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Westworld and the Sexual Market Place

Black Label Logic
December 19, 2016

westworld-tile-a3576d50While I usually attempt to avoid certain forms of entertainment, specifically those that tend to be massive time-sinks with little productive to gain, I was sick for a few days this week and ended up watching the full 10 episodes of the HBO series “Westworld“. The show itself is set within a theme park where wealthy members of society can vacation and live out their western fantasy in a world populated by “Hosts“. The hosts themselves are artificial human beings of sorts, that the guest can kill, rape, murder, maim, live out their innocent farmer’s daughter fantasy and whatever else they desire.

In essence, it allows them to be the black hat, the white hat and everything in between. This got me thinking about what the effect on the sexual market place would be if such technology was widely available within our society. What if “sex-bots” were as ubiquitous as smart phones or laptop computers? What if you could pick up an iPartner at the Apple Store, along with your new iPhone?

The first major barrier is naturally the technology required to adequately mimic human behavior to a point where such bots would be the equivalent or better than human. A second factor would be the social programming related to sex and reproduction that affect all of us as super-ego instructions.

Socially Programming Sex

Certain opinions of the “hook-up culture” is that it simply reduces what is supposed to be a meaningful act engaged in by consenting adults into “masturbation by way of the body of another” in some respects, this is accurate from this perspective. However, we must remember that most of our views about sex are socially programmed, and built into our super-ego.

If we go back about a 100 years, sex was supposed to be something reserved for marriage, and marriage was the union for life between a man and a woman. If we go back further, harems appear to have been the norm, with a small number of men monopolizing the sexuality of multiple females. Perhaps the most extreme version in the history books being Genghis Khan.

If we go back about 40 years to the summer of free love, keychain parties and orgies had a short stint of popularity, along with various open relationship variants.

The most recent case, appears to be the one outlined by Rollo Tomassi in what I consider a two part essay, consisting of “Saving the Best” [1] and “Betas in Waiting” [2] that are both centered around the same central theme. In “Saving The Best” there is the expectation that the man who finally “mans up and marries that slut” will be the recipient of her best sexual performance. In “Betas in Waiting” the reaction of a woman upon her husband discovering and reacting upon the realization that she had been phoning in her performance for years. This indicates that while the goal of the femcentric society is full open hypergamy, we are not quite there yet.

Open Hypergamy is an interesting parallel to the world outline in Westworld, in that the ultimate female desire is open hypergamy with full satisfaction of both aspects of the dualistic female sexual strategy of Alpha fucks, beta bucks. Meaning that the woman would be permitted to engage in any type of sex at any volume with men whom she desires and lusts for, while still being able to secure the required male to be her long-term provider.

The ultimate male fantasy in some respects is that of being the ultimate object of both lust and love by women. If the realization that dawned on the man in “Betas in Waiting” become more commonplace and public. Meaning that women’s display of both lust and love are cases of her acting in order to achieve the goal of long-term security from a beta male. Furthermore, that only true lust she is capable of being for that of the alpha, what would be the real difference between a sexbot and a female to most beta males?

The Beta Male Externality

Within economics, an externality is a cost of production that is not accounted for in the cost of a product. For instance, if a company poisons a river as a side-effect of their product, but the cost of this poisoned river is not accounted for in the production costs or product pricing, the cost does not disappear, however, someone other must bear the cost.

There is no denying that in the stories shared in the two cited articles [1,2] the externality of the female behavior, and by extension the alpha male behavior was born by the unfortunate beta male. The female and the alpha poisoned the river together, and the female then conspired to hide the poisoned river from the beta. I suspect that this is quite common, but that few men make it public out of embarrassment, or misplaced loyalties.

However, this shifting of externalities over to the male population is not rare within our societies. As outlined in this article men are already those who contribute resources to a society so that women may actualize themselves.

The Supply and Demand Effect of Sex-Bots

At present, men have two options, masturbation or finding a willing partner. Most are very focused on the later. This translates into high demand for sexual partners, as the populations are equally distributed between genders, especially early in life when men slightly outnumber women. As women are prone towards the Pareto-Priniple in that 80% of women target only 20% of the male population as their short-term (and ideally long-term) sexual partners, without regulation of this market, it leads to the construction of Harems. However, such a distribution, has negative social effects as men who are not able to reproduce or find a sexual partner, have little to nothing tying themselves to the social group, and thus are likely to leave the group.

