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The Guide to Being a High T Alpha Male

Black Label Logic
November 16, 2018

Just let me make a few things very clear here, there are only 2 ways a long-term relationship can work, you are either a high-T dominant Alpha male or a low-T, soy beta cuck, there is absolutely no middle ground available in this equation. If you pick option A, you will have a girl who is always in line, never goes out of pocket, sacrifice constantly for you, molds herself perfectly after your lead, and will reward you with pornstar level sex 24 hours a day 365 days a year.

If you pick option B, you will have a nightmare girl who is constantly testing you, goes out of pocket on a minute by minute basis, demands that you mold your personality and life based on her whims. In return she will bang all your friends, regularly shoot videos for pornhub with high T alpha males and if you’re lucky you get star-fish duty sex once every 7 – 9 months… except when she has a headache, or is on her period, or just doesn’t feel like it.

I get that a lot of you men desire that deep connection with a woman, but you cannot have that deep connection with a woman, you can never let a girl know what you’re thinking or feeling, in fact if you at any point stop being a cocky & funny, aloof, distanced, dark triad man, who does nothing but eat steaks, hit on girls, run game, and lift weights, she will divorce you, take your kids, all your money, including your sex doll, before having the police put you away for 25 to life on a false accusation. If you cannot handle making your life about eating steaks, lifting weights, taking no breaks, constantly maintaining frame, making sure you take your TRT shots, your CBD oil and get 3 x 12 reps of heavy deadlifts in while waiting for your lambo to get out of the shop, you do not have what it takes to maintain a relationship with a woman in today’s sexual market place.

Correct Relationship Behavior

Having an LTR is hard, and understandably, a lot of you men have questions about specific situations related to how to maintain a solid frame and balance in a long-term relationships. This is hard, I can’t begin to tell you, but the basic principle is that you have to main a rock-solid, non-dependent, stoic, aloof and distanced frame at all time. When in doubt channel your inner sociopath asshole, and just go HAM! However, I know that practical advice and detailed instructions on how to behave minute by minute is important so you can work your way through the check-list, and tbh, if I didn’t have a one-size fits all people and all contexts program, how could I charge you guys $299 one time and then a monthly fee of $99 for my bi-annual newsletter?

A frequent question I get is “As a high T alpha male who is maintaining 14.7 plates on a 9.8 degree rotation, sometimes the girls catch feelz, and they suddenly tell me “I love you”, what is the correct “High T Alpha male response?”.

This is a complex question that requires a lot of empathy, sympathy and understanding. However, to simplify there is only one acceptable response to a woman saying “I love you”.

Plate 13.6: “I love you”

High T, Non-Soy, Dark Triad Alpha Male: “Yea… whatever… fuck you”

As you can see this ultimate Alpha-Jerkboy response has all the cardinal signs of a High T male, outcome independence, stoicism, emotional distance, and absolutely no emotion. You cannot under any circumstance let your plate know that you are an actual human being who has emotions, hopes, dreams, baggage, or an inner life. Whatever you do, never let her see any weakness, weakness in any form is kryptonite to attraction. No matter what happens always maintain an unflappable frame in front of your girl.

Get a cold, play it off with alpha comments like “I don’t get a cold, a cold gets me“, “Feeling sick? Who me, naw babe, I’m just overflowing with greatness“, or the classic “Fever? No baby, I’m always this hawt“. Stomach problems and throwing up? No problem, as a high T alpha male you play it off like it’s nothing, always maintain frame, “Throwing up? It’s just the demon I trapped inside me trying to escape eternal torment, speaking of being inside things….“, “Naw babe, just have a spot of exorcism, some priest tried to expel me from this body earlier, now strip”

If your girl gets sick, you will struggle to maintain frame, you may feel like you should help her, be nice to her and have some empathy since she’s obviously suffering. Girl’s don’t actually get sick, it’s just another way women manipulate you, pretty standard shit testing tbh. Runny nose, she probably snorted habanero peppers a minute ago, been coughing for days? No man, girl’s don’t cough, they lack the internal firmware to expel particles and mucus from their lungs, men and women have nothing at all in common about how we function.

So, if your girl is sick and asks you something like “Can you please pass me the kleenex? I need to blow me nose” your only response as a high T alpha male is “Fuck kleenex, I got something else for your to blow… bitch”.

If you have an accident, lets say you’re out biking with a plate and get hit by a car, the only truly alpha response is to bounce back up, broken legs, back, bruises and all and go “I kicked that car’s ass, look at those dents, FUCK my fibula went straight through the hood, look at the little bitchboy driving, that beta is scared as fuck“, an alpha male never shows weakness and never goes to the hospital, get ebola you walk it off, ALWAYS JUST WALK IT OFF!

