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Of Penis Pills and Psychopaths

Black Label Logic
May 18, 2018

I keep getting a bit of a backlog of essays on here as of late, because I have a planned posting schedule, that I interrupt on occasion when I get inspired to write something else that I think should be pushed out right away. In this case, I was sitting around on twitter thinking about a twitter thread I wanted to do, on how someone needs to make a TV show in the style of “The Most Evil Men in History” called “The Most Basic Bitches in History“. However, before I could compose that thread, this old statement I heard from Christopher Hitchens popped into my mind, I’m not sure if he was quoting someone, but the statement goes something like

“Which is more likely, that the whole natural order was suspended or that a Jewish minx should tell a lie?”

I was unsure of why this statement stuck in my head, but over the course of a few days it became very clear to me. I wrote a long series on women with narcissistic, borderline and anti-social personality disorder a while back. This series was largely fueled by my own experience with such women, but also the experience of other men with whom I’ve spoken about their experiences.

A major characteristic of people who suffer from these disorders is to create alternate realities into which they draw their targets. Bernie Madoff drew his investors into an alternative reality he created, in which they were making massive returns on their investments. The trappings of his lifestyle, his behavior, the flying monkeys that surrounded him, and indeed many professional journalists reinforced this reality, so should a person develop doubt, they would question their own powers of observation, rather than the reality Mr. Madoff created. This could be explained as industrial-strength gas lighting.

Charlie Manson, of whom I spoke in “Of Lobsters and Serial Murder” did much the same thing, he created an alternate reality for his following, in which they were the bastion of hope for humanity’s salvation in the coming cataclysm that existed only within his mind, and as a collective delusion among them. Any opposition his group faced was explained through this paradigm.

This is very advanced frame game, where not only is the person in control of the frame capable of maintaining frame control, this is not that impressive of a feat. It’s much more impressive that they were capable of creating a frame in which every action, word or deed that contradicted their frame would be interpreted by their targets as being within the frame, thus re-inforcing it.

They construct such strong frames by creating narratives that stretch much beyond a normal frame. To exemplify this, the classic “chase frame” is a move in which a man flips the script on a woman he is pursing and frames the interaction as if the woman is pursuing him. A Manson level version of this frame would being able to maintain a frame around the woman, where she interprets every other woman as pursuing the man, regardless of what is really happening, and every action any person takes is taken as confirming and re-enforcing this frame.

This would not only build a reality in her mind where she is chasing him, it would also be built-in dread game and social proof, meaning that if he was aware of her being in this frame of mind, merely smiling at the cashier could have massive second and third order consequences.

The Construction of a Cluster-B Frame

The basic building block of the cluster-B frame is cooperation by the target. When you are attempting to persuade someone, they have to have some degree of willingness to “play along“. You cannot persuade a person to buy your product if they do not on some level cooperate with you. A major distinction between Yes Girls” and “No girls” is that the former is receptive to your spiel initially, while you have to win the latter over. In sales terms, the former is someone who has a level of interest in your product or a product within your category right away, while the latter is someone with no initial interest.

The initial incentive to play along is known as “love bombing” is done in order to create a firestorm of dopamine and serotonin in the brain of the victim, creating an addiction to the “happy chemicals” that are triggered. Cluster B women are known for using sex to this end, which is also why crazy women have a reputation for being great in bed.

Once the person is willing to play along, the frame is meticulously constructed, brick by brick, at a pace that does not alert the target. This serves a dual purpose. Cults are known for slowing heating the water around the frog until it boils, in order to maximize time, and thus ability to influence the target, before taking the big steps. A cult may start by offering your a free personality test that says you are highly stressed, then offer you a free 2 hour class on stress management. You take them up on it, finish the class and notice that your life gets a bit better, when they offer you a 4 hour class on time management for $20, you think to yourself “Well, I got a lot of benefits from that free stress management class, what the hell, I have $20 right here“. Then they slowly escalate from classes, to a weekend workshop, to a week-long workshop, and before you know it you are moving to a desolate area in Montana to prepare for the end of the world.

The key is that they escalate slowly enough that the target never notices that he or she is being drawn into their frame, while the target is building an investment in the person or group, through slow incremental steps. A cluster B may start by telling you a story of how they just came out of a bad relationship, and are dealing with the breakup, this elicits sympathy, and triggers the “savior chip” that most beta men have built into them from childhood.

