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Red Pill Logic: An Essay on Female Understanding

Black Label Logic
February 16, 2017

female-mindAbout 10 years ago the axiom “The First Rule of the Red Pill is do not talk about the Red pill” was not really common, so I decided to discuss the various tactics I had utilized on women with them, I repeated this endeavor a few times, not out of the need to be honest, but as a form of research into how that woman had perceived the course of events that lead up the situation that we found ourselves in.

The reaction varied somewhat from woman to woman, one of my favorites was a woman who spent half our first date talking about how game was bullshit, while falling for many of those same gambits. Ever a curious man, I started picking at her assertions and digging into why she thought that game would never work. She became a bit flustered as she attempted to explain her reasoning, and finally she said “They are planning what should be spontaneous and natural. It’s nerdy!”. This was a very interesting observation that I realized years later plays into solipsism, hypergamy and especially “just be yourself“. This is because “Just be yourself” is a tactic to get a man to act in a manner that comes natural to him, something which makes telling an alpha from a beta a much simpler and less risky exercise for women.

One must consider that determining alpha or beta, is a fundamental and very important skill to learn for a female to be able to optimize hypergamy. There is an inherent risk that if a woman eliminates too many alphas, or permit too many betas to enter, she will fail. A woman who does not do a good job at separating the two will tend to either get too few mating opportunities, or she mates too much with men of too low quality, thus the result is an error of optimization.

A second woman talked at length about how the experiences with me were new to her, and questioned why she had reacted to- and perceived my actions in the light that she did. In somewhat of a case of youthful naiveté, I took it upon myself to explain the various gambits and their purpose to her. She listened intently as I explained the role of opinion openers, “chick crack” in the form of games such as “The Cube“, bouncing a woman to a second and third location rapidly to give the impression of 3 dates taking place rather than one, finally the disarming of “anti-slut defense” and Last minute resistance.

After I stopped speaking, we sat there quietly for some time as she processed the information that I had conveyed as if I was lecturing a student, and responded “No, it wasn’t any of those things, it was that you were confident“. This is an example of how woman rationalize their decisions post-hoc, often down to one salient quality, giving them an excuse or a narrative for why they did “the right thing” and cannot be held accountable for their actions. A woman admitting that game works, means admitting that the truths that serve as its foundation are also true. All women are not unique snowflakes as their solipsism tells them. They have virtually no control over what attracts them.

These two experiences, and a few more lead to me concluding that discussing game, and subsequently the game with women is an experience in futility, as it destroys the illusion that every woman wants to maintain; that they are special snowflakes. No woman inherently wants to admit that game works, because game is a singular methodology that has a high general applicability. If the red pill and game works, everything a woman thinks about herself is untrue,  one can easily contrast this with blue pill game, which is centered around ensuring the female of her special nature.

Blue Pill vs Red Pill Game

The classic blue pill game is based around encouraging the female tendency to view themselves as “not like other girls“, the beta male will put her on a pedestal, and then proceed to build up the illusion of her singular status as the most special person in the world. This takes place in both words and action, through allowing her to control the frame, complimenting, deferring to her judgement and encouraging her. Through the purchase of gifts and demonstrating the availability of financial resources to ensure her and her offspring a safe future. Thus, blue pill game attempts to do two things, assure the woman of her snowflake status, thus catering to her inherent narcissism explicitly. Secondly, “doing to right thing” to convince the woman of his virtue as a future mate.

Game is centered around flipping this on it’s head, where the man casts the woman as the person who must prove her worth, and the man as the person who must be convinced of his own snowflake nature. Many of the early negs were based around shocking her out of her own narcissism and idea that she was special through lines such as “So, what do you have going for yourself other than your looks?”, which coincidentally was the first neg I ever learned.

If one analyzes pop-culture messages according to a Red and Blue pill theoretical framework, one can rapidly identify those salient qualities that women want. One must keep in mind that the narrative of such productions of culture represent “The Right Thing“. Thus, one gets romantic comedies wherein the hapless beta male earns the prom queen through sacrifice, personal humiliation, demonstrations of long-term relationship value and his devotion.

Perhaps the most insidious aspect of this is the narrative of personal humiliation, in which the beta male somehow sacrifices his dignity and frame completely in order to earn the woman’s love. In the process submitting completely to the feminine frame. This is no different than the classic fairy-tales wherein the prince earns his princess through extreme acts of service. One can reference the Trojan War for instance, wherein Menelaus the King of Sparta waged war to retrieve his wife Helen from Paris of Troy for 10 years. Outlining that it is perfectly acceptable to take nations to war and sacrifice countless lives in order to satisfy oneitis.

