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Red Pill Logic: Future of a Blue Pill Illusion

Black Label Logic
February 27, 2017

optical-illusions-pointillismI was recently involved in a discussion with a few blue pill acquaintances, that highlighted some of the clear distinctions between a blue pill and a red pill framework. While the red pill can on occasion step into the domain of extremist cynicism, the blue pill in many ways depart from reality in profound ways. This lead me to consult “Future of an Illusion by Sigmund Freud, that deals with the illusions that humanity accept in order to avoid seeing reality.

One of the definitions for “illusion” by Merriam-Webster is:

perception of something objectively existing in such a way as to cause misinterpretation of its actual nature (2) :  hallucination”  [1]

The red pill metaphor that we utilize to illustrate a person’s awakening from the hallucination, aims to draw a distinction between the framework for interpreting reality that most men in the Western World are educated in throughout their childhood as part of socialization and the true nature of reality. In this manner, the term “Red Pill” is often co-opted by other groups, for instance the recent use of the term to signify a person’s awakening to the various narratives within our society that shape our perception of reality. A person has been “red pilled” when they start to question and reject the narrative that seeks to influence and control their behavior.

What is the Blue Pill Illusion

The Blue pill illusion is a theoretical framework that most men are brought up believing. This framework is so designed as to draw on inherent male instincts, such as feeling protective towards women, a tendency to have an out-group preference (believing women over men) and to view females as somehow more pure. These natural instincts are hijacked to lead men down a path where they treat women in a manner much different than they would treat other men. This serves a purpose of lessening female accountability, and play on men’s inherent understanding that a woman will never hold herself accountable, and can never take true responsibility for herself, and therefore they must do so.

Historically speaking, a man would be held accountable for the actions of his wife or daughter, as her behavior was a reflection of his failure as a husband or father. To some extent, such law is still enforced in the aftermath of marriages, conception and “common law” relationships, wherein the man is held accountable for the actions of his wife both in terms of the law, but also in social perception. Furthermore, one could point to the obvious double-standard regarding age-gaps in relationships, wherein a man in his 30s who sleeps with a woman above the age of consent, yet still in her teenage years is crucified both personally and professionally, where women who engage in the same or worse behaviors rarely if ever must face equivalent consequences. The prime example being the teacher who became pregnant by her 14 year old student and who later sued him for child support [2].

Another interesting distinction that appears to be the “Not all women are like that” and the “Not all men are like that”, where male actions are often viewed as a pattern of inborn male deficiencies, while female actions are rationalized as the actions of individual women who are misunderstood. Male actions are viewed in a negative lens, where their actions are viewed in a more cynical manner and as if the intention behind them was malice. Female actions are interpreted through a lens of naiveté where their actions are rarely viewed as malicious. This is a major issue for those who end up in the web of a damaged woman, as their ability to rationalize the malicious actions of the woman is often equivalent or greater than her ability to engage in such actions.

This ability to accommodate the cognitive dissonance when related to women is central to the blue pill illusion, as it requires consistently applying a different set of standards to behavior and morals based on a person’s sex. If men held women accountable to the same level as men, and were willing to apply the same moral judgments to their behavior, the blue pill illusion would rapidly be dissolved.

Why Does The Blue Pill Illusion Exist?

One of the concepts that permeate enlightenment philosophy is the notion of the social contract, and the conflict between the needs of the group and the needs of the individual. In order for a grouping of individuals to function, each individual is required to give up liberty for security. For instance, in a state of nature man is free to indulge in behaviors that are inherently destructive, but is also more likely to become a victim of such behaviors himself. In joining a group, the man gives up this freedom to indulge his baser urges in exchange for protection from the group.

Such a model is the basis for any group-based cooperation among our social species, we all agree not to murder, steal  or various other things in exchange for being protected from murder, robbery and various other criminal acts. This is an act of voluntary cooperation where individuals decide to work together as this offers benefits beyond what each individual can garner for himself. Rather than each man being forced to defend his family from assailants, he can rely on the other men in the group to assist with this duty.

However, such a model over time becomes corrupted as the Leviathan grows and invades more and more of the lives of those who created it. As the state takes on the responsibility of provision for women who made poor mating choices, this cost must be paid by all the men who contribute to the existence of the state. In the same manner that if the state bears the cost of those who made poor choices related to their health, this cost is shifted to those who made better choices. However, this creates an unsustainable model, as the cost of poor choices, is also the means by which such decisions are discouraged. As the consequences of such behaviors is removed, it follows that the behavior will increase in frequency if it is an innate behavior that must be suppressed as part of the social contract.

A nation in which men are unwilling to give their lives in defense of it and their resources to maintain its operation, the model fails. As men discover that their place in a social group is more costly to them than the benefits they derive from membership, they may decide to withdraw their support for the model, and as such a model is based on the self-sacrifice of men, it follows that the model will fall. This is similar to how a company in which the best employees are permanently over-burdened and under-compensated, will lose its top performers and be left only with those that have no other options.

