Looks like some of you are getting depressed. Iâm getting an increasing amount of you telling me that despite having a positive attitude and working on your goals, constantly watching our once great Western Civilization crumble around you is affecting your happiness, mood, and anger.

A lot of you Americans tell me that constantly seeing these new, record-breaking mass shootings everywhere is getting you down, plus the fact that openly trans people are now winning elections, as well as the recent wins of many democratic socialists in the last election (uh, yeah, I clearly warned you about that last year⦠that shouldnât be a surprise, guys).

At least three of you Australians have told me youâre upset about the latest census that shows that Australia is now more Asian than Australian, and a lot of you Europeans keep complaining about mass immigration and government corruption.

And on and on, slowly the Titanic sinks. And despite the fact that you know you should focus on internal solutions instead of external ones, and you realize you canât really do anything about the suicidal masses, you still canât help but feel sad, or angry, or helpless, or <insert any other negative emotion> about it.

I donât feel this way, and I donât even remember feeling this way. Itâs probably because I came to the conclusion the West is dying, and thereâs nothing we can do about it, over 15 years ago. While many of you are just waking up to this reality now or very recently, I determined this way back around 2002 or so.

Back then, two things happened at the same time, one on the political right and the other on the political left, that made me realize that the USA was fucked long-term, no matter how people voted or what political movements they may attempt.

The first was George W. Bushâs fiscal budget for either 2002 or 2003 (I donât remember which). This guy who was hailed as a âsmall government conservativeâ throughout the presidential election presented a budget that was a 24% increase in federal government spending, in just one year. 24 fucking percent! Yeah, great, good thing those fucking Republicans are for small government. (They’re not.) Worse, over 80% of that 24% increase had nothing to do with the war on terror or the war in Iraq. It was just more big government for no reason (other than the elites increasing their power of you).

I knew that Republicans would not only not get mad at this, but support Idiot Bush to their dying breath (which they did). Because of this, I knew that government would start to grow on overdrive and not stop (and I was right). I knew there was no âfixâ for this. Left-wingers would grow government, right-wingers would grow government. That means America would eventually collapse.

The second thing that happened around the same time is that I started to notice daycare centers being built at high schools for the high school girls to use for their babies. As Iâve talked about before, society was now encouraging unmarried teenage girls to get pregnant, have babies, then live on my welfare dollars to support them. Great. Thanks, left-wingers. Worse, I noticed these high school daycare centers were not just being built in crappy, inner-city high schools, but normal, suburban, upper middle class, white neighborhoods.

I realized that we had crossed a point of no return. I knew that there was no voting this away; no right-wing cultural counter-revolution to reverse this. And I was right; society is far more left-wing now than back in 2002 when this insanity was going on. (The anti-WTO protests accomplished nothing. The Tea Party movement accomplished nothing. The Occupy Wall Street movement accomplished nothing.)

I knew that high school girls would continue to crank out babies, but more of them would go on welfare. And I was right; total welfare spending has increased since 2002 (food stamps, SSI, TANF, EBT, disability, etc). Ten years later, I would go out on a date with a white, suburban 19 year-old girl who said that of her nine girlfriends in high school, seven of them already had babies. Today, most of my current and ex-FBâs who are / were in their late teens / early twenties were already single moms. Being a young single mom on some kind of government assistance is now a societal norm.

All of this was over 15 years ago, so any feelings about how âOh gee, itâs so sad the West is dyingâ are long gone for me. After seeing this crap over and over and over AND OVER again, for 15 years straight, man, you just get numb to it and stop giving a shit. Today I just sit back and laugh at the Westâs stupidity and slow, suicidal death. I’m done being sad. Now I just shrug.

Another record-breaking mass shooting in the US or bombing in Europe? Yep, to be expected.

Another rash of rapes in Europe by third-world immigrants? Yep, to be expected.

Another one of the presidentâs closest advisors indicted on some major crime? Yep, to be expected.

On the verge of war with North Korea? Yep, to be expected.

Another report about how Western birth rates have declined, again? Yep, to be expected.

Most of the banks that were “too big to fail” now even larger than they were during the crash of 2008? Yep, to be expected.

A historic bond bubble, stock market bubble, credit market bubble, and/or real estate bubble? Again? Yep, to be expected.

I guess thatâs why I donât get depressed about this stuff while many of you do. Many of you are new to this stuff in just the last two or three years or so; Iâve been watching this garbage 15 years.

Regardless, here are a few things I can suggest to help make the emotional adjustment to accept that your once great culture is sliding down the toilet, regardless of who you vote for or how much you bitch about it on the internet.

