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Announcing The Alpha Male 2.0 WORLD TOUR!

December 13, 2018

Iâm expensive. This is because the things I teach, particularly the business and women advice I give, is all field-tested, real-world, high-impact information that can radically change your life forever. Iâm also a very busy, high-income guy with multiple companies and a very busy life, so my time is valued at a premium whether I like it or not.

Therefore, I realize that some people in my audience may not be able to afford hundreds of dollars to see me in person. Given that, a few people have convinced me that, structured a certain way, I can actually do some seminars for a very inexpensive price so that pretty much anyone can attend.

So, Iâm doing it.

In 2019, for the first time ever, I am visiting 18 different cities all over the world to do a 90 minute seminar for cheaper than Iâve ever done a public appearance in my entire life. Not only am I going all over the USA, but Iâm also going to cities in Canada, Europe, and Australia as well. (Dates and cities all listed below.)

The goal of this seminar is to help you improve both your woman life and financial life at the same time, and move closer to the lifestyle of the Alpha Male 2.0 (or improve your existing Alpha 2.0 life if youâve already got it).

I have purposely dropped the prices for this seminar and made sure to visit as many large cities as I can so we can get as large of an attendance as possible, even for guys who havenât been able to see me before because I have either charged too much money or I was too far away. Unlike my past seminars, I want these seminars accessible to any man (in the Western world) who needs this advice and information. And I know there are a lot of men who need this stuff.

The cheapest public seminars Iâve ever done were around $600. Tickets for this seminar start at just $57 and thereâs an easy way you can attend the seminar for 50% off that, which is just $28.50. Keep reading.

Why the hell am I doing this? This looks like a lot of work on my part!

Yup, it is. As always, Iâll be completely transparent with my intentions. Hereâs why Iâm doing this: I want as many attendees to these seminars as possible to be men who are new to my material. This world tour is just another marketing method for me. Thereâs no way this would be worth my time at a price point of $57, but if I knew much of the attendees in the room were new potential customers, then this is going to be very worthwhile for both the audience and myself.

Of course I want my regular readers to attend as well, and Iâm including a lot of material specifically for you guys too. The more attendees, the better.

At the same time, Iâm going to bribe you into bringing friends so they can get some exposure to my advice. If you bring a friend, both of your tickets are 50% off. The shopping cart system is already set up to apply an automatic discount of 50% to anyone who purchases two or more tickets at the same time. (You must purchase the tickets at the same time to get the discount.)

This is a great way to introduce your buddies or family members to Alpha Male 2.0 concepts. I get a lot of questions from you guys on how to explain the Alpha Male 2.0 lifestyle to the other men in your life. Now is your chance. Let ME explain this stuff to them.

Hereâs everything youâll get at the seminar:

1. A one-hour speech from me that will be jam-packed with how-to information on to better your woman life and financial life so you can live the freedom of an Alpha Male 2.0. The speech will include:

  • Specific techniques on how to structure your dating, relationships, business, and personal finances for maximum freedom.
  • A detailed flow chart of my entire woman life and how you can emulate it and customize it for your own goals.
  • A detailed flow chart of Alpha 2.0 finances, including job income, business income, debt, taxes, investing, savings, family, and so on.
  • My latest business and woman techniques, stuff Iâve learned and implemented just within the last 12 months that I know work, much of which is so new that I havenât talked about them in any of my books.

2. A 30-45 minute Q&A session after the speech where I will open it up for questions from the audience. I’ll answer all the questions you guys have.

3. Special discounts on all of my books and upcoming video courses that no one else receives.

4. A huge discount for attendees if they choose to sign up for the SMIC program (my members-only coaching and podcast program) at the seminar.

5. The opportunity to purchase a special toolkit of books written for this seminar that will not be available to purchase anywhere else. This includes a limited copy of my Life Manual. Iâve mentioned this in the past. This is a master repository of all the notes Iâve taken from hundreds of books, seminars, and audio programs Iâve consumed over the last 20 years. Weâve taken pieces out of the Life Manual that apply directly to Alpha Male 2.0 success, formatted it for easy reading, proofread it, and I will be selling this treasure trove of success techniques at these seminars and no where else.

