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The 5 Stages of Red Pill

Black Label Logic
November 10, 2016

stages-of-grief-300x282The reaction to red pill philosophy depends very much on both the sender and the receiver of communication. Some men take to the Red pill philosophy as helping them finally make sense of their troubles, and gives them a framework for fixing the problems they are experiencing. Others reject the philosophy wholesale and writes it off as misogyny, or fables. Some seek to adopt some principles, but reject others, collectively this group is referred to as “Purple Pill“.

Many times the reaction to the philosophy is strongly correlated with the situation then man is in when first presented with the body of knowledge that collectively makes up the theoretical framework of the red pill.  In many cases a spoonful of sugar makes the medicine go down, in the case of the red pill a solid kick to some of the more sensitive parts of a male tends to be the required catalyst. This is no different than when rejecting any long-held beliefs that shape our world-view.

I’m reminded of a flight I was on some years ago, where I found myself sitting next to an older gentleman on the way home from a golf trip. As often happens, we ended up in a discussion of our educational pursuits. He had studied philosophy at a higher level, and I asked why considering he had spent most of his life until retirement in the business-world. His answer was that philosophy is the foundation of everything, it encompasses all perspectives you hold. Thus, changing your core philosophy is akin to changing your core programming. Once you change a foundation belief, all your other beliefs must be examined.

Most of us are raised within the blue pill sphere of influence, our mothers raise us to be good husbands, which is a synonym for female enablers. We are raised on “happily ever after” from the first fairy-tale we heard before bedtime, to the one we watched on Netflix yesterday. The blue pill fantasy is an intoxicating one, for every man there is a woman who is his perfect mate, and she will find him. This woman will ensure that his life is according to what he has been told is the greatest experience a man can have in this world, a loving, doting wife and children. He will never want for sex again, as his perfect mate will fulfill his fantasies, and he will fulfill hers.

The five stages of grief in many ways represent the journey that most men must travel before finally accepting the philosophy and being willing to make the substantial investment required to re-align their life with their desires. One has to put one’s old beliefs in a casket, and move on towards a new philosophy of life.


The first stage of red pill awakening is denial. Some of the cardinal truths of the red pill, female hypergamy, solipsism, blame shifting, and the female penchant for manipulation and deception, are often what triggers the worst reactions when introducing a man to the red pill. The realization that if the red pill is true, then it follows that he was to blame for many of his issues, it has little to do with women, who are just acting out their social and biological programming in a predictable way. If introduced to game prior to much of the red pill theory, game will often be rejected as being manipulative, deceitful, immoral and many other things, as the enabling power of game alone shatters illusions.

I’ve seen many men react in this manner when first introduced to game and pick-up material, because one of their core principles is that “Women must be courted”. When they first see a person proficient in game pulling same night lays in a consistent manner, this reality is unknown and seems manipulative to them. Secondly, his respect for women will probably take a nosedive initially, as he stops putting them on a pedestal, and starts to view them in a more reality-oriented manner. Thirdly, many blue pill men are unwilling to view the woman as an agent who is engaging in her natural programming, they instead lambast the other male for acting in a non-honorable manner. Men are not made in a manner where they hold a woman accountable to the same level as a man, to do so would shatter their illusions of the feminine.

The denial can be caused by many unconscious perspectives, from accepting that they are from nature worth nothing, and that their entire value to the world is a function of their accomplishments. That they must undertake grand demonstrations of worth, build value and earn what women are granted for merely existing. That no woman will ever love him as he dreams of being loved, and that they are in fact incapable of such love. The fact that his life, will be constant work and performance if he wants to realize his desires, and that everything he was told he could have only comes as a result of hard work.


The second stage of being exposed to red pill philosophy is frequently anger. Some manifest anger at womanhood in general for the duplicitous sexual strategy of “Alpha Fucks/Beta Bucks“, others at fathers for not “raising them right“, or the world for not informing them.  When a man is presented with evidence that most of the resources he spent towards getting laid, and much of the associated frustration when she just wanted to be friends after 11 dates with no sex, are easily explained. He triggered her provider instinct and thus she put off sex while deciding if she was ready to settle down. Anger is a natural reaction, both at himself, at women and at the society that told him that he was doing the right thing for his goal, but that misled him.

It was a case of the principal and the agent, where he was raised not to be someone’s one night stand, but the man his mother wanted his father to be. His social programming has been one that sets him up to realize the worst possible deal for himself, but the best one possible for the woman and the social group. In this manner, he may find himself experiencing feelings of being deceived, not only by the society without a face, but also by those in which he has the most trust.

