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Gendernomics Sample: The Company of Man

Black Label Logic
December 8, 2016

As the Gendernomics book is getting close to being ready for publishing, I thought I’d offer a sample chapter to the blog audience to get some feedback. The following is the chapter entitled “The Company of Man” and is the introductory chapter to the micro-economics section of the book.

The Company of Man


Graph 6

The company of a Man is founded on the day of his birth. It has value to his parents. Throughout his life, the actions and choices made by the man can either add, subtract or sustain the value of his equity. The equity starts with a value of zero when he is born, and as he passes through life, his choices and performance affect the equity. This is the reason why the male sexual market curve peaks long after the female sexual market value curve. A woman is born with her equity at maximum value reduced for risk; male equity is built one-step at a time.

The three possibilities for how a man can affect his equity are to some extent situational. Your ability to allocate capital is highly valued in a modern society; however, it will add little value in a pre-agrarian hunter and gatherer tribe. This step requires calibration to the relevant society .While the performance burden is the “how” of what creates equity, the calibration is the “what” and higher sexual market value and thus mating opportunities is the “why”. This translates the male performance burden into a function of time, effort and direction.

Graph 6 shows some different equity structures that males can adopt, as their choice. Male A is highly focused on genetic fitness, which is closer to an Alpha approach; Male B is more focused on provision, which makes it more of a Beta strategy. Male C is highly focused in other, which is a sign that either he is subconsciously not building equity for the SMV, or he is consciously avoiding to do so.

Adding value to your equity

A man can add value to his equity by performing well in a direction that society also appreciates and that adds to his social value, his financial value or his genetic value. The first example most men run into are in their teenage years where athletes and to some extent artists first become successful in the sexual market place.

These men have taken time and effort and applied it in a manner that causes their equity to increase in the market place. This is frequently coincidental at this age, as the men are unaware of what they are doing. This is somewhat of an irony of the manosphere, that some men are able to create sexual market value at random, whereas others must work and research quite extensively to do so.

Subtracting value from your equity

Removing equity takes place when the man performs in a manner that does not add market value. In essence, he takes time and effort and applies it in the wrong direction. For instance, a person who is sublime at mathematics and is the captain of the math team, may have put just as much time and effort into his direction, however as it does not translate into socially valued traits, the opportunity cost causes this to be a negative sexual market value investment.

This is not to say that such time and effort applications do not add value, they do, however they do not add sexual market value in the present context. It is very possible that the captain of the math club will apply his numerical ability towards finance, which translates into high earnings that increase his SMV.

Sustaining the value of your equity

Sustaining the value of equity unlike the prior two, is a lot like training to build muscle vs training to sustain existing muscle. It requires less work and you can keep doing what you are doing as long as the environment does not change. Examples of men who built major sexual market value early in their life and have sustained it into old age would be men like Sean Connery and Jack Nicholson, who despite their advanced age have women of all ages drooling over them.

Sustaining the equity value is a function of two factors, replacement investment and increasing investment. As sexual market value takes the form of a bell-curve, and women naturally calibrate towards the top 20% of men, it follows that a general increase in SMV among all men, leads to a devaluation of the male who fails to account for this. For instance, if a man has an SMV of six and all the men around him are SMV 7 and above, it follows that his above average SMV, is in fact below average within this context.

Thus, a man must account for such inflation in sexual market value among men, so that this is taken into account. If adequate investment to correct for such market changes is not accounted for, it follows that his relative SMV will diminish abate at a slower rate than with no investment.

Just be yourself

The concept of building your equity in the sexual market place seems to contradict the advice of “Just be yourself” and it does. Both the examples from building equity and subtracting equity are men following paths that they enjoy and derive major personal satisfaction from pursuing. Just be yourself translates into utilize your time and effort in a manner from which you attain pleasure, and in an area that you are passionate about, however this can be poor advice in both the sexual market place and the business world. For every man who built a company from his passion, there are tens, if not hundreds running companies that are highly profitable yet are unrelated to their passion.

Some men can just be themselves and build massive sexual market value, and these men tend to fall in the category of natural alpha or accidental alpha. For them, “just be yourself” is sound advice, because through just being themselves they obtain success in the sexual market place.

