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Red Pill Logic: Deranged Women and Their Targets

Black Label Logic
June 1, 2017

Recently I happened to see a conversation between a few gentlemen in my Twitter feed, around the issue of how the women described in my article series on Cluster B women pick their targets. I had not thought about this much, as the majority of the series has been focused on how to identify the woman who has one or more of these disorders, not on the men she targets. This is an interesting subject, but one that is inherently double-edged, as by identifying what makes a person a target helps them fix those issues, however it may also contribute to hubris in the person. This is similar to how some men who are new to the red pill, and not yet calibrated imagine themselves changed men just from having read a few articles.

One must always keep in mind that women with these disorders are highly camouflaged predators, often with years of experience manipulating and otherwise influencing other people, often adopting such behaviors in childhood. If one takes a step back from the particular to the general, and conducts an analysis of what these women actually do, their predatory nature becomes quite obvious as their central preoccupation in life. A predator that is poor at selecting its prey, will for obvious reasons be a rather poor one, for instance the lion who targets the most healthy gazelle over the injured one.

Likewise, if one observes the hunting techniques utilized by various predators, they are adapted to leverage the abilities of the predator to the maximum possible degree, while at the same time limiting those abilities of the prey that would protect them. For instance, the cheetah, the fastest land animal, can be outrun by a gazelle over long distances, and thus attempts to get as close as possible to the target while remaining concealed, to utilize their higher acceleration and top speed. Crocodiles lay in hiding right beneath the surface, and attack their prey from a concealed position.

The Prey

A study showed that people who scored higher on psychopathy, were also more capable of recognizing individuals with a history of victimization [1]. This was done in an experiment where the experimental targets (the psychopaths) viewed video of people walking from behind, thus their judgment was made purely based on body language. This includes such factors as length of their stride, shifting of weight, and various other factors that allowed the psychopathic men to figure out how confident their victims were [2].

To draw a parallel to the past section, predators have an ability to identify the weaker specimens in a herd, in order to improve their chances of a successful attack. Their hunting methodology is focused on leveraging their own abilities maximally, while creating a situation that prevents the prey from leveraging its abilities to escape. However, in humans and especially when talking about the type of woman I write about in this series of essays, their primary methodology of attack is a psychological one. Thus, it follows that the prey must carry some signals of having psychological buttons to push that the predator is capable of pressing.

Every human has such buttons, however the question becomes to what degree is such weakness signaled in some form that the predator is capable of identifying. One could liken this to a radio signal that can only be heard if tuned to the correct frequency, that is broadcasted in a code that one must be capable of understanding. This is little different from how many men must learn covert communication, and other communication strategies used by women when they develop an interest in seduction.

The Predator

One of the major aspects of these predators that I’ve highlighted before is their ability to be chameleons, they tailor their personality, appearance and other factors around that of their victim. In effect, attempting to become their “perfect partner“. This is a dance where two people must fill their role for it to function, it matters little if the predator presents themselves as a perfect partner if the prey is not compliant with the situation. Thus, a major factor is the ability to not only create the perfect partner archetype for themselves, they must also attune to the contextual aspect of the prey’s fantasy.

One can liken this to a salesman attempting to make a sale, not only must the ethos, pathos and logos of the salesman be attuned to the customer’s context and perceptions, a situation must also be created where the customer is comfortable making the purchase. Furthermore, any trepidation that the customer experiences must be handled dynamically by the salesman in order to prevent the customer slinking away. The final step being anchoring the purchase not only rationally but emotionally in the customer in order to prevent the customer changing his mind after the purchase.

There are many tools to do so, but perhaps the most effective one is creating a feeling in the buyer that they will never get another deal of this quality ever again, namely utilizing scarcity and the need to rapidly move forward in order to take advantage of loss aversion.

Types of Predator

The women often come in two types, roughly classified as the high functioning and the low functioning. This is a spectrum rather than a strict dichotomy, but in many ways it can be boiled down to their control over themselves, and the complexity of their gambits. A low functioning predator is much more likely to engage in the simple manipulative behaviors such as withholding sex, throwing tantrums, starting arguments and brute force isolation of their target. Whereas the high functioning predator, while retaining the same tools in their arsenal deploy them in much more controlled and complex manner. For instance, while the low functioning predator withholds sex randomly, the high functioning predator uses it in an intuitive version of a Skinnerian behavioral modification program.

