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Gendernomics: The Female Bubble

Black Label Logic
February 23, 2017

tulip-maniaOpportunity costs and sunk costs have been one of the topics that I have returned to quite a few times in various essays, as I consider them central to male issues within the sexual market place. Both of these metrics exist to judge whether an allocation of resources is sound or unsound. Opportunity costs are the costs of the best opportunity foregone, exemplified by getting married, where the opportunity costs are alternative mating with one or multiple other women. The sunk costs represent the time and other resources a man has invested into a relationship with a woman, and the resources that would be loss should the man decide not to pursue a relationship with that women any longer.

I credit my twitter feed with inspiring many of my essays, and this week is no different. Last week Illimitableman tweeted the following nugget of reasoning:

If a man earns $500 an hour and you want 5 hours alpha attention to be fucked, you’re saying your pussy is worth $2500. Overpriced!” @Illimitableman

This got me thinking along the lines of my “Hookers vs Dating” calculations in an earlier post on marginal utility. It is without a doubt that in the world of constant social media validation and where women are raised to view themselves as Princesses that women develop somewhat of a tendency to value themselves very highly. This is a natural consequence of being told that your product is the best in the world and worthy of royalty. Furthermore, having this over valuation validated by a range of thirsty men from the age of 15 does not in any way encourage a sober valuation. One must keep in mind that hype and marketing can drive a low quality or even useless product to immense heights for a time, examples of this includes such fad products as the pet rock and the Dutch tulip craze.  This is one of the value theory observations that the price of a product frequently does not reflect the underlying costs of building this product.

As an example one could argue that the price of an iPhone should be:

A) The price someone is willing to pay for it in an open market.

B) Reflect the cost of building it.

These will obviously be two entirely different prices. In the Gendernomics sense, the former reflects how the sexual market operates, whereas the latter is quite inconsequential. It does not matter if a man invests massively in himself if he does so in a manner that is not market oriented. Thus, the price the woman sets for her sexual companionship reflects that of the market in which she operates, how high a price will the market accept?

The Price Someone is Willing to Pay

In two theoretical markets, one where women all require men to marry them before having sex, and one where women are more than happy to sleep with any man, which would both be sexual market monopoly, it follows that sex is more expensive in the former than the latter. The former requires a man to find a suitable mate and enter into a binding relationship with her for life in order to gain sexual access. In the latter, all that is required is to make himself available. The latter also represents the situation that women often find themselves in, and have for most of our human history.

The males alive today are the sons of those men who took formidable risk and won, they are also the sons of women who played it safe.

In the market that requires monogamous marriage in order to gain sex, it is obvious intuitively that the price of pussy is higher, merely from the initial investment costs. However, one must keep in mind that this is merely the buy in at the poker game of marriage, then comes the antes and bids that must be submitted merely to remain in the game.

In the market where sex is freely available, where the only effort a man must put forth in order to alleviate his sexual desires and urges is merely to be present, it is clear that the price of pussy is a much lower one. In this case, one could liken it to an all you can eat buffet where once the price of admission has been surrendered the man may partake freely to his hearts content.

Thus, one could conclude that ceteris paribus, men would benefit maximally under the latter structure as this represents a structure in which they must surrender the least amount of resources in order to obtain sex. Women would benefit maximally under the former structure as this permits them to realize the maximum value of their sexuality.

Therefore, if one were to view the sexual market place as a market wherein the sellers of pussy and the buyers pussy meet in order to make deals where intercourse may take place, it follows that much in a real market the Dow Bones Index, would rise and fall as trades are made and the markets change to reflect external factors.

The External Factors and the Dow Bones Index

The first and primary factor is the social values within a social group, naturally a group that punishes promiscuity and rewards chastity among women will restrict and inherently increase the value of sex. As sex under such law represents an expensive good that requires substantial amounts of investment by a man, it may also follow that he will seek to safeguard this investment. It also follows that as the woman within such a situation has a minimal resale value, she will also work to justify the man’s investment in her.

A second and perhaps equally salient factor, is the joint investment in offspring, without a mother these children would lack the female influence and care that ensures that they grow up strong, and without a father these children would grow up (even more) destitute, thus they would have few chances to ensure that the genetics of their family carried on down the highway of history.

