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Syllogisms on “equality”

Black Label Logic
February 11, 2016

Equality is a word that is often used, but can have many meanings, that’s why it’s so easy to use it in rhetoric. We should all strive for people being equal right? Equality just means that people are equal, it’s in the constitution.

In this post, the terms “equal” and “equality” will be synonymous with the mathematical sign =, “meaning of equal value.

Syllogism 1:

Major premise: Equality can only exist where the sum of two values are equal.

Minor premise: The sum of two values are equal

Conclusion: Therefore equality exists.

Syllogism 2:

Major premise: One value can only dominate another value if it is greater.

Minor premise: One value has dominated another value.

Conclusion: Therefore one value is greater than another value.

Syllogism 3:

Major premise: If the sum of one value is greater than another value equality cannot exist.

Minor premise: Values have to be equal.

Conclusion: Therefore, in order for equality to exist, differences between values have to be negated.

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