourself on, you are merely walking in the dark. This is why a father figure is so indispensable, more so today as they come in scarce quantities but are so crucial. If you have neither a father figure nor adequate knowledge, I plead to you to learn to inquire, ask yourself and contemplate through observation, some things are evident only when you look in the right place, otherwise, they go unnoticed. If you want an over-simplistic starting point, you can make the presumption that if you observe most men’s behaviour in public and deliberate on its contrary, it would lead you to a rather brief draft of what will eventually approximate the ideal man whose qualities are neither effeminate nor “toxic” as the corrupt culture wants you to be convinced, but empathically assured, dignified, with a strong and fearless sense of integrity that is neither submissive nor neurotic. If you deliberate further, you may come to a dawning and pivotal realisation that your preliminary conditioning was nothing far from weak, defective, conflicting and antagonistic to what you are capable of out of your organic make-up.

Once you acknowledge this, you are in a beneficial position to learn to orient yourself accordingly, gradually unfastening from the turmoil society is submerged in. Even so, you must realise that if you’re deluded, it is very improbable that anyone will talk you out of your misapprehension because we are not convinced by words, we are convinced by experienced, as you consider experience as concrete evidence that your folly has demonstrated to be purposeless and unworkable. At this point, I will go so far as to say that there are still terribly imperceptive people who are still incapable of comprehending their idiocy even after proving futile and this is where, I believe, some people will be eternally empty-headed and victims of their ignorance. This can be the consequence of many factors and it certainly wouldn’t be well reasoned to narrow it down to one impetus; it can be insufficient intelligence, an acute stubbornness, a harsh environment, a lack of adversity and often an amalgam of multiple.

Make yourself a favour, and do not regulate yourself in accordance with what you instinctively may doubt to be a rational and lucid state of affairs, as a man, you have the capacity to reach the supreme heights, for all the potentiality is within and not to be found in external, unchallengeable conviction. This potentiality is your distinguished potential for integrity, honour, dignity, good judgment and proper use of impressions. There are things you do not own, those are the things that lie outside your will, these things you should be indifferent towards. What is within your will, will never be taken away from you, neither by a person nor as a result of severe conditions. If you cultivate these characteristics, you fall perfectly in line with your nature; unrefined and harmonious, with an abundance of self-respect and integrity that makes you a hero in your own right; this is worthy of praise and reverence by everyone.

There will be a second part succeeding this essay to keep it digestible, thank you for reading.

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