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Red Pill Logic: Beginning the Journey

Black Label Logic
September 7, 2017

The red pill logic series is where I tend to outline those thoughts I have about intersexual dynamics and various related topics that do not fit into the more strict Gendernomics definition. Where Gendernomics is often largely descriptive, in that it describes and explains various sexual market mechanics, red pill logic occasionally moves towards the prescriptive route of offering concrete advice on how to approach a given problem. One of the more common questions I see from newly red pilled men is where to begin. There is a mountain of theory out there that could bury a man for months if not years in reading, listening to podcasts and watching youtube, when in reality the key is to gain a balance of experience and theoretical knowledge.

One of the most challenging factors that I run into in my day to day life is the split between people who are brilliant when it comes to theory, but have virtually no experience, and people who are highly experienced but have no knowledge of theory. The latter are often the most challenging to work with, because they may have had quite a bit of success but lack the ability to explain why a given approach worked, while at the same time fearing that if they alter their approach, it will lead to lower success rate. The former can be very easy to work with provided that they are humble and realize that not all theory is applicable.

This train of though lead me to wondering about what path a newly red pilled man should take in order to maximize the efficiency of his red pill journey. When I first became familiar with game, the recommendation was to go out and do 100 cold approaches, which can be great advice as it will eliminate much approach anxiety, get you used to approaching, talking to girls and most importantly get you immediate feedback on your level of game and sexual market value. However, it can also be like having a person who has never worked out in their life do a 100 squat challenge that leaves them sore to the point where they can’t walk for a month, and determined to never again enter a gym.

On the other hand, a man who has some success already, getting fairly regular relationships and occasional one night stands, or getting regular one night stands but struggling with making them into something more, may have progressed beyond the 100 cold approaches already. For him, this becomes like taking someone who has trained with weights for a decade and putting them on a low-volume, low intensity recovery program. This means they are not progressing at the optimal rate, they may experience getting weaker and most importantly it wastes their time.

I wondered for a bit whether I should break this down by the socio-sexual hierarchy, alpha, beta, delta, omega, gamma and sigma, however Alphas and Sigmas are unlikely to be looking for basic advice on how to apply the red pill, except for in situations where a blue pill alpha recently got hit with “I’m not happy” or something similar. Breaking it down by sexual market value seemed to be a more appropriate form, as sexual market value to some extent is de-coupled from a man’s position in the dominance hierarchy.

SMV 0 – 3

An SMV 0 – 3 man would be ranked as a gamma or omega in the socio-sexual hierarchy, these are the men who generally cannot get into relationships except in very rare cases, they cannot get one-night stands and they often have very long dry-spells. The term “Incel” describes this type of man quite well. These men struggle on multiple fronts, their mindset and psychology has major problems, and they do not stack up very well physically.

Their mindset is often one of defeatism, nihilism, and woe-is-me thinking, where they blame everything in the Universe except themselves. In an interesting turn of events, they often have the most inflated perception of their own sexual market value, and general value in that they view themselves as high value, and blame the external world for not affirming their conclusion. There simply has to be something wrong with the world to cause it not to recognize their inherent greatness.

From a psychological perspective, it is not uncommon for this grouping of men to have some form of formal diagnoses and if they do not have one, a minute or two with a qualified mental health professional would surely grant them one. The diagnoses in this case will rarely be those that contribute to an above-average sexual market success such as anti-social personality disorder, or narcissism, even though narcissistic traits (especially grandiosity) will often be present. More often than not, the diagnoses will be depression or anxiety related.

From a physical perspective, this type of man is often a train-wreck of poor dietary choices, very little exercise and very much a sedentary lifestyle of escapism. Often dramatically overweight or underweight, in poor health and aged before their time, they have a long way to go. Basic grooming is often not basic to them, their fashion choices based on convenience or what fits, rather than what looks good.

These men are the “bulldoze it down and rebuild” of the male dominance hierarchy, where a complete rebuild is necessary. These men should not really concern themselves with game, they should concern themselves with getting a handle on their psychology, mindset and physical states before moving on to studying game. Perhaps the most important step in their journey will be to accept accountability for their own situation.

SMV 4 – 6

As my view of the sexual market place is a normal distribution (bell curve), these are the men that make up the great bulk of the population. Average, slightly above or slightly below. These men have had some relationships in their life, they have been dumped and maybe even occasionally dumped a woman, but they are not as successful as they would like. Generally, their relationships will be with women of a fairly low attractiveness rank (2 – 5), they have some success with one-night stands, but not with any great regularity. Unlike the previous range, these men often do not have stand-out, major issues that must be fixed before they move onto learning game and red pill theory, in some cases, especially with the 5s and 6s they can move to a higher rank fairly quickly by learning game, and adopting a red pill mindset.