This is not that hard to believe, a lot of people have had a destructive relationship or two, and in the aftermath of such a relationship, it’s not uncommon to lay most (or all) of the blame on the ex, despite one’s own culpability. Then you get the second story, often relating to the same ex, then a sad story about family, or the vicissitudes of life, all the while the target is investing in this “great person who got a raw deal“.

If they are truly advanced, they will triangulate their targets, meaning bring in “random people” who confirms the frame, much like Madoff used other victims of his scheme to sell to new victims, or how Manson utilized The Family to sell new girls on becoming part of it. Social proof in action. In the days of social media, I’ve even know some to create fake social media profiles to conduct their own triangulation.

Once the target is hooked one simply escalates the crazy until the target is boiled alive, and move on.

Is This Probable?

The first effective counter-measure a person has against such an onslaught, is information from independent sources, cults and cluster B are known to isolate their target away from support such as family or friends as quickly, and totally as possible. Part of their defensive strategy is also to poison the well, in order to make the target question any information that comes from the cluster b’s opposition.

The second effective counter-measure is asking the question “Is this probable?“. You see, in all the reading, experience and talking I’ve done with men about their cluster B experiences, the stories always seem to have the “gut feeling” moment, that moment when the person got a message from their brain “This is improbable, do no trust, and De-escalate the situation“. All these men, including myself in my experiences knew that the woman was nuts on some level, but didn’t want to break the frame, because the illusion and the fabricated reality was too good, too good to be true.

I ask the question “Do I think this is probable” many times a day, from in meetings when salespeople are trying to tell me their solution can do something that is technically impossible, to when the clerk at my local coffee shop tells me they are out of milk. Which is more probable, that a coffee shop at a busy intersection ran out of milk, or that the clerk is too lazy to grab another carton from the cooler in the back?

Which is more likely, that this guy has beaten the market for decades, and earned returns that are both well above, and more stable than comparative funds, or that he’s a lying scoundrel? Logic would dictate the latter, as you cannot earn a reward higher than average without taking above average risk.

Summary and Conclusions

Some of you may wonder about the title of this essay, “Of Penis Pills and Psychopaths” and the reason for this is simply that the emails that most men have received at one point or another “Add 3 inches to your penis by taking our new, super-secret, patented herbal supplement“, have one major problem. If there was a pill that could add inches to your penis, they wouldn’t have to market it by email. If they put it on TV, most men would be on the phone to their doctor asking about Gigantococxil before the ad ever got to “Ask your doctor if Gigantococxil is right for you“.

Some of you may wonder why I’m writing this essay on a blog dedicated to intersexual dynamics, and the reason for that is much simpler, the progression of a cluster B against their target offers some very interesting insight into the establishment of frame, control of frame, and how/when to escalate or deescalate to build a strong frame.

In terms of frame control, it establishes that you must become able to spot the “right” targets and that frame requires two or more people, not just one. You can have the strongest frame in the history of frames, but if you cannot draw another person into it, it doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter if you have a strong frame that people are drawn into, if you escalate too fast or too recklessly and break the illusion. The speed and degree of escalation is a function of the target’s investment into the frame.

Once the target is within the frame, and you are satisfied with the level of investment, you need to keep investing in order to maintain the frame, because without such investment the target will eventually become captive to a stronger frame or reject the illusion.

Which brings me to the quote by Mr. Hitchens that was stuck in my head all week. The reason why it kept playing over and over in my head was that it’s on the surface very clear cut. You cannot have a conception without an egg being fertilized and while I have heard some crazy “You won’t believe how she got knocked up” stories, the general methodology is sex. The probability of Mary sleeping around is much higher than a super-natural power suddenly deciding to make a woman pregnant, without even giving Joseph a heads up.

However, in the abstract, it does say something about the willingness of men to believe women despite their rational minds screaming out in protest. Furthermore, it’s a very interesting thought experiment to do, “What would make me believe that the all-mighty knocked her up?“. I always find that to be an interesting exercise, because as a species we find being in our own mind very easy, but understanding that of another more difficult.

This last part is why “naturals” are “naturals“, they started interacting with women very early in life, and have interacted much with women throughout their lives, thus they have developed an intuitive understanding of “how women work“.

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