I am an individualist. Individualism forms the basis for all of my views. This includes my views on life (Alpha Male 2.0), relationships (nonmonogamy), politics (libertarianism), business (location independent Alpha 2.0 businesses with no employees), family (Alpha 2.0 parenting, OLTR marriage), and just about everything else you can think of.

This means that, as long as youâre not actively hurting anyone, you should live your life literally any way you feel you should live it, regardless of what I think, society thinks, or even what you feel society âneeds.â

Therefore, you donât need to take my advice. Thatâs the wonderful thing about individualism. You can read advice from a guy like me (or any other guy) and say, âThis is bullshit. Iâm not doing this.â Itâs nice.

I say this because I know the advice Iâm about to give in this article (and an upcoming article on this blog next week) is going to make a decent percentage of you defensive at best, upset at worst. Iâm an outcome independent individualist who doesnât care about society, so I really donât care at all if you take my advice or not. However, that doesnât mean the advice Iâm about to give isnât based on fact. It is.

Okay, here it is…

You could categorize people in society at various levels of achievement. Youâve got the total losers at the bottom, ânormalâ screwed-up people just above them, average Joes above them, slightly more successful and happy people above them, super-achievers above them, and ultra-achievers above them.

We could have a pedantic and overly-complex discussion about specifically which categories there are and what percentage of society falls into each, but Iâm not interested in that theoretical crap. To keep things simple, Iâll use the above chart as a guide and just say that there are 20% of people who are losers to some degree, 20% who are achievers, and the remaining 60% are average, normal people.

My topic today is those average people.

Fifty, perhaps sixty years ago, if you were average, you were more or less okay, particularly if you lived in the United States. The average guy from the 1950s had his own house, a decent car, a stay-at-home wife who never divorced him, a kid or two, a job that supported a decent lifestyle, low prices, a rising middle-class, reasonably low tax rates, near zero debt, solid investments, and a pension that would easily support his retirement and a comfortable life until his death.

Average back then really wasnât that bad at all. Being average back then really was okay, if thatâs what you really wanted.

Just one question. Does that look like the average man today?

Of course not. Today, after decades of corporatism, quasi-socialism, inflation, increased taxes, money printing, currency devaluation, manipulation of commodity markets, skyrocketing government spending, fractional reserve banking, stagnant wages, massive immigration, cultural collapse, increasing consumer debt, and all the other slow-collapse-of-the-Western-world aspects Iâve talked about many times, all brought on by horrifically stupid and irrational voters on both the left and the right, things have now dramatically changed.

Today, the average man makes an income that is so low he likely can’t even live by himself, and needs to live with family or roommates to help pay the sky-high rent.  He also pays 51-70% of his meager income in taxes, so the money he actually spends on his lifestyle is minuscule. He canât afford college or even basic health care without the government helping him. If he owns a car, itâs likely a cheap piece of shit. He canât even afford to have children, and he does anyway, you and I will likely be forced at gunpoint to help pay for them, since half of all American households receive some sort of government assistance. He either is unmarried, divorced, or married but not divorced yet, since the odds are sky-high heâll get divorced in a few years. Oh, and his wife has to work at a job just to help him pay the basic family bills. He’s also likely a beta male, is often in state of oneitis, doesnât have sex very much, and if he does, itâs to an average-looking woman thatâs âin his league.â

In other words, being average used to be okay, but now it sucks ass.

So if you ever think (or hear) âJust be average. Itâs okay,â thatâs actually an incorrect statement. It used to be true, but no longer. Today, being average is not okay. Today, being average is a negative condition.

You may argue that being average is still okay because the average Joe doesnât have to put in the time or effort to be better than average. This is true. Any level of success, including the types of Alpha Male 2.0 success I talk about (nonmonogamy, decent woman skills, $75,000 per year location independent income, etc) which donât take very long to achieve (just a few years, then you sit back and chill for the rest of your life) do indeed take a few years of work thatâs above and beyond going to your bullshit low-paying job and then going home and playing video games all evening.

My point is that lifestyle wonât make you happy in the long-term. I didnât say it will necessarily make you miserable (though it might). I just said it wonât make you happy, because it wonât.

Thatâs the bottom line and my entire point. Being average wonât make you happy. If you lived in the 1950s, then it might, but not now. Since being average now sucks (and will get much worse as time goes on, just watch), being average canât make you happy.

If your response is that you donât care about being happy, then as Iâve been saying to my Alpha Male 1.0 brothers for many years, thatâs fine, but then I donât understand why youâre reading my content. I am here to teach men how to be long-term happy. If long-term happiness is something you find unimportant or selfish, Iâm honestly confused as to why youâre here, since youâre really not in my target audience.

My advice, then, if you want to become long-term happy, is that you must be at least somewhat better than average. If youâre already there, great. If youâre not there, set some goals like I talk about in my book, then work on it and get there. Itâs really not that hard. Seriously, itâs not.

As regular readers already know, when I say âabove averageâ that doesnât mean you need to be some kind of super-achiever. Iâm not talking about being a multimillionaire who bangs supermodels left and right. Nope. Iâm just talking about a few basic things, like:

– Getting your woman-skills up to where you can have at least two attractive women on rotation.

– Building a small, location-independent business that pays you at least $75,000 per year.

– Donât let your physical health go to complete shit, even as you age.

– Get to a one million dollar net worth by the time youâre 50 years old, which again, really isnât hard as I described here.

See? No supermodels, no private jets, no six pack abs, or any of that stuff. Just being above average. It’s not hard. And it will make you happy. Anything in the above list is achievable by any normal man in the Western world reading these words. Iâm not suggesting nor recommending anything crazy.

For those of you who want to be super-achievers, thatâs great too! I make way more than $75,000 a year, I have way more than two attractive women on rotation, I travel the world regularly, and so on. I live a really fantastic life, and Iâm working hard to make it better for when Iâm in my 50s. So if you really want to kill it, thatâs fantastic and I support you 100%. Iâm just saying to my wider audience that super-achievement isnât necessary for most men.

But that doesnât mean being average will make you happy. It wonât.

(And before you say it, please don’t use the bullshit 2% exception to the rule example of “not everyone can be better than average” excuse. Yes, if you are mentally retarded or have no arms or legs, I agree being better than average may not be possible for you. Are you retarded? Are you missing all of your arms and legs? Then shut the fuck up with these 2% excuses.)