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Life After The Red Pill

Black Label Logic
October 29, 2020

Last week I dropped into Red Evening with Jack Napier and Rob, I’d like to go back it was a solid talk. During the course of the broadcast we had a talk on how their content is almost completely free of jargon, there is very little red pill conversation even though they are very knowledgeable about the topic, it’s not the focal point of the show. For the most part it centers on interests outside of the red pill space. I found this to be quite interesting, because from my perspective and a major reason I stopped writing here is that I’m sorta over “Looks, Money, Power, Status, Game” thing, that seems to repeat itself on a never-ending 3-6 month cycle. I could churn out “Gendernomics” articles twice a week on topic for profits, I just don’t want to, it’s not original and just boring, basic, bland and formulaic. Quite frankly it’s back breaking bargain basement material.

The plot is the same, the structure is the same, the characters are the same, the soundtrack is the same, and every-other city we go, and every-other video, it’s the same ho. Looks, money, power, status and game haven’t changed in importance since 2006. Yet, if you want hits, write an article or do a skit on “[insert one of the 5] is the most important shit” and you’ll get rich.  “Women in 2020 are the most savage and feral ever, they go HAM, You need my program. It’s brimming with plenty, plenty of hard posts beating the average peril being clever, you’ll fuck hoes of the gram or you get a free sluts 2020 sweater”  

My view is that the red pill space is purgatory, it’s like Rick and Morty, if you catch the story, get out before you turn douche and we have to start the mourning. You want to spend as little time here as possible before moving on to a better place. This place wasn’t designed for you to hang around here forever, the fire code is ereased, there are not enough bathrooms to go around and for some fucking reason the showers are always cold. Our buffet only has steaks and tofu, it’s on you to pick between black coffee and even blacker coffee, not to mention there are enough fuckers wilding out on a weekly basis that we should be hosted by Nick Cannon and sponsored by Worldstar.  Think of the red pill like a bank robbery, if you’ve been here longer than 2 mins, the alarms sounded and the cops are on their way in.

We have 20 years worth of videos, audio books, podcasts, books and essays, but have anyone written what are you supposed to do after you’ve actually done the red pill rat-race, tried to save food and not look like a boob? What do you do once on the first day of Red Pill your true coach sent to you, an email calling you n00b. On your second day of red pill your true coach sent to you, two emails calling you a screwed, and an email calling you n00b. On the third day of red pill, your true coach sent to you, a DM with 3 girl’s nudes, two emails calling you a screwed and an email calling you noob.

How many 6 foot dicks, 6 inch height requirements, 6 lambos, 6 figure notch counts do you need to fail at before you realize it’s a scam?  Do you continue to hustle or do you fall for the next hyperbolic douchebag who points out that your beard growth is patchy and buy his “how to grow a beard like mine in 7 days” (hint day 2 – 4 is recovering from the hair transplant). Is this shit turning into the Groundhog pill? Is this for real? Even Final Fantasy has a max level to the skills, it’s sorta fascinating how the red pill is morphing into a game where Asian nerds get themselves killed.

“Red Pill acolyte”: “OMG I just got a 6 foot penis all it took was hustling 22 hours a day for a year

Coach 2 mins later: “Is your cock under 11 ft? You’re not even a boy, I’ll teach you how to get here

Are we there yet? The illusion of a path is that it goes from A to B, but see, the profit isn’t in the cure, it’s in continue to receive, admire excess for free, want a piece, pay up sucker and excise it. I’d hate to be divisive, but what I see and what strikes me, is that it might be, that we encourage dependency, for a certain fee, we tell a man that he can be free, and receive his dreams. It’s crack philosophies, where the first hit is free, but after the change is undergone, and not before long, the man just out to get a home, needs red pill methadone, because the meta-approach, is to make some bones, and when the light is shone, it’s all hinged on the next step of the bridge, LEVEL UP, THE NEXT LEVEL, THE NEXT STEP. Every hero’s journey has a beginning, middle and an end, but if the interest is in selling riddles, there is no payoff at the end. If they no longer need Pfizer, but Pfizer needs them, to remain high in a sense, the pill is a circular friend. Am I making any sense with my 2 cents? That a passing interest to solve a problem, should not hold you hostage and then some?

Us as content creators, we aspire to greatness, it starts just wanting to aid friends, but months or years in have we gained any traction? When our content keeps point out the same sins and problems? Seems senseless to not push onward, hoping that our readers will soon be gone with the knowledge the pill offers, but off it, in that they cured their afflictions. Do we want to cure them of their demons or just keep them coming to meetings, in all seasons, always citing the pledge of allegiance,

Hi I’m Carl I’m a bluepillholigic, it’s been 2 years since I bought a girl flowers, I don’t think of baby showers, I just want to plow and choke girls. I earn 7 figures driving a hearse, I can deadlift 1000 lbs for reps while wearing a “I’m a spartan” T-shirt, my sidechick had a baby early and I ate the afterbirth, PROTEIN. I’ve been on the scene since Style’s hair had a nice sheen and “VH1 the pickup artist” was just a pipe-dream, but I put out auto-logic like Rage against the machine.” 

Am I the only one who sees the problem with this, when people have been here for 2 years and haven’t talked to a chick? Think about it, gym membership for 2 years, didn’t lift any weights. Been on Jenny Craig for 2 years, didn’t lose any weight. Been a Catholic all my life, don’t have any faith, girl shot me twice on our date, finally some penetration, this must be fate, Oh did I mention she’s late? At what point do we see that this approach ain’t working, when after years of reading, and guys are still stuck jerking like Peewee Herman, and being jerked by craftsmen like a penis-ad person?

The question is, are you a problem solver that holds men accountable and do not absolve them, a man who leads who make men better in their own life, or are you are problem-creator, with no accountability, who builds your life on men’s lives.

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