If you get home one night and your girl greets you at the door, wearing a nice pair of heels, an apron and nothing else, and tells you “Welcome home honey, I made you meat loaf” the only acceptable non-soy beta male response here is “Fuck yo’ meat loaf, meet my loaf, you ‘gonna deep throat ’til you feel choked, then get railed so hard the headboard explodes like I’m dunking at a Globethrotters show, and I blow on yo face like LETS GO!

Summary and Conclusions

To make this clear, the entire essay up to this point is a joke. I just figured I’d say that in case there were some readers of this thinking “Fuck Yeah! Carl finally started writing prescriptive advice on how to behave around women, I’m going to suggest that she should make meat loaf tonight”, don’t.

There is a lot of hyperbole, exaggeration and dichotomous thinking, mixed in with a lot of straw man arguments going around, I do not think this is a good way to approach things. To some extent, the extreme examples of either female depravity and extremely blue pill behavior is not to paint all women as being horrible 100% of the time. Belle Gunness was obviously somewhat of an extreme example, and walking around thinking that all women are just waiting for your to fall asleep in the farmhouse so they can kill you, steal your money and bury your body in the pig-pen is obviously a bit silly.

However, the purpose behind these examples, and some of the more extreme recommendations is to train former men who frequently are validation seeking, co-dependent, desperate for female approval, and very emotional in regards to women, to be more self-contained. It’s not that you can’t show any woman, any emotion at all, at any point, that you can never be empathic, sympathetic, kind, generous or god forbid caring.

It’s that the men who end up with the worst examples of women, are often the men who are very caring, emotionally open, self-sacrificing, work their balls off to make something work, stay in broken relationships for decades, empathic, sympathetic, kind, generous and caring. These men need to stop getting themselves into bad relationships and if that requires a little bit of “These are your balls, these are your balls on BPD” that’s fine.

The second type of man who need the examples of female depravity are the ones who share many of the above traits, but who rarely if ever get into a relationship, because the second a girl gives them the time of day, they start planning a family, 2.4 kids and a white picket fence.  They change their life plans to better suit the girl, they vomit their feeling on her as if she was their therapist, they text her 100 times a day, they become hyperfocused and aware of her every change in mood or emotion, and they rebuild their life around her being in it, often after the first date.

This is simply not healthy and it leads to many negative outcomes for both the men and the women involved in the process. However, going from an insecure man, with an external locus of control, who makes a woman his entire reason to exist, and is purely reactive and impulsive in his approach, is not healthy. Neither is the other extreme, yet we find ourselves vacillating between them time and time again.

Instead of moving forward, and treating the red pill as what it really is, a process of deconstruction, healing, rebuilding and growing, we get caught in a trap between optimists and pessimists really, which is a problem I often encounter in business as well. There are those who always think it will end well, who think people are fundamentally good, who find risk analysis, due diligence and written contracts a hassle and who would rather just shake on it. Then there are those who think it’s going to go to shit, who think people are all out to rip them off, who do nothing but risk analysis and due diligence and who require an NDA signed by 2 witnesses and a judge to come over for dinner.

I think this is in part why I reacted so strongly to the “Quality woman” debate, because it’s such an easy trap to fall into. If a man is of a mindset that people are fundamentally good, is addicted to approval, has co-dependent tendencies and is desperate to find his “one”, he can perceive a black widow with 3 murder acquittals under her belt as a quality woman because she accepts that he engages in all his bad habits and tendencies, and makes amazing strychnine soup.

We have to accept that there is a middle ground between watching porn and masturbating 18 hours a day and NoFap. This made me think back to my game journey, to begin with there were sets of strict rules, scripts, schemes and gambits. It’s been over a decade since I practiced the Mystery Method, but I still remember the rough outlines of the script, the minutia of kino escalation and eye contact. Rules like “First lightly touch her arm, then do it again, then wait a little bit, then place your hand on her arm”. Rules for texting like “Don’t respond right away, always wait [how long it took her to text you back + X]” I don’t do that anymore, these days if I get a text from a girl and I’m not busy, I respond right away, because I know she has her phone in her hand and is in a texting mood. If I’m busy I respond later.

I do these things because scripted game is training wheels, once I understood how it worked and got a decent understanding of it, I didn’t need to use canned material, because in the end, “game” is about being a charming, entertaining, attractive man who knows what he wants goes after it, is confidence and doesn’t, to quote Rian “Step on his own dick and then studies the imprint“.

In the end, not all women are BPD battle axes, out to milk you for everything you have including your life and dignity, however they are out there, be aware that they exist, plan and vet accordingly. I’m sure all of Mary Ann Cotton’s husbands thought her a high quality woman when they married her. Also be aware that the sweet, gentle, attentive, sexy, intelligent and logical woman that you start dating, is fully capable of becoming the harsh, brutal, obsessive, sexy, screwed and emotional woman that dumps you or that you dump.

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