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Make it measurable

Black Label Logic
January 19, 2021

As I relayed in last week’s post, I’ve had two distinct periods on Blacklabellogic.com, the early initial period resulted in Gendernomics, which was my analysis and contextualization of the sexual market place. The latter period, which we are in now has been much more focused on the practical aspects of the sexual market place, and was created for Gendernomics: Building Value.

Building Value was created because in the first 25 years of my life I very much drifted in a sense, I didn’t really have any goals in life other than short-term pleasure. I studied all those “fun but impractical” topics, politics, philosophy, sociology, literature, art, psychology, and some of this is fairly evident in my twitter feed and podcast appearances. The major motivation behind it was a desire to understand the world, and for me that all clicked once I added computer science and economics to to the mix. They are also the two most useful topics I’ve studied in my life, and the ones that laid the foundation for my current career.

The introduction here is to contextualized this essay, there is an old adage in business administration “If it can be measured it can be managed”, the inverse of this is “If it cannot be measured it cannot be managed”, this latter state is the state in which many men find themselves, and to which Building Value is dedicated. It sets out a process model to go from a man who has no idea what needs to be fixed, how to do it and how to prioritize tasks. This is driven by the fact that most men arrive in this space without defined goals, without a solid understanding of their situation, their context or what their desired end state looks like.

This is generally the problem I see most men have, they have no idea where they are, where they want to go other than away from their current state, they come looking for help, without knowing what their problems are.

The solution is what I provided in Building Value:

  1. GAP Analysis – Figure out what your life is like now, what you’re dissatisfied with and what you are happy with.

2. Prioritize problems – Some problems can be solved easily, some require more time or more thinking.

3. Define Key-performance indicators for each area.

1 and 3 are the most important the GAP analysis tells you what is not working for you now, the KPI tell you if it has gotten better. If you can’t come up with a KPI, find one. You can’t work on your “energy flows”, you can work on your bank account, your physique, employment opportunities, education and many other things. In order for something to be measured, it cannot be a feeling, it’s that simple, anyone selling you “progress” in the form of “feels” is selling you cocaine.

It feels good in the moment and makes you feel like you’re at the top of the world, but in the end you crash with an empty wallet.

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