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Gendernomics: Creative Destruction

Black Label Logic
August 31, 2017

The concept of creative destruction was popularized by the Austrian-American economist Joseph Schumpeter in the early 20th century. The concept was defined by Schumpeter as “process of industrial mutation that incessantly revolutionizes the economic structure from within, incessantly destroying the old one, incessantly creating a new one“. The idea behind the concept is that capitalism will inevitably lead to innovation and progression within industries, constantly finding new and better ways to cater to the needs and wants of the market, stakeholders and owners, which would destroy the existing investment to create new investment. A good example would be how digital photography annihilated the large market for film and disposable cameras dominated by Kodak.

To summarize creative destruction, historically one sated a need through a solution, at present one may sate that need through another solution which usurped the throne from the previous solution, and in the future we may sate that need through a new solution that took over the kingdom from the previous one. A side-effect naturally, is that the present way of life, thinking and infrastructure is constructed around the present solution, which means that for a time-being this must also be reconstructed.

For instance, prior to the advent of the light-bulb, many cities lit their streets using torches or gas, this resulted in a high demand for gas, the companies that produced the streetlamps, and a large industry of men who’s job was to walk around when it got dark and light all the lamps. Once Edison came around with the light-bulb, much of the investments made into gas-based street lights and related industries was rendered obsolete (thus destroyed), by the new creative solution, however new industries blossomed to fill the needs of the new solution.

Needs, Game and Creative Destruction

Most men who arrive in this area of the internet, do so because their old solution to an old need has not yielded the desired results. The need is that of reproduction, whether that be in the form of desiring more variety, higher quality or higher quantity to name a few. Regardless of the desired end, be it realizing a relationship with a woman they have oneitis for, or if it is being able to have more dating success, the need of reproduction is the fundamental one and their means to attain have been found wanting.

Game is a means to an end, it is based on a hypothesis about cause and effect, “If I do A, then B follows”. This is no different than how politicians create hypotheses about the how, what and why the voters care about, furthermore, create second sets of hypotheses about how to communicate that they are the right person to help the voters attain their end. Blue pill game as some refer to it, is based on actions such as “Just be yourself”, “Be nice to her”, “Buy her stuff” and many other smaller tactics, in the grand strategy of reproduction. These are all solutions to the need, that have been designed, at some point and which may have been adequate solutions at one point or another, but that are not working all that well.

Red Pill Game is also based on various hypotheses regarding cause and effect. These form a second set of prescribed actions that form a strategy for how to attain goals in the sexual market place. “Maintain frame”, “Display Higher Value”, “Negs” and many others are tools to use within a given context in order to attain a desired outcome that satisfies the driving need.

In one sense, blue pill game may have worked under the old social contract, as there was a tacit and covert agreement that pro-social behavior would be rewarded and anti-social behavior punished. In essence, this limits the extent to people are able to gain benefits by engaging in behavior that has a negative impact of the system. As we grow up, we are told hypotheses about game, that are those society wants to be true, because it would benefit the social group maximally if they were. The major distinction between the two, come in the form of their underlying theoretical frameworks.

The Red Pill Journey and Creative Destruction

One of the key elements and the reason why the phenomenon is referred to as “Creative destruction” is that in order for the new to emerge, the old is destroyed. The new way of offering a solution to the need makes the old one obsolete, and thus any capital invested in the old solution is destroyed. In the same manner, accepting the red pill means that the old investments one has made in the blue pill framework are destroyed, and thus rendered without value. For instance, many men have spent years, if not decades attempting to check every box on the “What do women want” lists featured in magazines, in academic studies and from other sources, this is now an investment that has much less value than they anticipated it to have.

If one thinks of the blue pill and the investments men make in this approach to the sexual market place as an investment into an industry that seeks to satisfy a need. It follows that if there is a better way to satisfy the need, or if the analysis of the solution was flawed, such investment will be rendered without value. Thus the man who spent his life being a good boy, as this was the approach he was told or that he decided was the one that would satisfy the need, must accept the sunk cost of his investment and decide to alter his path to his goal. The man who has been raised to believe in that he will find his one, with whom he can have a relationship based on unconditional love and adulation, and this has been the major motivation for his development of self, must now realize that not only may much of his effort be considered wasted, but also that his goal was an illusion.