The mindset of these men is often very much the blue pill one, where they are waiting to find the one, or seeking out the red pill because they think they have found her and are looking for the method to make her realize that they are her prince charming. Prone to orbiting, supplication and

From a physical perspective, this is where the “dad bod” lives, meaning that these men may not be significantly out of shape, and unlike the previous category can fix many of the issues in a 6 – 12 month period with weight training and a decent diet. Actually putting some effort into getting a decent haircut, some better clothing and some body language work.

Psychologically speaking, the majority of men in this group are suffering from the blue pill illusion, and often have “Good boy” syndrome, if left to their own devices they will probably end up married to a “reformed” carousel rider, having realized the error of her ways. They tend to be free of severe mental problems, perhaps the odd case of depression and anxiety, but within the acceptable norms.

These men are the “fixer-upper” of the manosphere, they have some issues that need fixing, and it may take some time, but nowhere near what the first category has to go through in order to drastically increase their value. 12 months of Monk Mode could take many of these men into the 7 – 10 range quite easily. Unlike the first category, these men should start doing some approaches, and practicing the skill-set required from game.

SMV 7 – 10

This last category is perhaps the most interesting in a sense, in that the men in it present with varied issues that are getting in their way but they are fewer in number than the previous category. The “Blue Pill Alpha” that Rollo wrote about in an essay can be an example of this type a man. Quite successful in the sexual market place, can reliably get laid, have one night stands, long term relationships and often spin plates. The most frequent entry into the red pill sphere of this category is a man who got married and allowed his sexual market value and mindset to slip, and thus find himself in a dead bedroom situation, alternatively, a man who got married and has now found himself on the business end of an “I’m not happy” divorce.

Examples of problems that they experience other than the above, could be having no problem spinning plates and getting one night stands, but struggling to get relationships with the quality of woman they want, alternatively, having little problem finding themselves in relationships but struggling with one night stands, open relationships and the likes.

It’s very difficult to give concrete advice to this type of man because they generally have their life together in most areas, or alternatively have it so together in one or two areas that the spill-over into other areas result in very high SMV. Examples could be a celebrity or very wealthy man who is out of shape, yet is high SMV due to social proof and/or wealth. A man who is in amazing shape, with the right mindset, but lack in financial resources.

The danger here is that some success often cements beliefs and makes a man trepidacious about attempting changes. In the same way that the owner of a business that is at 70 – 90% of it’s potential will view the potential downside of attempting to reach it’s maximum potential as a bigger threat than continuing down the to them predictable road. High value men with remaining blue pill mindsets and small issues are often quite resistant to change.

Summary and Conclusions

Men enter the red pill at a variety of starting points, the most common being young guys who want to have more success with women, men who have recently experienced a relationship breakdown and are seeking answers, finally men who want to fix their existing relationship. Point A and point B determines the correct course of action for the man based on sound analysis of point A, the starting point, and  point B, the desired outcome, along with a gap analysis.  The days of “All you need is game” are long over, and the reality of the sexual market place is that salesmanship is not enough, one must also have a desirable product.

One of the questions I can imagine arising from this essay is “How do I decide what my sexual market value is?” and the answer to that is quite simply, you don’t women do. It’s very easy to use various defense mechanisms to protect your psyche from reality, but doing so only hurts yourself. Whether it be the former high school quarterback who is now 20 years older, 20 lbs overweight and working a dead-end job, who still views his SMV as that of his 18 year old self, or the middle-of-the-road guy who may have one glaring issue that is depressing his SMV by 2 points, it is very difficult to be objective about one’s own SMV. I’ve previously referenced the show in some essays, but Mystery’s VH1 show “The Pick-up Artist” gives you a very good overview of men that are on varying SMV levels, and what can be done with game. The show has men within all 3 brackets, those who require a lot of work over a long time, those who require some work over a medium time, and those who require little work, and can fix themselves rather quickly.

The man who has mediocre social skills, and no sense of style, but is otherwise in pretty good shape (financially, physically, psychologically) will obviously have a much different journey than the man who starts in his parent’s house, 300 lbs overweight, who has been a recluse for a decade or two, and has more mental issues than the APA newsletter. However, both can improve their sexual market value in an efficient manner if they can accurately identify the fixable issues that grant the most benefits.

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