With your help, Iâm going to create a world-wide online database that will help guys determine which dating sites/apps work best in every major city. I donât think anyone else on the entire internet has tried this. But hey, if anyone is going to do it, it should probably be me, since Iâm one of the guys who put online dating techniques for men on the map in the first place.

One of the most common questions I get, as you might imagine, is this:

I live in X. What are the best online dating sites or apps that I should be using for maximum results here?

This really is a core question, and one weâve discussed on this blog many times. I also list the biggest and best (or should I say, âleast badâ) dating sites/apps in my primary online dating book as well.

I can answer this question pretty well for most American cities, and several European cities, but beyond the general, âThese sites/apps tend to work best for most people in your region,â I canât narrow things down any better than that.

Thatâs where you guys come in. I have a pretty large audience that spans the world, and online dating is one of the core subjects that most interests this audience. There are thousands upon thousands of you out there with lots of valuable data regarding which online dating sites/apps work the best, and in which cities they work.

Iâm going to use myself as a focal point for all of that data so we can collate everything and then present it to everyone in an easy-to-read manner.

And I’ll do all of this for free. Because, you know, I’m full of love for my fellas n’ shit. (Actually it’s because like publicity and traffic and money. But I like you guys too.)

First and most importantly, if you have ever used a dating site or app in the last year or two to successfully meet up with at least three women in real life (regardless of if you had sex with them or not), then take this below survey. Itâs just three quick questions, do it right now:

View Survey

Seriously, take the survey. The more data we can get, the more helpful this information will be to everyone.

Next, if you know anyone who has met women via any online dating site or app in the last 24 months, send them a link to this blog article and have them take the survey as well. You are also welcome to post a link to this article on any other blog or forum where you think it would make sense. Again, the more guys we have take this survey, the more data we compile, and the more useful it will be to everyone.

The next thing you can do is post a comment on this article or over at the Alpha 2.0 Forums (more on that in a minute) relaying your experiences with the best (or least bad) dating sites and apps you have used to actually meet women in real life, and the city in which you did it.

As soon as weâve amassed enough responses on this survey (and we need a lot, so get the word out), I will publish the results in two ways.

First, I will post at least one, and perhaps two follow-up articles at this blog with the results of this survey along with my analysis. It should be very interesting. Moreover, it will help you figure out which are the best dating sites/apps you should use for your particular city.

Secondly, we have set up a new stickied thread over at the Alpha 2.0 Forums called the Online Dating Sites / Apps Master City Index. I will have my staff continue to update the top post at that thread with all the city names and best dating sites/apps for those cities over time. The thread is here but if youâre reading this on the date I publish this article (June 3rd 2019) there probably wonât be any data there yet, so you should bookmark it and check back on it later. Also feel free to post your experiences and your advice in that thread so other men in your city can benefit.

Every few months, I will âre-bumpâ this survey to my audience either here or via social media, to continue to get a large, ongoing data stream. Very soon, we should have a Master Index of many, if not most, major Western cities and the best dating sites/apps to use in those cities.

Alrightee, now to handle few questions I know I’m going to get because I can read your minds:

Why are you only asking about guys who have met up with women? Shouldnât you be asking guys about what sites they used to actually have sex with women?

No, and hereâs why. As Iâve discussed in my books and blogs in great detail, âonline datingâ or âonline gameâ is only the online portion of the interaction. Getting amazing photos, getting a good profile up, swiping, messaging women, scheduling dates, ensuring the dates actually happen via texting, and so on. Thatâs online dating.

But, once youâre on that first meet with a new woman, and sheâs sitting right next to you at the bar or coffee shop, online dating is over. Now youâre in normal, real-life game. Itâs certainly not cold approach game, since sheâs already there talking to you, but itâs still you using your real-life dating skills to either get laid fast or turn her off and never see her again.

So, if youâve managed to meet at least three women in real life using an online dating site or app, then I know that means two things for sure, regardless if sex occurred:

  1. That online dating site/app officially works, at least in your city. Otherwise these ladies would never have met up with you.
  2. Youâre doing online dating correctly, since you were able to at least schedule a first meet and you ensured it actually happened.

If you meet a bunch of women for real-life first dates, but never manage to get these women to a second date/meet and never have sex with them, that means your online dating skills are pretty good, but your real-life dating skills need more work. My point here is that your lack of real-life dating skills isnât the online dating site/appâs fault. The app worked; you didnât.

Why the minimum three women thing?

Because if you met just one woman in real life with an online dating site/app, that may have been a fluke, exception to the rule, or lucky break on your part. One is (or could be) luck, two is a coincidence, but three is a pattern.

Why didnât you include X dating site/app?

Because I canât list every fuckinâ dating site/app in the world, dude. I had to be a little choosey. Thatâs why there are several places in the survey where you can enter the names of other dating sites/apps youâve used successfully that aren’t in my big list. Please fill those out if youâve been successful with a site/app that isnât in list.

What about sugar daddy sites?

No! This survey and data set is only about normal, ârealâ online dating sites or apps. Because of the financial aspect, the sugar daddy stuff will skew the results in ways we donât want, so I have not included any sugar daddy dating sites. Anyone who enters a sugar daddy site into the survey will have his results deleted.

Obviously I think sugar daddy dating is fine for a narrow subset of men (busy old farts with higher incomes, i.e. guys like me), but thatâs only a percentage of the audience of this blog. This data is for everyone, so no sugar daddy stuff this time around. (I have some stuff planned for you older men coming soon. Don’t worry.)

Why just in the last 24 months?

Because, as you well know by now, what worked well many years ago may or may not work today. Some dating sites/apps that used to be pretty well now suck balls. We are only interested in updated information.

So please take the survey and have any of your buddies whoâve done online dating (and actually met women in real life) take the survey as well. The more, the merrier. Also feel free to comment below regarding which dating sites or apps youâve used successfully and please include what city you were in when they worked (within the last 24 months, please). Without including the city, the data is useless.

Iâll post the results of the survey soon!