This is perhaps the reason why so many men struggle with fully accepting the red pill and instead seek to find a way to have ones cake and eat it too. The purple pill is one such approach wherein red pill knowledge and methodology is applied in order to realize a blue pill goal. In order to fully embrace the red pill, one must accept that those investments one has made in the previous world view, methodology and theory, are forever lost to history, including the hopes one had for the outcome of such investments. The investments are thus to regard as sunk costs.

For many men, this means giving up a dream that has been central to them for most of their life, which they have invested themselves in for a very long time, and to which they have dedicated many of their resources. This is perhaps why many blue pill men require a traumatic and brutal awakening, as this gives them strength not only to leave the past behind, but also to destroy and rebuild themselves. The entirety of this situation is that not only must they accept that a great amount of previous investment is now worthless, but they must also invest more than they imagined into the new worldview.

The “Game is Everything” years was a promise to these men as it didn’t require much of them, they had to learn and apply a simple methodology over and over again, and it would magically fix their problems. The Red Pill framework on the other hand, requires massive investment, reformation of old habits, may involve cutting off old relationships, drastically changing one’s circumstances and various other sacrifices. Where a man could view “Come to my bootcamp and spend 24 hours in workshops to fix all your problems with women” as a surmountable, “change your mindset, psychology, physical appearance and approach to life, it will take you 2 – 5 years, but you may reap great rewards” is a much more daunting task.

When you make the conscious choice to leave your illusions behind, to embrace a new life, and to accept responsibility for your own choices going forward, it means leaving comfort for discomfort, it means risk, it means the goal is more important to you than the rut in which you have found yourself. There are countless men who take the half-way approach and to some this brings a satisfactory compromise, but in the end a man cannot serve two masters, over time one will always become dominant in his psyche. Unfortunately, more often than not, this is the one that is easiest and the red pill is many things but rarely easy.

Summary and Conclusions

The core idea of creative destruction is that old means to a satisfactory end are replaced through new and better solutions, which renders the old means obsolete. For me this serves as an apt metaphor for the red pill journey many men take, where they reinvent themselves based on their new world view. Few, if any men find the red pill because they are satisfied with their life, as with all men they have “game” and they have a “theory” for how to live a good life, get laid, and so on, however for most their current theory and methodology are not yielding satisfactory results. Thus, they find themselves one day googling something that leads them down the rabbit hole.

They may land on a blog, a forum or a twitter page, but they find something that promises different results. This is perhaps one of the things that confounds me, the years I spent doing the same thing and expecting a different result. This is in embryo what frustrates these men, they have some success with their methodology, but not enough to validate the approach. As they wander down the rabbit hole they will find many articles, blogs, and sites that promise them fast results for little pain, this is the perfect way of structuring something to maximize sales. There is a reason why nobody ever marketed the “Count every calorie, weigh everything you eat, count your macros, get to the gym 5 days a week, do 3 extra days of cardio and stick to this every day for the rest of your life” diet, but instead market “Lose 100 lbs in 30 days by drinking a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar”.

The red pill is not an easy path, not only does it force you out of your comfort zone and increase the workload placed upon you. It also forces you to challenge some of your most deeply held beliefs and foundations that have been ingrained in you from early childhood. The Disney Movies that children watch where the Prince gets his Princess and they live happily ever-after, and the promise of “The one”. Recognizing that there is no one, there are many, but none of them will be the person with whom everything is easy, the person that perfectly fulfills your dreams.

The fundamental premise is something for nothing, it’s attractive to people, the idea that they can “just do you” and the Universe will magically provide for them a partner. There is no need to introspect, to improve and to change, just remain static and your dreams will eventually be realized. The Red Pill offers no magic pill, it gives you a methodology and a world view, and puts the onus on you to destroy those aspects of your condition that requires illusions, only by destroying yourself and rebuilding a new and better self can you move beyond your initial condition to one that requires no such comforting and seductive illusions as offered by the blue pill.

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