Itâs going to be all kinds of awesome.

Here is the list of the cities I will be visiting to do these seminars, with dates, all in 2019:

Dallas, USA â January 19th

Houston, USA â January 20th

Brisbane, Australia â February 16th

Los Angeles, USA â March 2nd

San Francisco, USA â March 3rd

Chicago, USA â May 4th

Detroit, USA â May 5th

Toronto, Canada â May 6th

Ottawa, Canada â May 7th

Boston, USA â May 9th

New York, USA â May 11th

Philadelphia, USA â May 12th

Washington DC / Baltimore, USA â May 13th

Las Vegas, USA â July 21st

London, England â September 28th

Berlin, Germany â September 30th

Atlanta, USA â December 14th

Miami, USA â December 15th


Early Registration Ticket – $57

The first 10 tickets sold, per seminar, are priced at $57 each, the cheapest Iâve ever done this. So get them fast! And remember, these are 50% off if you bring at least one friend.

After the first 10 are sold in any given city, the price goes up toâ¦

Standard Ticket – $77

All remaining tickets, per seminar, sold past the first 10 are $77 each. The 50% discount for bringing friends still applies though.

VIP Ticket – $147

VIPs get the following extra perks:

1. Guaranteed front-of-the-room seating. (The precise quality of where you sit in the front of the room is on a first-come, first-served basis; the guys who buy these tickets first get the best seats in the center of the front row, then we move to the left, right, and back from there.)

2. A 45 minute private group coaching session with me after the main seminar. We will all hang out after the seminar and I will conduct an informal coaching session with all the VIPs.

The 50% discount for bringing friends does not apply to VIP Tickets. Also, the number of VIP tickets per seminar is severely limited, so get one right now if youâre interested.

Ultra Ticket – $247

Those holding an Ultra Ticket get everything VIPs get, plus you get another 15 minute session with me before the seminar starts where we can discuss whatever you like, plus you can have an email follow-up with me a month after the seminar where we can do a little email coaching.

The 50% discount does not apply to Ultra Tickets. Only five Ultra Tickets are allowed per seminar, so get yours right now if youâre interested.

Event Coordinator Ticket â Free

I will need two volunteers at each city to be the designated event coordinators. This means your job is man the front door, scan everyone in, keep any weirdos or scammers out, handle back of the room sales, and deal with any logistical problems if they arise. Your payment for this service is that you can attend for free and you will be able to join the VIP session afterwards.

We will need two event coordinators per seminar, a primary plus a back-up in case the first one flakes. Contact us if youâre interested. SMIC members get first dibs if they are interested. Fair warning â my favorite virtual assistant, Pink Firefly herself, will carefully vet you and you will have to prove yourself to be a normal person (i.e. not a weirdo) and a responsible person; we wonât just take anyone. You also need to be comfortable speaking in front of a group.

Sponsorship Opportunities

If you sell a product or service that Alpha Male 2.0s in your city could use or want, you may sponsor some or all of the seminar for a small fee so we can get you some easy business. Contact us for details.

All tickets are nonrefundable. There will be no refunds for any reason (unless I cancel the seminar). We have to do this because the number of tickets determine other factors (such as venue) so if we have a bunch of guys asking for refunds after we determine and pay for venue logistics, it will screw everything up.

Answers To Questions

1. My city isnât on the list! Why arenât you coming to my city, BD?

The cities chosen were based on two criteria: A) the English-speaking cities with the largest metro area populations in North America, and B) other, additional cities I was already scheduled to visit for other reasons. So if Iâm not coming to your city, that means English isnât the primary language spoken there, or itâs outside North America, or your city isnât big enough.

