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Woman’s Means of Communication

Artful Prudence
June 23, 2021

There are two things a real man likes – danger and play; and he likes woman because she is the most dangerous of play things.

Friedrich Nietzsche


Communication is a pivotal and basic building block in any connection you have with a woman. To boot, you come to apprehend a woman’s intent and character by the conveyance of innumerable details. For better or worse, there are manifest signals and inklings disclosed at the time of connecting or noticing. Repeatedly, these social cues are invisible to our preferred medium, as women convey their intent furtively and by divergent means than men. In order to puzzle out any woman, you must be capable of interpreting her gesture, not her word. 

Behaviour is the Gauge

A woman’s behaviour is her medium of communication. By contrast, women are governed by emotion; men are governed by logic. Women convey intent by gesture, men convey intent by word. This simple variance often puzzles man, as he assumes that a woman’s predilection is identical to his own, and that by acceding to his preferred medium, he is encouraging desire by directness; this attitude is not superior. Keep in mind, women are passionate by nature; hence their word is a capricious gauge that clashes with their behaviour – they [women] are deficient in reason and disposed to negative emotion. 

A feeling woman does not mean what she says, and what she says has little meaning. Yet, the majority of men influence women to their disservice by unawareness. They hardly recognize the vanity in argument, or the crumbling of a poisoned relationship. You need to accustom yourself to feminine nature to truly understand how a woman operates. If you are incompetent in reading obvious social cues, you will unavoidably employ yourself incorrectly. Moreover, you will be misled and utilised by a woman who most likely revealed herself to you by her signalling. 

Good Sense and Solid Boundaries

In reality, man pays dearly for his imbecility. He disregards what is obvious and manifest and engrosses himself with what is by collation irrelevant and unfounded. Cultivate a basic sense to carefully piece together women’s actions, breaking off the frail tendency to overlook her faithlessness by your spinelessness. You must recast your centre, and point your heedfulness to what is actually significant, not to what is inherently misused and deserted by the feminine. 

As you’ll discover, women require restriction to be regulated. At the outset, a woman might subconsciously overlook the worth of solid boundaries, but soon, she will appreciate and abide by your authority for having aptly enforced your law. A sound man pertinently and justly deals with woman’s disloyalty; when called for, he penalizes her betrayal by being obstinately unforgiving and disengaged. If she’s a graceful woman, it is mutually beneficial to impose firm and purposive limits when her behaviour slackens and leans to vulgarity and crudity. 

Compassionate Detachment

I am not suggesting being intemperately proprietorial, but competent in adjusting her chaos by practising what I call ‘compassionate detachment’. If you’re mad in your detachment, you’re overly unresponsive and cool; such sharp indifference will attain the futile contrary. You can be indifferent to her ills, in that you don’t bear uncurbed feelings and grow emotionally abashed. In short, you are impassive to her disorder, yet caring of her distress – you are not in jeopardy by her adversity; as a result, you are apt to soothe her. Objectivity demands a degree of careful understanding, so it weakens a woman’s burden of emotion and disarray. A rational man is unsusceptible to her chaos and is thus inclined to be a source of strength to her. If he is liable to grow confounded by her misfortune, he is unfit to carry out his role and relieve her spirit. You are her unshakeable rock among the turbulences of life. If you are shortly destroyed by disaster, you are flimsy; your duty amidst the destruction that occupies your and her existence is to sturdily stand your ground, withstanding the compulsion to cave in and fall to pieces. 

Manifestations of Truthful Desire

A sought-after man leaves a compelling, almost intoxicating impression on a woman, and once captured by his charm, her collectedness is quickly unsettled. In what seems like an instant, she lets her inhibition fall. A woman who is perfectly riveted by your presence will not invalidate her own behaviour; any effort to do so will threaten her opportunity to be with you. You can rest assured that if she’s seeking intimacy, you will, if you have basic sense, quickly pick out her clear attempts to seduce you. When a woman is enthralled, she will move mountains. You will be astonished by the extent of her effort to make her desire plainly obvious to you. Once a woman’s avidity seizes her, she is unmistakably tenacious, doing what is immediately feasible to get her way. Remember: it will not be as obvious in her word as it will be in her gesture. In spite of that, an interested woman will not disconcert by word or foster uncertainty in a man she wants to be involved with. If you observe a woman among the weak, however, you will find that she can be quite overbearing as a consequence of their inferiority. When she knows that none of the men among her will thrust their will and dominate her, she is intrinsically inclined to destruction and exploitation, even savagery when it’s convenient and adequately ‘plausible’.

Forgiveness and Barbarity

The majority of men have grown unduly forgiving of her barbarity and inadequate to penalize it; they are absurdly in jeopardy of being misled and lied to. Discernibly, these are not the only reasons; if you are unable to inflict correction, you lack backbone. You must solidify your will and break off the tendency to compromise integrity by forgiveness, leniency, and unwarranted permission. When you compromise integrity, you enforce and encourage indecency. If you once permit disgraceful behaviour, you have shown her that it’s easy to take you for granted. She will not overlook your weakness, only use it to her benefit. The corrective is circumvention at all costs. A woman who knows her crudity will immediately be punished by a formidable man will seldom dare cross the line; she knows there will be a burdensome price to be paid. Furthermore, she knows too that her obscenity will never be neglected by the respectable – this bullies any compulsion for disloyalty. Having said that, a woman will not feel impelled to be unfaithful to a man who neither deprives her of guidance nor binds her to infirmity, as his nature is superior enough to keep any fancies for treachery at bay. 


In short, most men are missing, among other things, the basic foreknowledge of how women operate. Women are not as mysterious as you envisage, actually many of them have grown shallow, feigned and short-sighted. This basic foreknowledge is not elaborate or difficult to comprehend, but could prove exceptionally useful to you if you have lived in the dark with regards to women’s moves. There is an advantageous art to discerning and unravelling women’s suggestions. When you have foreknowledge, you can always downplay your power to stir up a level of excitement and unease in a woman; such feelings are memorable and full of life. Without some strife, there is little tension but where there is tension, there is thrilling pleasure. Often, women are unconscious of what they’re frankly conveying in their behaviour; thus making it the most reliable gauge of their intent. You must gain an understanding of what a woman is saying, not in her word, but in her gesture. Use her medium for mutual benefit while preserving your reason and directing the game.

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