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Red Pill Logic: Philosophies and Toolboxes

Black Label Logic
August 18, 2017

I had a different post intended for this week, however given some recent events I thought that this essay was a more salient one. The word philosophy comes from Greek and simply means “Love of Wisdom”, historically philosophy encompassed all bodies of knowledge including science, which was known as “natural philosophy”. According to Google it has two primary definitions:

  1. the study of the fundamental nature of knowledge, reality, and existence, especially when considered as an academic discipline.
  2. a theory or attitude that acts as a guiding principle for behavior.

The red pill philosophy is primarily focused on the second definition, however in the study of gender dynamics and mating behavior it steps into the domain of the first definition. In this role the philosophy is focused on the fundamental nature of reality when it comes to gender dynamics and mating behaviors. However, it acts as a toolbox, and a framework, not as an all-encompassing philosophy of life.

To draw the distinction between these two types of philosophy according to definition number 2, one could take the example of capitalism and marxism. Capitalism is a philosophy of economic management. It has certain principles such as the rational actor, individual choice, for profit operation, wage labor and various others that deal purely with commerce. Capitalism can be applied as a system within free market capitalism, state capitalism or other systems of political and social management. While one could argue that capitalism as a system of resource management has synergy effects with certain political and social governance systems, these are not a prerequisite for it. The goal of capitalism is the most efficient management of resources. Thus, capitalism is an end in itself.

Marxism on the other hand is a philosophy of economic management, but it is also a political, social and moral philosophy that encompasses most areas of life in some way. For instance, within Marxism the means of production are jointly owned by the population, there is no wage labor and no for profit operation. Where capitalism focuses purely on the management of resources, Marxism also prescribes solutions for the social and political system. In the case of Marxism the social and political governance systems are a prerequisite for the economic system. The goal of marxism is the management of resources for the betterment of the conditions for a majority of the population. Thus, Marxism is a means to an end.

Interpretative Frameworks and Toolboxes

An interpretative framework is a collection of models that enable interpretation of a given set of data, in addition it may offer the ability to predict cause and effect scenarios within the domain with a degree of certainty. For instance, if one knows Newton’s first law, one can predict that an object at rest will remain at rest unless acted upon by an external force. The blue pill theoretical framework has a series of such cause and effect hypotheses, along with prescribed behaviors, that permits interpretation of of data sets. For instance, when a relationship ends, the blue pill framework offers a manner in which to interpret the chain of events:

“He/She was not the one”

“You were obviously not right for each other”

“She was a bitch man”

“He has commitment issues”

It also offers some options for moving forward from the initial state:

“The best way to get over someone is to get under someone else”

“Put yourself back out there”

“Just be yourself for a while”

All of these form cause and effect hypotheses that seek to explain the situation based on the present, past and future states of the relationship. The red pill framework would offer different interpretations and prescriptions for solutions to fix the problem.

“There is no one”

“You didn’t hold frame”

“She hit the wall so she attempted to consolidate on a man who was out of her SMV range”

It would also offer some solutions, in order to avoid the same problem happening again:

“Take the red pill”

“Hold frame at all costs”

“Always be aware of hypergamy”

Some of these principles will have application outside of gender dynamics, frame is a general tool that can be utilized across various domains. A strong frame is a tool that protects you from manipulation, maintains your internal integrity, and assists in making determinations on if something should be done or not. A strong frame is predicated upon a strong internal self, and a major part of this is being aware of your own preferences, boundaries and desires.

All information that is part of such frameworks come in one of two types, domain specific and non-domain specific. When learning languages, it becomes easier with each one you learn and the degree of domain specific information varies between them. Learning a Latin language makes it easier to learn other Latin languages, due to shared words, structures and rules, however it also assists in learning non-Latin languages due to generalized patterns in language. Some languages have more similarities than others, but all languages have some similarities.

Most frameworks will have a mixture of domain specifics and non-specifics, that allow some overlap to other areas. The major difference is in the scope of the framework. Some frameworks such as Marxism was designed to have a high degree of domain non-specific frameworks, along with a very broad scope that has permitted the core principles to be applied across a wide range of different domains. Capitalism on the other hand has a more narrow scope, but also shares some non-specific aspects with classic liberalism, such as individual choice.

Gendernomics as a blog category is an example of applying frameworks from one area (economics) to a different area (gender dynamics), based on recognizing that a marketplace, and interactions within share many commonalities.

