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How men compete: The better mousetrap

Black Label Logic
March 25, 2016

value chainThe whole concept of “building a better mousetrap” is a very good explanation of how males compete. As I outlined in my post on why women slut shame, this is to in effect lower the relative market value of the women branded a slut, while increasing their own market value. In addition to “keeping other women in line” with hypergamous optimization. In effect, women compete in marketing.

Men differ in that competition tend to be in terms of performance, this is apparent early on with men often engaging in competitive activities such as team sports, or other forms of competition. Even non-physically active men tend to engage in forms of competition such as gaming or vicarious living through other men competing by watching sports.

The core difference can be summarized in that women tend to compete by marketing themselves, while putting down others, ideally not wanting competition but oligopoly/cartel situations. Men tend to compete by self-improvement and adding value to themselves, in a situation which is much closer to laissez-faire competition.

To illustrate explain the difference take a look at the diagram of the Value Chain.

Men tend to be focused on Inbound logistics, operations and outbound logistics. In effect, resources in, transforming resources and the results gained. While women tend to be mostly focused with the marketing and sales aspects of the value chain.

Now, for those of you who already read my article on women, you are going to read this article and feel like the articles are different. The answer why is simple, my article on women is descriptive, it is what they do, how they do it and why they do it. My article for men is prescriptive, it is what you need to do, why you need to do it and what the results should be.

The concept of product engineering

When dealing with product engineering, a product needs to be adapted for the needs it is supposed to solve, be cost-effective, and optimal/efficient. Furthermore, it needs to be capable to be produced at the highest level possible with the minimum required resources in order to be efficient.

If we read red pill philosophy a lot of it builds on being a better man. About lifting weights, putting in the work and striving to become your best self. If we look at PUA, a lot of it is playing to the female strength and creating the image that you are this better self through focusing heavily on marketing and sales, rather than product development. One could formulate an argument that a lot of early PUA material is the predecessor to Red Pill awareness, where PUA allows you to market yourself as, while red pill awareness advocates actually being.

In a way, we could argue there are two core investment strategies that I outlined in my article on females, that apply to men trying to improve their shot with women.

The Alpha fucks strategy that involves heavily investing in yourself, working towards becoming a better man, and as a result drawing in more women. This was based on the equation:

X + Y = 10

Wherein 10 is the highest value you can reach on the SMV, and as a male the Alpha strategy is heavy investment in yourself, which is X in the equation. This correlates heavily with the Dark Triad as psychopaths/Narcissists heavily invest in themselves, but not really so much in their partners. Which supports the “Dark Triad” approach advocated by a number of Manosphere writers.

The second strategy is the beta strategy of investing heavily in women, while minimizing investment in yourself. This strategy does tend to reduce the competition with other men directly, but you will still be indirectly competing with other males, on top of exposing yourself to risks. This strategy is conducive to taking heavy losses, as a result of relationships ending, and thus it also creates situations wherein a man may remain in a bad relationship for too long.

Drawing on product engineering and the article I wrote on how females compete what follows is that men maximize their value by investing in self. This also carries less risk, as investing in a female results in a risk of losing that investment if the female dumps you, or you need to dump her. By investing in your own development, you ensure that you appeal to the largest possible female demographic (giving yourself a larger market) in addition to gaining a competitive advantage versus men who select the beta strategy or at less adept at the Alpha strategy.

The Value chain of Man

To draw further on the value chain, to build a man, we can argue that the inputs are the genetics and basic upbringing a man gets from his parents. Some of us grow up with amazing red pill fathers or grandfathers who teach us about women and act as role-models. Some of us grow up without them, yet find such models in our life, and some of us are left without them for most of our life, only finding substitutes when we find the red pill community online.

The operations aspect is what we do with our genetics and develop from our starting point. Some of us are born with genetics that allow us to have above average IQ, above average height, perhaps we are mesomorphs or athletically inclined from birth and some get none of these. Operations are what decide what you make of what you started with and in the words of a rapper I no longer remember is “Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard“. We can complain that we struggle with putting on muscle, or that we were not born looking like Chad Thundercock, or that we were born without the confidence to talk to women. However, the key is doing something about it.

Operations is what we draw on to make the best of what we got, and overcome it. We are not women, we do not cooperate to make sure that the fat, shanky bitches can land a high quality man, we want all the bitches for ourselves. In a business operations is the day to day grind to make sure we produce and deliver and for men this is what we need to do, produce and deliver.

Outbound logistics for men is the results we get. It is what we put our mind and will to, it is what we want to manifest from our hours in the gym, or at school or at work putting our nose to the grindstone. It is desired outcome. If we do not get our desired outcome, we compete more and throw ourselves into putting more energy, more time, more resources into realizing our desired outcome.

The power of masculinity lays in visualizing an outcome and then making it happen.

Men and economics

The core issue with men in the sexual market place is that we are from nature all equal. Sure, some of us have better genetics, some of us are lucky in that our genetics are adapted to excel in something that our society values early on and some of us are born into lucky family situations. However, it is what we do with the foundation that creates the end product.

The best way to put it is, that if you are born as a white guy, with genetics that allow you to be over 6 feet, good with sports and to a wealthy family you are golden. You will develop high SMV in your early teens, you will get used to working with women in your early teens and like Grog, you will never feel like your value is mediocre or low. This results in that you naturally develop an abundance mindset. However, the reality for many men, is that they feel like their value is low due to some of the above mentioned aspects and they feel a need to compensate.