The high functioning predator is often capable of maintaining a solid, and well-liked front, perfectly adapted to context where red flags are virtually non-existent, whereas low-functioning predators often display more red flags than a Soviet Parade. The low functioning predator often struggles with keeping up a solid front, and is often surrounded by petty drama.

One could argue that in the case of a low-functioning predator, they seek out a target that is highly skilled in self-deception, in order to rely on the target’s own tendency to ignore red flags.

Locking On

In my research, I’ve found that the type of deranged woman also defines her preferred target, however the targets fall into two distinct types. Type one is the typical hapless beta provider type, who is often characterized by traits such as conscientiousness, orderliness, agreeableness and stability. This type often has a stable economy, a dependable job, is of the type that is very comfortable with sacrificing for others. However, they are often very unsuccessful in intersexual relationships, and thus the appearance of a woman who appears as a perfect partner has great appeal to them. In many ways these are the “easy” targets for this type of woman, as they are quite simple targets and controlling them can be done easily through use of sex. As these men are often conflict avoidant and highly agreeable, this adds a second level of control mechanisms, as she can play up the drama and threats of leaving in order to cause the man to back down.

Target type two, is a man who differs greatly in many respects from the first, and who embodies many of the traits of an alpha male. They are assertive, often successful in their endeavors and frequently extroverted. While they are not excessively self-centered, they have strong boundaries that they regularly enforce, and are quite capable of looking after their own interests. They often have a history of sexual success in some form, depending on their predilections. This is a hard target that tends to be more attractive to the highly capable and successful damaged woman, as they are no longer challenged or find any amusement in target type one. One must keep in mind that from interviews with psychopaths, they describe a life filled with constant boredom and a constant chase to alleviate such boredom. These men are much more difficult to control, as everything must be done covertly, and the type of tantrums or simple sexual manipulation used with type one are likely not to work.

Escape Trajectories

When seeking to escape the route chosen is frequently dependent on which type of predator one has become entangled with, as this lays down some ground-rules. An entanglement with a high functioning predator is naturally more complex, than one with a low-functioning predator.

When it comes to the high-functioning predator, the escape is complicated by the fact that they will often be perceived in a positive light by both family, friends and the community surrounding the couple, thus the male attempting escape is likely to end up with his reputation in tatters. They are also frequently quite adept at using the legal system or other social structures against their target.

The low-functioning predator on the other hand, has a tendency to play on pity or guilt from their target, the damsel in distress act they put on is tailored to play on the man’s emotions maximally, creating a situation in which the man has the feeling that him leaving her is the final step in the destruction of her. This is not to say that the low-functioning predators are unable or unwilling to utilize the legal system or social groups against their target, as they frequently do this, though less effectively than their high functioning counterparts.

The man escaping from a high functioning predator is a case of him having to primarily fight the world, whereas the man escaping from a low functioning predator is primarily fighting himself.

Summary and Conclusions

Analyzing why a predator selected a specific target is often a challenging prospect, as the analysis must be based on anecdotal, often second-hand evidence. However, one can always rely on there being a trait or a cluster of traits that attracted the predator in the first place. For instance, a high functioning predator may view a man who is younger, less experienced, yet with good future prospects as a target that will be easier to control and influence. A low-functioning predator, may target a man high in conscientiousness and agreeableness, seeking to leverage these qualities to make him her caretaker.

The reason why I write on this subject, is that a recently red pilled man who while somewhat successful in adopting the philosophy, may often present a tempting target for predatory women. This is because the recently red pilled man will have a sexual market value that is increasing, yet he will often not have adjusted his analysis of the world to this new, higher SMV. He is also likely to lack the experience that makes him a discerning buyer in the sexual market place, and finally he is likely to still be quite self-critical of himself as his internal pendulum has swung from complacency to competency.

Thus, when he finds himself facing the love-bombing stage, he attributes this to his newly formed and executed red pill mindset without paying attention to the fact that the woman has an agenda of her own. This is not that uncommon, people habitually in-source the credit for their success and out-source the blame for their failures. In his view, he is the predator, armed with his new red pill knowledge, in reality he is the prey walking into a trap.

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[1] https://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/take-all-prisoners/201001/vulnerability-and-other-prey-psychopaths

[2] https://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/extreme-fear/201010/how-psychopaths-choose-their-victims

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