Now before you say it, stop whining. I canât come to every city in the world. The price is a measly $57 and Iâm flying all over the planet for you (youâre welcome). Given both of these things, if youâre anywhere in the Western world it should be pretty easy for you to fly to the nearest city on this list. Iâm not listening to or responding to any questions or bitching about this. No excuses.

2. Iâm going to be out of town when youâre coming to my city. Are you going to do this again next year?

Fuck no. At least not for this cheap. I will never speak at a public seminar like this for this cheap ever again. So if you want to see me this inexpensively, now is the time. Click right here and get your tickets. If you wonât be at your local city when the seminar is scheduled, then pick the seminar closest to your city and fly there on a different date. You can afford it. Again, the ticket is only $57.

3. Why are some of these seminars not being held on a weekend?

I had no choice. That was the only way to bunch them into this crazy travel schedule. Ideally theyâd all be over a weekend, but I don’t have the time to fly to all of these cities individually, then fly all the way back home after every individual visit. I had to do many of these in bunches.

Iâve made sure that the seminars occurring on weekdays start at 6pm or later to account for the usual workday.

4. What are the specific locations for each seminar? You just listed the cities.

You will be emailed the exact location once you register and after we find a location. It might take us several weeks/months to nail down the specific venue in your city, so please be patient. I always make sure itâs in a centrally-located venue that is easy to get to. Purchase your ticket to lock in your early registration pricing regardless of if weâve found a specific location yet. We will. If you live in any of these cites and have access to an inexpensive venue, please let us know.

5. Will SMIC members get discounts?

Yes, but I learned from the video course that I shouldnât reveal these particular discounts publicly. Refer to the member home page at the secure SMIC site for all the details.

6. Will Pink Firefly be there?

She will definitely be with me when I visit many of these cities, but as to whether or not she makes an appearance at an actual seminar, I donât know. Iâm going to encourage her to do so (I like showing her off) but as always, thatâs up to her.

7. Will Julia from the Alpha 2.0 Business Course be there?

Yes, for some of them, but I donât know which ones yet.

8. Will this be more about Alpha 2.0 business or dating?

Both! It will be about lifestyle design within those two areas: business/financial and woman/dating/relationships. To be a long-term happy man, you need both. Too many men focus on just one or the other, which is a mistake.

9. Are women allowed to attend?

Yes, but as always, this information is for men, delivered by a man, in strong man-language that most women will find abrasive or offensive. So sure, women are allowed, but they will be expected to be supportive and positive. If a woman doesn’t think she can do this, she needs to stay away.

10. How big do you expect these seminars to be?

Iâve never spoken publicly at these low price points, so I have no idea. I also assume that every city will be different, but that’s purely a guess on my part. Weâll definitely sell out of the early registration tickets very fast in most cities (so youâd better buy yours right now if you want the discount!!!) and possibly the VIP and Ultra Tickets as well. However, in terms of the standard tickets, I want as many people to come as possible, so I will keep expanding the size of the room as needed to accommodate everyone. So sign yourself up and sign up your friends; weâll make room for you.

Again, Iâm purposely making these seminars as easy to attend as possible for any Westerner regardless of income level. That’s the entire point of this world tour. It’s for you.

Canât wait to see you guys. Get your tickets now, especially you guys near Texas, because the seminars there are next month! And Australia the month after that!


Below are some additional questions I’m getting. I will keep adding to this list as new questions come in:

Will you offer video or audio recordings to those who can’t attend?

Probably not. That would encourage more people to not come, and I want people to come. Again, I’m traveling to 18 different cities all over the planet on multiple dates and only charging $57 for this thing. With all due respect, “I can’t attend” is not an excuse I’m interested in.

Will you offer video or audio recordings to those who do attend?

Probably, yeah. That’s a good idea. It won’t be for free though.

Will you offer live streaming for these seminars?

Not for these. Live streaming is technically complicated and would be beyond the budget for something this cheap. I will definitely live stream future, more expensive events though.

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