A third factor one must account for is the alternation of the female condition from dependency on one man (her husband or father) to a wholesale dependency on the state for her financial needs. The husband has a natural incentive in selecting a chaste bride as past behavior is the best manner in which we can predict future behavior. The father has a natural incentive to ensure the upbringing of his daughter, lest he be unable to pawn her off on some unsuspecting fool, and thus stuck with a financial drain for the remainder of his days.

However, over the past 60 – 70 years, the Western World has seen an unprecedented liberation of sex that has not been seen since the fall of Rome if one believes the history books. Thus, how can one reconcile the fact that the external conditions that would ensure expensive pussy, are all but removed, yet the price of pussy remains and according to some is even increasing?

The Departure from Rationality

As I write this, we are sitting in the shadow of the 2008 financial crisis, that stemmed from the over-pricing of complex derivative assets in the financial markets combined with unforseen dependencies and unhealthy government interventions. We are 17 years away from what was referred to as the “Dot com crash“, which was the time when the bloated pricing of technology securities finally met cruel reality.

One can discuss eternally what causes asset value inflation, however, from the Tulip Boom to Southsea and to the Tech companies of Silicon Valley, they all share certain similarities.

A) There was a widespread belief that the price increase would continue forever in a linear or exponential fashion.

B) There was a widespread belief that there was no risk of the asset ever going down in price.

These two factors lead to a “Unicorn investment” wherein there is no risk, but unlimited reward. This again leads to a cycle that powered by reflexivity drives prices beyond reason and rationality. Thus, the prices depart from what real value could be argued as the basis for the asset’s price. Be that infrastructure or intellectual property and the cycle begins.

Perhaps the simplest and most widespread metric within financial valuation is the price/earnings ratio, where one divides the company’s present share price with it’s earnings for the past year. For instance P/E ratio of 15, indicates that the company is presently trading at 15 times it’s annual earnings. A high P/E ratio is often seen as a representation of high expected growth. As an excessive valuation begins one often sees the P/E ratio depart from it’s normal value for that industry, and it begins to reach exorbitance where if one calculates how long one would need to hold the share or how much it would need to grow within ones holding period in order to realize a profit.

Summary and Conclusions

A frequent manosphere assertion is that the price of pussy is steadily increasing. In the case of the originally cited tween the $2500 the woman is pricing her pussy at, represents 12.5 – 25 hours with a prostitute. This is merely the initial investment that the man must make for a single occasion of sex. The reasoning behind the growing price is often argued to be the perceived abundance of thirsty men in the world that comment, like and validate a woman’s social media profiles. In the past 10 years or so, women have gained access to a brand new squad of cheerleaders consisting of other women and thirsty men, that serve to make their product appear to them both to be of higher quality and to be quite rare and growing in popularity.

This is the classic driving force behind most over-valuations in financial markets, limited supply, perceived demand in excess of supply and excessive growth, the product has at least some of its value derived from intangibles and a market that is suffering from irrational exuberance.

One may argue that pussy was much more expensive only a few short decades ago, where extended courtships, monogamous relationships and marriage was more of a norm and casual sex was more present, however a price in isolation says very little, if one does not account for product characteristics. Where your grandfather may have received a brand new product, you are likely to receive one that is in the range “slightly used” to “Worn out” categories. Rollo Tomassi has written brilliantly on this in a set of two articles entitled “Betas in Waiting [1]” and “Saving the Best [2]”

Thus, the difference now is not necessarily the price, but the relationship between the price you are expected to pay by women, and the value of the product you receive in return. This is perhaps somewhat nostalgic in nature, and it would be unsound to make the assumption that all women in the past were fresh-faced, rosy cheeked virgins at marriage. However, there is a correlation between how many premarital sex partners a woman has had and her likeliness to divorce [3] and with Gen X having 10 lifetime partners and millennials on the way to 8 lifetime partners, I suspect the divorce rate will keep going.

As social media continues to permeate throughout our societies, and increasing amounts of women continue to get their self esteem stoked and narcissism increases [5], what will the future price of pussy be? Will we see Sugar baby culture grow,  and sex for money become the norm, and if we do, will the arbitrage opportunities between actual prostitutes and women who trade sex for money and/or services but do not consider themselves prostitutes increase?

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