You could always be a contextual alpha [1] but this is not permanent, it is only something you experience within a sphere. Stephen Hawking is a contextual alpha, much less intellectually inclined and/or accomplished men are permanent alphas.

The permanent alphas are men who either were endowed by nature and upbringing or who built themselves up to be alpha. These fall into some major categories such as rich, athletic or highly intelligent, or other categories that naturally lead to being a desired target for women.

The trade-off is interesting as athleticism matures earlier and carries over into later life, then has a rapid drop off. Intelligence has a slower rise, then peaks in later life. This is a natural result of general athletic prowess peaking early as a result of youthful fitness, whereas IQ taking longer to peak due to length of training required.

This means you have 2 essential supply/demand curves for men, with the demand overlapping somewhat. If we make the assumption that high athletic men peak earlier in life from age 15 – age 25, and high IQ men peak from 25 – 40. It follows that men realize their potential at differing times dependent on their predilections towards physique or intelligence. This is a natural result of athletes having their prime while they are young, while academic achievement peaks at closer to 40.

However, it should also be mentioned that the more visceral aspects of a men are more important as characteristics of alpha than intellectual accomplishment. This deals with markets more than it does anything else, as good looking men, that have adequate social proof, and the right mindset tend to appeal to a larger market than men such as Professor Hawking that appeal to a niche market.

Accepting the truth

I left his for the end, because honestly I had no idea how to write it before I spoke to Rollo Tomassi . A lot of us are idealists, we wish for a woman who is as logical, as idealistic and who will love us without the burden of performance. It will not happen.

In order to transcend from egghead to alpha you have to ingrain certain truths in your mind and one of the harder truths to swallow is that female sexuality will never be solvable by deductive logic. A female being attracted to a male is computer science, binary logic, a 0 or a 1. In order to be the 1, you have to perform the actions that I’ve outlined to realize your value cognitively, but also physically. Without the physical aspects of action, being in shape and being a visual alpha, you will never realize your full potential and there is a high chance that women will perceive you as “Beta Bucks”. This perception is countered by a number of traits related to the physical and a mindset often composed of dark triad values.

It is the Iphone problem all over again. The Iphone, by most objective metrics is a poor product. Battery life is bad, you are tied to an App store where Apple controls the content not demand, your phone’s operating system is highly controlled and so on. However, it is a product that is marketed extremely well, has a sleek design, and that gives the user a certain feeling of “coolness”. You can create the best product in the world, but without marketing you will appeal to a much narrower market than your potential would indicate.


Look at human history, it is at least 100.000 years of evolution in which physical prowess has dominated 99.560 of them. Being “really freakin’ smart” has only been a true benefit since the enlightenment and short periods prior to that. Sure you could have been Leonardo, Michelangelo or Aristotle, but brains have only truly been valued over brawn for the past 30 -40 years in a technological society.

The female brain and attraction is still functioning in the pre-tech revolution where the chunk of hardened muscle crushes the egghead, and where the physical always trumps the mental. Therefore, it follows that to be truly attractive to women you need to embody historical values. Historical values are strength, physical power, willpower and determination, once you adopt those on top of your intellect you will win. However, as long as a “meathead” can kick your ass, you won’t. The signals of genetic fitness, and thus determinants of product quality has not been updated as the market has developed.

What we need to remember is that women compete through marketing, by making it seem like they are the best product, while perhaps not being even an acceptable product. I tweeted this a while back, that the main female tactic to lure a man into a long-term relationship is the “bait & switch” where they adapt themselves perfectly to the man during the courtship phase, with an end goal of seizing control at a later date. This is marketing 101, always make it seem like your product will solve all the customer’s problems, even if it won’t. The physical is the first and strongest impact you have in any interaction with a human being, and where you have the highest chance of manipulating their perception. Once someone has a solid first impression of you, it is very difficult to change it, just ask any man who has tried to move out of the “friend zone“.

As I said, physical aspects have been more important for most of our history, they mature around the time where a normal mating would have taken place historically, and they are always on display. Intellectual aspects can be displayed indirectly through wealth, or forms of social proof such as job titles and degrees but this takes longer, and tends to correlate strongly with “Beta Bucks” meaning that you spend your time fighting your way out of the “Beta Box”

The key is that you can build a great amount of wealth and social proof through your intellectual accomplishments, but your physical presence is what triggers the judgment of “Alpha Fucks vs Beta Bucks” in a woman’s mind.

This is why you often hear Betas, Gammas and Omegas entering into the female competitive sphere and denigrate more successful men. They are attempting to utilize the female competitive strategy in the hopes that it will psychologically influence the female into wanting them. Yet it accomplishes the opposite, because of the female perspective. Females compete among themselves using marketing, and they evaluate men based on accomplishments and marketing.

To a woman, telling her that “That guy is such a jerk, he just sleeps around with other women and is a total man-whore” is actually selling him to her, as it shows confidence, arrogance and massive pre-selection. On the other hand, telling a man “She is such a slut, she’s fucked all your friends” does lower the value of a female in the eyes of men, because as I argued in “How females compete” it signals that she has low standards, may be less loyal, and does not value herself.

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[1] http://therationalmale.com/2016/03/03/gamer-girls/

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