1. Re-focus on your goals and Mission. This is the big and obvious one, but itâs number one for a reason. Yes, your culture may be dying, but that doesnât mean anything in terms of your own life. My culture is dying too (Iâm an American citizen after all, at least for the moment, heh heh), but I live such a fantastic and amazing life in every way, that to this very day, I still sometimes wake up in the morning not quite believing itâs true. This is the case regardless of my stupid, hyper-irrational, dying, suicidal society and culture. Hell, some if it is because of the dying culture (since a percentage of my income is directly related to teaching men how to avoid traditional marriage, which no longer works), which I’ll talk about in item number two below.

As I have said and demonstrated perhaps hundreds of times over the past ten years on my various websites and books, regardless of the Western world collapsing all around you, you can create and maintain a small bubble of awesomeness for you and your close loved ones that makes all of this chaos literally irrelevant.

So if you havenât yet already, stop focusing on your nation, culture, race, or whatever, and insteadâ¦

  • Set some exciting goals for yourself.
  • Formulate a Mission if you havenât already (get my book so you can learn how).
  • Get some pictures and other images that represent these goals, and put them up all over your office, phone, and computer, and review them often.
  • Write out how amazing your life will be in 3-5 years when all of your goals are done, and re-read it often (I do). Feel how wonderful that will be. Iâm all about logic, but we humans are emotional creatures, so you should use your emotions to direct and fuel you, rather than piss you off about things you can’t change.

You and your close loved ones can live a great life despite what is happening âout there.â I am a quintessential example of this, and Iâm not the only one.

2. Take advantage of the collapse instead of getting depressed about it. The collapse is going to happen whether or not you want it to, so instead of bitching about it or feeling depressed, exploit it so you and your loved ones can live a happier life. That’s what I do.

If you live in a culture that collapses overnight, thatâs bad, but there are huge, and I mean huge financial opportunities when living in a slowly collapsing culture like in Collapsing USA, Suicidal Europe, or Cuckoo Canada. Here’s a few simple examples from my life…

In business: Iâve made more money in my businesses in the last 36 months than at any time in my entire life.

In investing: Do you realize how much money Iâve made this year investing just in bitcoin alone? Iâm not going to tell you the exact number, but holy shit, itâs a lot. I’ve doubled my money twice, and already pulled out the money I originally invested, plus a healthy profit, so even if bitcoin crashes tomorrow I will still have made a lot of money.

In dating and relationships: While other guys are still trying to make monogamy work (idiots!), do you realize how hot the multiple women Iâve had sex with over the past ten years are? On top of all that, while guys are still trying to make traditional monogamous marriage work (major idiots!), Iâve found a woman I want to settle down with, and Iâm having a great time with that too⦠without the monogamy or financial risk most other men incur when doing this.

I could go on and on, but you get the point. By taking advantage of this collapse, I am one very excited, very happy bastard who’s living a fantastic life that’s only going to get better. While many of you are just sitting around complaining about everything, Iâm taking advantage of this bullshit so I can experience an exciting and motivating life for myself and my loved ones.

So ask yourself these questions:

    • What are any opportunities I see in my area that are caused by this slow societal collapse?
    • Other than the elites, who is making a lot of money right now, and why? Can I do the same thing? Even if on a smaller scale? And/or can I sell products and/or services to these people?
    • What investments are going to do well in a slowly collapsing society? Or even better, what investments are going to do badly that I can short?
    • Instead of the areas I see dying, where are the areas that are growing?

At some point in the next few years, Iâm going to publish a book about some specific answers to those questions, but you donât need to wait for me. Stop getting depressed or angry and instead look around for opportunity. Itâs all around you!

3. Donât forget that itâs the WESTERN world thatâs dying, not the WHOLE world. Asia is absolutely kicking ass. Read this quick article that I wrote here about my last visit to Asia. Also read this article I wrote about exactly what China and other BRICS nations are doing to take advantage of the collapse of the West (and the USA in particular).

Yes, the West is fucked, but the East is rising. The amount of money, power, and opportunity over there right now staggers the imagination. (And not just Asia, but other nimble and creative places like Dubai.) Instead of hitching your wagon to a sinking ship, hitch it to fighter jet. Consider starting a business in Asia, or selling things to Asians (Asians living in Asia that is, not Asians living in the West; theyâre fucked along with other Westerners), or investing in Asia, or spending more time in Asia, or something similar. And no, you don’t have to move to Asia to take advantage of this rise (though obviously I think that’s a good idea too).

Too many of you are only focused on the West when youâre ignoring the entire rest of the planet, much of which is doing very well and will continue to do well in the future (though not without problems; every culture has those).

The end of the West does not mean the end of the world; it means the birth of a new world. Instead of bitching about this new world, set a goal to live in this new world the way you want to live, financially, sexually, and in every other way.

Stop looking outward and getting upset. Start looking inward and getting excited.

You can do this. The problems in the West canât stop you⦠unless you let them.