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Red Pill Logic: The 3 Part Stack

Black Label Logic
January 7, 2019

**A Note**

First off, I know I haven’t been around much, I have a lot of things going on in my life at the moment, and I’m finding it very challenging to juggle everything. I hope to get back to writing more frequently in the coming months once things start to settle down.

**Note end**

With computers, we can break down the functioning into 3 parts, there is the hardware and firmware, these are the actual physical components of the machine bundled with the basic software that is loaded on them to make them work. Firmware generally consists of permanent software loaded onto read-only memory, and most frequently it’s not changed for the lifetime of the system.

Then there is the operating system, the operating system is a software program loaded onto the machine that makes it easier to work with than typing instructions in machine code into a command line interface. It also manages the computer hardware and the resources available to the machine between various programs.The operating system can be altered, upgraded, changed or even swapped out for another operating system, but doing so can have big consequences in terms of both performance and usability. It also tends to take a bit of time.

Finally, we have the apps, these are smaller programs that we install and run on the operating system in order to accomplish tasks of varying specificity. They can range from simple command line interfaces to entire suites of statistics and analysis software, games, word processors or the likes. These are fairly easy to install or remove, but they have varying learning curves and influences the firmware and operating system in various ways.

Between the 3 areas, there is somewhat of a bidirectional influence, in that the lower layers (firmware and hardware) influence what you can do with  the OS and apps. The firmware limits what you can do with the OS to some degree. They all influence each other, but not to the same degree.

This is very similar to the human machine, in my conceptualization of how we function the hardware is our individual body, with all its components and traits. The firmware are those instructions that come with the hardware of which we have no control. For instance, we do not have to remind our heart to pump blood or our bodies to produce and release various hormones, the instruction to do so ships with the hardware.

The operating system is our psychology, and as we learn, grow and develop it becomes more and more advanced. It’s influenced by social factors, environmental factors and various others as we go through life. Some of the functions of the OS are automatic, resource management is to some degree automated, however some parts are under our conscious control. For instance, the body to some extent decides what to do with the resources we ingest, however we can influence it through working out, eating less, eating more and so on.

If we find errors within our operating system, we can fix them, however doing so may require much work and assistance from professionals.

Finally, the apps is the most flexible part of us, we can to some extent install or remove them, if we do not use them, the system cleans them out to some degree leaving only a little bit of data behind, and we are quite flexible in which apps we can elect to install. I view this as our ability to consciously learn to how accomplish certain tasks.

However, some apps will never be compatible with our operating system, some operating systems will not be compatible with some forms of firmware and not all hardware is able to run certain apps. You can install the “Run fast” app as part of your OS, you can streamline everything related to it, but Usain Bolt will still have some edge on you based on hardware and firmware better suited for sprinting.

The Red Pill in Layers

Much of the Red Pill body of knowledge is composed of ideas and theories regarding the hardware/firmware layers. This part of the theory is largely centered on fields such as biology, especially evolutionary biology along with behavioral and evolutionary psychology. For instance, the core argument regarding hypergamy is that it’s an evolved part of the firmware of the human female. Thus, this is a very hard, if not impossible to change part of the functionality. The idea behind firmware is that there are certain things that just have to work in order for a machine to accomplish a certain task and thus one elects to create custom software that is very difficult to influence in order to prevent machine breakdown for whatever reason.

If one could easily access and change the firmware without knowing what one is doing, that could drastically alter the performance of the machine if not doom it. I suspect that a great majority of men have the capacity for extreme violence given right situation, because this capacity is central to survival, our hardware is adapted to this as well with men having more upper body strength, higher oxygen capacity and stronger bones among other things.

When we move into the operating system, we are dealing with part firmware and the additional software layer. While we are able to change, update, upgrade and bug fix in the OS, we are constrained in our choice of OS by the hardware and firmware layer. For instance, in order for a part of our hardware/firmware to function optimally, the operating system requires the correct driver software for the various components. A component may work “OK” without specific driver software, but you may be missing out on functions or possibilities.