In many ways Game is the antithesis of the blue pill thesis, wherein they are opposite of each other, which can be broken down in dichotomies as I did in the blue pill and red pill theoretical framework, and “5 factors of Alpha and Beta” where I outlined the view of what constitutes Alpha and Beta by 3 of the Godfathers of the Manosphere, Roissy (aka Heartiste), Rollo Tomassi of Rational male and Roosh.  alpha-beta-table-3r

If one holds up these characteristics to modern pop culture one can clearly see that the outline becomes that the beta qualities are the ones most frequently embodied by the protagonist in romantic comedies and other pop culture references. Whereas the antagonist often embody a majority of the alpha traits.

One must always remember that the woman may also put herself in the role of the hapless beta protagonist attempting to garner the attention and affections of someone who is greatly out of their league. If one considers romance novels in the mix, one notices that they are marked by the woman lusting for the alpha male, getting him, and then he slowly transitions into their perfect beta, and then the novel ends prior to the inevitable “I’m not happy“.

I’m not happy” being the inevitable result when women get what they think they want, only to realize that what they thought they wanted is not what makes them happy.

Thus, as I initially wrote, women are not capable of understanding what they want, nor are they capable of accepting responsibility for their choices and actions. When feminists refer to the “Subject-Object” dichotomy, this is in fact a perfect abstraction of how the feminine mind works. They are attracted to men who act upon them, not attracted to men who requires the woman to act upon them. This offers a layer of plausible deniability wherein she cannot be held accountable for her actions, and thus suffer the consequences of she was a mere object.

The nature of female game is differentiation, the nature of blue pill game is catering and amplifying her differentiation whereas the nature of red pill game is destroying it.

The Female View of Game

I’m reminded of a comment Rollo Tomassi made on the Mark Baxter Podcast, where a wife had said to a husband who was reading “The Rational Male“, “It’s all true, and you shouldn’t know any of it“, which is an interesting comment. This makes it clear that women do have an innate capacity and understanding of their own solipsistic and hypergamic nature, however they do not want this communicated to men. This is somewhat of a catch 22, in that women understand their own nature, but this understanding does not translate into an understanding of what would make them happy. This plays into “Just be yourself” as this offers an easy and convenient manner in which to separate out alpha (men they are attracted to by default) and beta (men they talk themselves into negotiating attraction with), in order to conveniently filter out the type of mates they seek in that moment. Furthermore, it may point to an innate desire of the female to actually be able to “just be herself” absent of her gambits and machinations within the sexual market place.

If all blue pill men learned and applied red pill thinking and game, this would lead to difficulty in assessment of which category a man fits within, and furthermore, would increase the risks of a woman making a mistake in her valuation. As I wrote Monday in “The Virtue Signalling of Social Justice“, a beta male adopting game in its original form where it consists of effectively mimicking the mating signals of an alpha is engaging in false signalling. It is the equivalent of a peacock getting a fake tail, wherein the male fakes the signals of a high value mate in order to improve his own mating opportunities. This is confusing for the female, as she can no longer rely on her inherent mechanism for mate selection.

Summary and Conclusions

This essay endeavors to explore human signalling systems regarding mating and how they are affected by the red pill. As a signalling system, the behaviors outlined and manifested by Alpha males and beta males serve the same purpose as a female hourglass symbol or a peacocks tail, in that they signal “mate value“. The dualistic strategy of human females is somewhat mimicked in various species of birds, wherein the female will seek to mate with another male than the one who is her permanent mate. This creates a situation in which Alpha and Beta tells are used by women in order to filter out the men who do not fit the type that she seeks at that moment.

As the wife Rollo quoted said, everything he wrote in his book is true, but the man should be obvious to it. If the man is aware of and is able to signal high mate value, then he will be able to fool the female mate filtering system. We saw an interesting case of what happens when this is widely done after the release of Neil Struss’ book “The Game” about a decade ago, when many men adopted his classic openers, and gambits, with the result that these rapidly lost their value. The signalling system did not fail, it adapted to the attempt to fool it. Thus, as more men used the same canned material, that material rapidly lost its value as a signal of for instance status, the female attraction cues did not change, but the signals that could trigger them did.

In this case, there was no change in the female ability to interpret signals or filter them, what happened what simply that certain signals lost their effectiveness through being used too much within the same local area. The same material could still offer a massive advantage in an area where it is fresh. This is merely a confirmation of the fact that men are in a continuous arms race to steadily grow larger tails in order to remain the top mating choice for women, but that females will remain both aware of and in denial of their own nature. It is somewhat rare to encounter a woman who like the woman quoted earlier is able to admit that “Yes, this works”.

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I recently made an appearance on the Mark Baxter Podcast discussing among other things social justice warriors, feminism and the red pill. You can find the podcast on his site RealMarkBaxter.com

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