Perhaps the most sinister is the realization that much like the unknowing population of the Matrix, that were slowly being drained of bio-energy to power other creatures, the man within the blue pill framework is slowly being drained of his energy to enable and power the society to which he belongs.


The bargaining stage is perhaps the most interesting, this is the realm of the purple pill, where fully aware of the depths of red pill philosophy, the man staunchly refuses to let go of the fantasy offered by the blue pill. The soul-mate, the partner with whom he can finally drop the performance burden, all pretense and just be himself. Yet, he is painfully aware that this is in fact a carrot presented by society to ensure that he serves his role as useful appliance.

In the bargaining stage the man commonly rationalizes his cognitive dissonance, through idealization or arguments to exception. Outlining that the woman he has found to be his perfect soul-mate is actually the exception that proves the rule, or for some reason is different from other women. The fact that this is classic idealization and a trait of blue pill thinking appears to escape notice, through various bias.

The bargaining stage is a challenge, as the dream of the blue pill is deeply ingrained in most men as is the fantasy that is spoon-fed to most throughout their childhood.


Depression hits predictably and comes from the fact that “unplugging” requires that all former fantasies must be discarded as just that. Being a red pill man, in no way means that a wife or a long-term relationship must be rejected, however it means in fact an increased performance burden rather than a lesser one. Once locked in a long-term relationship, especially one where the parties are living with each other, means constantly having to be aware of shit tests and maintaining an alpha frame. Furthermore, it means that the man also must accept the performance burden increase caused by now being the sole accountable party for both himself and his partner.

For a man who was sold the fantasy of a relationship without the performance burden as the ultimate reward from the world for his good behavior, the reality of the situation is often unexpected. It is not uncommon for the man to regress into the bargaining stages, and intermittent visits to anger. At this point, the awakening appears more like staring into an abyss as one faces down the monster, and reevaluates every aspect of one’s philosophy.


The acceptance of the red pill is a constant decision that must be affirmed, it is very easy to slip back into comfortable patterns. As many who have gone on diets or started exercise programs know, it takes much longer to build a habit than to for it to break down. Accepting the red pill means that the man accepts that he will always be expected to be the caretaker and enabler of women, at his own expense. The rejection of this unstated foundation of civilization will often result in social backlash. A man who elects to live for his own betterment, rather than that of women and his social group may suffer large amounts of scorn and derision. From “Peter Pan” to “Boy-Man” he may expect that his life choices will be scrutinized heavily by those closest to him.

One must bear in mind that most people are heavily invested in blue pill conditioning, especially the men who are most invested in it and the women who rely most heavily on it. The Western Romantic narrative is one of fairly recent invention, yet it has gained a remarkable amount of traction in few years.

Summary and Conclusions

The five stages of grief is an apt model for describing awakening to the red pill. Men do not always go through all the 5 stages, on occasion they will enter directly into the anger stage, often as a result of coming face to face with red pill truths in their lives. Often the result of such manifests either in the form of depression, bargaining or anger, that serves to jolt the person from their social conditioning.

An object in a vacuum remains in motion or remains inert unless acted upon by an external force. There are many different journeys that can be taken to red pill acceptance, ranging from the divorce after 30 years of marriage, to the brief, but eventful and emotionally loaded relationship with a narcissist, psychopath or borderline. Perhaps the best recruiters to the red pill are women who suffer from borderline personality disorder, in which the normal woman’s entitlement, blame-shifting, manipulative tendencies, emotional roller-coaster, and erratic behavior is magnified to the most extreme levels.

Anger is the force that will drive through the barriers of bargaining, depression and to the goal of acceptance. A point in which most of the work still is a head of him as he starts rebuilding himself and his mind to embrace the new philosophy. Perhaps the greatest red herring in this race will be the belief that without the blue pill utopia his life will be a series of meaningless, but sexually fulfilling experiences with a variety of women. Where he may never become a father, or partner and otherwise his dreams of the house and white picket fence have to be left behind.

This is not the case, in fact the red pill perspective is what facilitates this in reality, rather than purely as an illusion. The divorce rate in the Western World is around 50%, which means that those men who follow the path told by the cultural and social narrative have a mere 50% chance of a long-term relationship that does not end in divorce. Furthermore, of the remaining 50, how many are living lives of quiet desperation as they struggle to finance lifestyles beyond their means, while balancing the duties that come with fatherhood, with being a partner and their own needs?

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