Male idealism and naiveté are parts of the OS layer that are slowly (or more swiftly) driven out of men as they age, as a consequence of the default OS functioning not leading to the desired results. The Operating System Layer is where we have the Red Pill and Blue Pill concepts that exist within our individual psychology and our social influences. Our adapted copy of the OS is based in part on our individual psychological make up, and in part on social and environmental influences. It serves as the basic unit that interprets sensory data, analyzes it and then spits out conclusions about it. Our interpretations of the world, and our fundamental view of our place in it comes from this layer.

Finally, the apps layer is where we have specific skillsets or abilities. Game is an apps layer suite of tools that accomplish a specific task, namely making us better at mating. We have a lot of freedom in this layer provided that the adequate software is available to be installed and if it is compatible with our particular choice of OS.

The Interaction between Layers

In general, the firmware/hardware is the dominant force in that it influences all the other layers. However, the other two layers can influence the firmware/hardware to a limited degree. For instance, if you decide to install a “workout” app in your OS, over time this will improve the capabilities and functioning of your hardware and firmware. Having the correct drivers in your OS will permit you to get more optimal functioning from your hardware and firmware. However, the hardware and firmware also influences which operating system you can elect to install, which further influences your choices in applications.

Thus, in general there is a bidirectional relationship between the layers, however some layers have more influence over the system as a whole. Firmware and hardware limits what OS you can run, and the OS that you end up running limits what apps you can elect to install, and how much system resources they will demand in order to function efficiently. However, your apps can influence your OS, which then influence your firmware as well, as in the example with working out. They cannot change the functioning of your firmware, so much as they can make it run more efficiently and function better.

Thus, if we take hypergamy as an example, it’s part of the female default firmware, it forms the foundation for the mating and reproduction functioning. An OS with solid resource management and functioning can potentially keep the hypergamy function from running wild, eating up all the system resources, crashing all the apps and ending in an OS bluescreen, however, one can never remove the functioning from the underlying firmware, if one does the unit stops functioning.

However, when a sufficient number of units are networked, networking monitoring apps can detect strange functioning in individual units, and thus take action through locking the infected unit out from the network, limiting the spread of undesired functioning and thus securing the stability of the entire network. This is what social structures used to do prior to the sexual revolution.

Think about it in the following way, the firmware layer controls the most basic drives, survival and reproduction, if embracing one opportunistically leads to a very real risk for the other, the firmware will balance out for the ideal long and short term solutions.

If having Chad’s child now, leads to Chad’s and the mother kid potentially dying if poverty in the wild because they’ve been cast out from the tribe, then Billy Beta and tribal support is a potential choice. When the choice is have Chad’s kids, and get full tribal support including men with guns enforcing child support, then the firmware layer doesn’t have to make a choice.

Final Thoughts

The reason why I came up with this conceptualization of humans is that one of the things I’m highly skeptical of is the recent attempts at criticisms that think of the firmware, OS and apps layer as interchangeable and equal. In effect, viewing hypergamy as a bug in the OS or as an installed app, rather than as something that cannot really be removed, or altered in a meaningful way in base function. Hypergamy is what it is, however aspects of it’s functioning can be influenced by the OS and Apps layer.

This is one of the reasons why I’ve frequently made the statement that women with BPD have every single aspect of femininity turned up to 11. In the case of a BPD woman, her OS level (psychology) permits her firmware level (biology) to run wild, to a much greater degree than a typical OS. This is no different to how psychopathy (OS layer) is an extreme version of underlying firmware survival functioning.

If one takes a simple firmware function such as survival, this can manifest in various ways depending on OS layer functioning and installed Apps. A unit with a combative OS layer and apps installed for “Navy Seal Training” and “Hand to Hand Combat”, reacts differently in a survival situation than a unit with a submissive OS layer and an app installed for “sprinting”, it’s fight or flight.

Always remember that we knew how to survive and procreate long before we could conceptualize things such as morality, philosophy or religion, just because we now have the OS and APP layer, doesn’t mean that firmware or hardware is less influential, it just means it’s better concealed.




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