However, in order for a group to balance the budget, it requires a roughly even distribution of net positive producing assets (men) and net negative producing assets (women), ideally a slight surplus of men is ideal as this creates a resource surplus within the group.

Thus, it is necessary to ensure that a majority of men are tied down to the society through women and children that they are working to support. Without this anchor, nothing is stopping the man from seeking out other markets, with better and more rewarding incentive structures.

With the advent of sex-bots, assuming that they could satisfy the male sexual drive equivalently or better than a human female, this is a major negotiating card off the table for women. If one adds technology or open up for wider use of surrogacy to ensure that men can have children without having to involve the many legal and social aspects of child birth, this further drives down demand. This drives up the competition for women, as they would have to compete sexually with what in essence would be a pornstar version of “Build a Bear“. However, also in terms of reproduction with what would be a much more balanced legal contract.

From an economics perspective, this would increase the supply of “pornstar” level sex for men, in essence the man would be certain that his new bot did in fact save the best for him. While not fully human, if those desirable human traits could be replicated, and the undesirable traits eliminated in the bot, this would perhaps be a better deal for those beta men who today negotiate desire.

To put it blunter, it would raise the performance burden of women in the bedroom, in order to compete with Sasha Grey in bot-form. It would also take sex of the negotiating table to some extent. Presently, many men elect to enter relationships in order to get sex. A common sphere quote is “Men use relationships to get sex, women use sex to get relationships” and the ability for a man to get sex whenever he wanted, in whatever way he wanted, would in fact create an abundance mindset when it comes to sex, thus the focus would be placed in other areas for a prospective partner.

In many ways, the disappointment suffered by the men in the cited articles [1,2] is as Rollo formulated it “Every man wants a whore, but he wants her to be his whore“, the man discovered that the woman felt no genuine desire for him, his needs or his desires, but did so for the men in the movie.

Summary and Conclusions

In some ways, this article is jumping around somewhat between concept. That of the effect technology has on sex. We have already seen this with the advent of “the pill” and its cousin “The morning after pill” that more than any other development liberated female sexuality. However, despite this pill, there are still countless men who get lured into marriage and relationships through “ooops pregnancies“.

In some sense, it is a thought-experiment on whether men would view robots indistinguishable from human females as female equivalent, and what the effect would be in the sexual market place. As someone said in a Twitter DM conversation, “Hmm well it depends? Like, once you have enough to bang escorts, do you stop banging models you meet at a club for free?

It deals with the externalities created through female hypergamous behavior when it becomes apparent to the males who suffer the consequences of it. As the man in one of the articles summarized it “I married a slut who fucks like a prude” in effect saying that he would be OK if he married a prude that fucked like a prude, or married a slut who fucked like a slut, but that the specific configuration leads to an unacceptable deal. In this case [1], the man suffered the externality that the woman he loved, married and started a family with never had genuine desire for him, and that to her their relationship was a business transaction. Sex and children in exchange for money. The child shared by the couple suffered the externality of growing up with divorced parents.

More than anything, it deals with desire. The woman demonstrated and experienced genuine desire in her life prior to meeting the beta man. As many a writer before me has outlined, a woman who feels genuine desire throws caution to the wind as long as she has a believable narrative to save face with afterwards. As I tweeted a while back, women are about their image, they have no issue actually being sluts, but they do not want to be seen as sluts.

The beta man, demonstrated genuine desire, and expected the woman who married him and had his child to reciprocate this, by showing him genuine desire. This was I suspect the core of his undoing, negotiating desire and then expecting it to be genuine.

Finally, I touched on technology, as technology becomes a larger and larger part of our lives, it will come into our bedrooms to a much larger degree. and it begs the question:

Is a non-genuine human showing genuine desire, better than a genuine human showing non-genuine desire?

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[1] Saving The Best

[2] Betas In Waiting

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