For women, “Just be yourself”, may be well intentioned, however it either assumes that every person is a natural alpha, or it is a way to encourage men to spend their time and energy in a manner, which makes mate-filtering simple for women.

Just be yourself in general, is a carte blanche to pay no heed to the manner in which you spend your time and effort as long as it is pleasurable in the present.

Successful companies happen when a good idea, hits a market that needs that idea, and the company has the ability to deliver solutions to people in the form of products. Not every company has the capability to come up with the right idea, create and produce a solution and find the market that will appreciate it. A company’s ability to grasp opportunities depends on its strengths and weaknesses, while avoiding threats.

Your ability to build equity and success in the sexual market place likewise depends on your strengths.

Swotting Yourself

One of the most important things to keep in mind when you decide to enter the SMP is to perform an objective self-analysis. One of the many reasons why Alpha often eludes definition is that most men have their own internal image of what an alpha entails, and thus measure themselves to that concept rather than an objective definition. This leads to much confusion, and thus the easiest way to define alpha is to do so through results.

The core trait that makes an alpha is that he is highly successful with women, racking up an impressive notch count if that is his choice, entering into long-term relationships with extremely attractive women is a second option.

swot-diagramThe SWOT analysis is a framework that is very popular in business circles during strategy sessions for evaluating a company. The core aspects of such an analysis is that a group sits down and evaluates the various aspects of the company, to see what strengths can be leveraged, which weaknesses need to be remedied, which opportunities can be exploited and which threats need to be guarded against.

A cornerstone of successful self-improvement knows the past and the present in order to plan and create systems for the future. If this is a person’s first attempt at self-improvement, they will not be able to leverage as much information about the past as someone who has tried and failed multiple times, however they will still have knowledge of their history.

The SWOT framework may be employed both prior to goal setting, after goal setting, or during goal setting. It can be applied holistically or segmentally to each area of your life or to your whole life in general. If a person is already aware of their goal(s) they can apply the framework with a specific perspective of how strengths can be leveraged, weaknesses accounted for, opportunities leveraged and threats mitigated.

From a whole life perspective, the analysis will grow more complex, but it is a useful tool to perform a self-audit prior to engaging in a large-scale self-development project.


A strength can come in many forms. If you have financial means to enlist people at the top of their field, this aids in achieving almost any goal. One reason why so many actors are able to make very impressive body transformations in such a short period is their ability to hire coaches, nutritionists and chefs to ensure that their diet and exercise is on point.

A person can have many strengths and few strengths, what is important is the ability to leverage them to maximum effect.


The difference between a weakness and a threat is that a weakness can frequently be remedied with discipline and hard work, a threat is something that can be guarded against and mitigated, but never truly eliminated.

Being aware of your weaknesses guards against common issues that negative affects self-development. Having a weak sense of structure or discipline will negatively affect your efforts to lift weight or fix your diet. Having few social skills and struggling talking to people will influence your efforts to get good at pick-up.

A typical weakness for many is the tendency to put off action in favor of planning or waiting for the perfect opportunity. This is common for the so-called “orbiters”, men who hang around an attractive female and acts as boyfriends she does not have to sleep with. Rather than making a move, being shot down and moving on to another woman, these men can spend years obsessing over their unicorn, thus sacrificing other opportunities.


Opportunities represent ways to apply your strengths, reduce your weaknesses and reduce threats. If for instance one of your weaknesses is speaking to people in public, the start-up of a local toastmaster’s club is an opportunity. Much of life is centered on grabbing opportunities when the Universe gives them to you, and making the most of them.

For instance, if you are a highly skilled chef, offering to host a cooking class at some local institution could be a good way to obtain opportunities to meet women in a context where you have social proof and contextual alphaness.

If you are out of shape but your best friend is a meathead, leveraging his knowledge of training and nutrition to your benefit, is an opportunity.


Threats are somewhat of a weaponized form of weaknesses, while many are aware of their own weaknesses despite not wanting to admit it to themselves, threats tend to form when the external world interacts with a weakness. If a person has weak self-discipline, attending a birthday part where all the foods that could screw up his diet will be present, odds are this will cause him to go off his diet.

A typical example of a threat, utilizing the same example from above of the orbiter with oneitis, a threat to him would be an alpha male entering the life of the woman he is orbiting.

With a firm grasp of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats, planning can commence for how to apply this to a goal or set of goals.

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