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Betas Who Pretend to Be Alphas

January 28, 2016

I have an acquaintance whom Iâll call Ronnie. Ronnie is a very interesting, very unusual type of man. These particular creatures are not very common, but if you meet enough people youâll run into these types of guys. See if any of this sounds familiarâ¦

Ronnie is in his mid 20s and is extremely extroverted. Heâs chubby, ugly, and awkward looking. Despite this, he dresses in style and heâs constantly going out to parties, bars and dance clubs. He is always hanging out with super-hot girls. His Facebook page makes him look like some kind of super-player. Itâs jam-packed full of pictures of him with very attractive women, way beyond his appearance level. If you met him at a party or saw his Facebook page without really knowing him, youâd figure heâs either a rich guy making it rain $100 bills on girls to hang out with him, or the luckiest man on Earth, or an extremely skilled player whoâs able to game women despite his crappy appearance.

Thereâs just one catch. Despite all of this, Ronnie is a beta. He never sexually escalates on any of these women. âThat wouldnât be nice,â he says. He never has sex with any of these women. Occasionally, some of these women get drunk and throw themselves at him, and he politely and nervously declines their advances.

Sometimes heâll get oneitis for one particular pretty girl he hangs out with and heâll float around in tortured, platonic friend zone with her for months, if not years.

Just imagine spending most of your spare time partying with super hot girls and not having sex with any of them. Ronnie must have the bluest balls in the universe. I honestly canât even imagine such an existence.

Very unlike most betas, Ronnie has more than enough confidence to talk to pretty girls he doesnât know or just met. Heâs charismatic and friendly. These swarms of hotties like to hang out with Ronnie and will often text him to hang out, platonically, of course. Ronnie is only too happy to oblige.

If you met Ronnie at a party knowing nothing else about him, you would swear heâs an Alpha. Seriously, you would. He appears confident and masculine. But when it gets down to it, heâs as beta as they come.

Once or twice, Ronnie has actually been able to snag one of these girls. Usually, itâs because a girl is going through a really bad breakup or needs money. Per the beta male playbook, Ronnie will instantly go monogamous, immediately move her into his home, brag about his new girlfriend to everyone on Facebook, and shower her with money, support, and/or gifts. He might even end up going so far as to co-sign a car loan with her or borrow money on his credit cards to buy her fake boobs.

Again, if you didnât know any of this background and just saw this fat guy who is not rich, but has a super-hot girlfriend, youâd think this guy was the shit.

Invariably, after cheating on Ronnie left and right, this girl dumps his beta ass as soon as she squeezes enough money out of him. Ronnie gets depressed, but is soon back hanging out with tons of hot girls that he never has sex with and back to posting pictures of it all on Facebook and Instagram.

Perhaps you know a guy or two like Ronnie. I almost want to call these guys âfaux Alphasâ or something like that, but since theyâre not really Alphas, that would be misleading. I also believe that a normal beta with a monogamous wife/GF would be less unhappy less often than one of these pretend-Alphas, since at least the normal beta is A) getting laid at least sometimes and B) has some semblance of what he wants. This is despite the fact that the âRonniesâ of the world appear to be very happy.

Based on the number of guys who read this blog, the odds are that many of you are a Ronnie. If this sounds like you, let me tell you something.

The incredible irony of all this is that if Ronnie just cranked up his confidence just two notches and learned some game, he would be having sex with more hot women than even guys at my level. Seriously, he would put me to shame if he was having sex with even one-third of the girls he usually hangs out with. He has the kind of filled-to-the-rim-with-gorgeous-babes social circle that I will never have, and that most guys could only dream about. Yet, heâs such a Nice Guy⢠that he doesnât utilize any of this to give him the sex that, as a man, he strongly needs and desires.

Isnât that amazing?

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