The Magic Pill

The concept of a magic pill solution, is one that purports to fix all problems in a person’s life with little requirement for effort by the person. The term is most frequently used about the fitness industry, in which outrageous claims about the efficacy of a new product are often made. Often people seek an ideology, a framework or a theory to serve as the omnipresent framework that will not only permit them to interpret the totality of their life, but to serve as a guide for every aspect of it. For the lack of a better phrase, they seek the perspective that will permit them to obtain perfect information, make perfect choices with predictable and predestined outcomes. To summarize, they seek a framework that alters the world from probabilistic to deterministic.

The Blue Pill illusion is such an example both within the scope of gender dynamics and outside the scope of gender dynamics. Within the scope, the blue pill framework offers tools to interpret events that are more frequently tautologies such as “She was not the one”, “You haven’t met the right girl” and “You must find your soul-mate”. It offers prescriptions for behavior “Just be yourself”, it offers a deterministic world whereby following the prescriptions you will get your fantasy “There is someone for everyone”.

An interesting thing is that the prescriptions that the blue pill framework offers is one where the prescription for one problem appears to solve another. After all, what are the steps men are told to take in order to make themselves into “good partners”? Get an education, get a steady job, build a secure financial foundation, be honorable and moral, be a gentleman and many others. Getting an education is not something to scoff at, but it means taking on debt you would otherwise not have. Getting a steady job, income and solid financial foundation is a good thing, however it also means foregoing many of your own desires. Being honorable and moral is also a good thing in theory as is being a gentleman.

Obviously, getting an education is a means to get a steady job, which is a means to a secure income and stable financial foundation, which is a means for securing a woman, that is a means to self-actualization and having children. A wife is a means to the end of having children, having children is a means to secure your legacy and self-actualization. What is the end? Every action that the blue pill prescribe is a means towards something else. One may argue that children represent an end, as this cements a man’s legacy, fulfills his role from an evolutionary perspective, some some extent this is quite accurate. If the end is to cement one’s legacy in order to reach self-actualization, and a secondary end is to fulfill an evolutionary role as an intermediary in a long line of genetic swapping, what role does happiness, contentment or joy play within such a framework? Even children in this framework, while they offer a degree of self-actualization, become the means to transmit a genetic line forward. The man himself is merely the means of his father and mother to transmit their genetics forward in an unbroken line.

Thus, the blue pill offers a magic pill solution where if he adopts the perspective that all he does is a means to an end, yet finds meaning in it, he can have some moments in joy in his life of quiet desperation. This is not to say that having children or getting married can be boiled down to something as simple as “means to an end“, the case where it is so is where no thought is given to the decision.

The red pill offers very little in terms of such consolation as a framework, but it does offer a choice. It permits him to interpret the same actions that the blue pill framework, but offers very little in terms of certainty. In fact, the red pill offers the very opposite of a deterministic universe. Even if you learn and practice game for decades, you will still strike out and suffer rejection. Even if you maintain your SMV, practice married game and vet your wife carefully, hypergamy may rear its ugly head. You can learn and explore the depths of red pill theory, but still be caught by surprise.

Summary and Conclusions

This essay was prompted by an impression of mine that many are seeking for a fundamental philosophical framework on which to construct their life. In effect, they seek a key in the door philosophy that they can follow without putting in thought and effort, instead of constructing their own personalized value system, frameworks and philosophies that are suited to their temperament. The Red pill framework is built around domain-specific knowledge of gender dynamics, even though some aspects of it may be applicable and have ramifications outside of this domain. Building your sexual market value will without doubt build your value and stature as a human being in general. A strong and healthy body, a sound mind, control over your emotions and a knowledge of your own weaknesses and strengths are central to your development as a man.

One can elect to utilize the red pill toolset and lens in the manner one desires, each man must determine his own path through this life in a way that is congruent with his own sens of self. Where the blue pill sells determinism, you will find your soulmate if you follow the path laid out for you that treats you as a means to an end. The red pill does not take this particular path out of your map, it merely high-lights other paths that may be taken, so that a choice is presented.

If one only has a hammer, then every problem looks like a nail, and the old books philosophy offers no true choice to a man, but the promise of rewards for virtuous behaviors, with the caveat that such rewards may not be forthcoming in some cases. The Red pill philosophy is a toolbox consisting of a way to interpret information and a way to act on that information.

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