The Blue pill theoretical framework is the means by which men are convinced to voluntarily give up their right to self-determination and pursuit of happiness, in exchange for mating privileges, in effect making the man responsible for the past, present and future obligations related to his relationship with a woman. The foundation of such a perspective is based in idealism and ignorance, as empirical and observation shows that reality does not reflect the perspective.

In this sense the blue pill perspective, is a construct wherein certain attributes are projected onto women by men, in order to elicit their voluntary sacrifice. I refer to this as an illusion, as men view their perception of intergender dynamics as the objective truth about female nature, despite the evidence that can be presented that openly demonstrate the inaccuracy of the model. However, society as it is built in the Western World, inherently requires this dynamic to exist, or it will perish.

The Damage of an Illusion

The danger of illusions is that they lead to choices that are inherently harmful, based on the illusion of reality. Men who get married despite knowing that 50% of marriages end in divorce, and that divorce is a costly endeavor. Then after finalizing their divorce and giving away half their resources, proceed to get married again, and again, causing constant financial turmoil. Men who allow a woman to be in charge of birth control, despite the consequences if she neglects that duty, or intentionally gets pregnant, thus ending up with 21 years of child support payments.

Such decisions take place when one does not approach them with an interpretation of reality that is actually consistent with reality. If one were to sell someone securities at inflated prices, all the while focusing on presenting the upside with a scant mention of the risk related to the investment, one is arguably committing fraud. By doing so to people with little knowledge of securities markets, this is a more severe case, and is often treated as such by the courts, especially if a misrepresentation of said markets have been committed. The action is that being committed in this case, is to:

A) Misrepresent the nature of securities investment

B) Misrepresent the nature of securities markets in general

C) Appealing to people’s emotions rather than their reason.

If one breaks down the human decision making process into two steps, where the first is problem-analysis, the second is decision making, one can greatly influence the decision that is made if one can influence the problem-analysis part of the process. A common method is a list of pros and cons of a choice, thus if pros are identified to a much higher degree than cons during problem analysis, and this is fed into the process, it means making a decision based on flawed data. In essence, the flawed data creates an illusion of reality rather than reality.

Approaching the world based on an illusion means being blind to the actual events that may severely damage your life. Thus, it is a process by which one robs a person of their choice and right to self-determination. Hijacking such decision making processes is the key to manipulation.

Summary and Conclusions

Through this essay, I have outlined what the blue pill illusion is, why it exists and why it is destructive. The illusion exists in order to make men voluntarily accept a social contract from which they gain less benefits, yet must accept more responsibilities. In nature a woman who makes poor mating choices must carry the consequences of such choices, this the burden of the sex that is the gatekeeper for procreation. However, in the modern world, these costs are shifted onto men by a growing leviathan. Democracy is a questionable model as eventually people realize that they can through their votes, seek to use it to shift burdens to others and privileges to themselves.

This is the reason for why politicians will always play groups against one another, conducting as H.L Mencken phrased it, an advance auction sale of stolen goods. However, over time those who regularly have their goods stolen will wake up from their slumber, and realize that their investment in this model does not benefit them. Thus, they make the decision to no longer support such a model, or attempt to have the model altered to their benefit. Therefore, it is imperative that those who must bear the costs are kept in the dark about the system they are participating in, and propagating.

A person who is blue pill, is one who accepts the premises and narratives that the group uses to create the illusion that serves to enslave him towards their ends. To maintain such an illusion requires both the creation of a plausible narrative and the enforcement of such through social mechanisms. For instance, anyone who has had a red pill discussion with blue pill men rapidly finds himself facing an onslaught of shaming tactics and appeals to morality, to force compliance.  This reaction comes from two sources, the man’s investment in blue pill thinking and his innate need for group approval. The extent of his investment in the illusion stems from the volume and severity of his choices in accordance with the illusion, and thus represents his sunk cost. His innate need for group approval comes from the perception of risk should he reject the illusion, and thus reflects his tolerance for risk.

When attempting to determine what the future of this blue pill illusion will be, one must look at the consequences of widespread adoption. There is no denying that the illusion has increased in severity, and those men who are still under its thrall, are expected to rationalize steadily increasing levels of contradiction. The premise that females are inherently virtuous, which is part of the core of the illusion, must stand up to increasing exposure to its opposite. If one adopts the Hegelian dialectic (actually Kantian), where a thesis gives rise to a reaction, called an antithesis which contradicts or negates the thesis, and the tension is resolved by a synthesis.

Here the blue pill illusion represents the thesis, the red pill is its antithesis, then the question one is left with is how the two could be merged in synthesis.

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[1] https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/illusion

[2] http://www.usatoday.com/story/news/nation/2014/09/02/statutory-rape-victim-child-support/14953965/

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