Here are several random scenarios in normal, day-to-day life, and how an Alpha Male 2.0 would react as opposed to a beta male or Alpha Male 1.0. Iâve included an equal mix of positive and negative situations.

1. Youâre at a bar with some friends and some drunk guy gets in your face and starts yelling at you.

Beta male: Get very uncomfortable, cower, and try to reason and appease the guy, doing your best to defuse the situation, clearly showing weakness and thus possibly inviting him to bully you further.

Alpha Male 1.0: Get pissed off, get right back in his face and scream at him. Likely get into a physical altercation and possibly even spend the night in jail.

Alpha Male 2.0: Laugh, smile, and joke with the guy (not at the guy) until he leaves.

2. One of your cute female co-workers compliments you, saying, âWow. You look really good today!â

Beta male: Get nervous and not know what to say. Sputter something stupid.

Alpha Male 1.0: Immediately approach the woman, flirt her up, and try to get her phone number, totally disregarding possible issues with her, your job, or the HR department that may arise.

Alpha Male 2.0: Smile, confidently say âThanks,â and then turn around and leave. (Donât fuck women at work, but you can hit her up after you leave that job…)

3. One of your customers is upset and threatens to not buy any more of your products/services.

Beta male: Kiss the guyâs ass and do whatever he demands, terrified of losing his business.

Alpha Male 1.0: Get angry at the guy and start telling him off, causing an argument.

Alpha Male 2.0: Smile, say, âI completely understand. It was nice doing business with you and I wish you the best,â then end the conversation, never take his money for anything ever again, and consider it a win that he’s gone.

4. A woman youâre dating non-seriously says she loves you.

Beta male: Immediately say âI love youâ back even if you donât mean it because you donât want to hurt her feelings or lose her.

Alpha Male 1.0: Avoid saying “I love you back” back, but then get into a big, over-verbalized talk about the relationship, likely resulting in drama.

Alpha Male 2.0: Look deep into her eyes, say something like, âCâmere,â and give her a big hug and a kiss. Donât have any conversation about it and talk about something else. (If she persists, tell her you donât want to talk about it. If she still persists, soft next.)

5. Your dad starts raising his voice at you while lecturing you about something.

Beta male: Extreme terror. Cower, appease, and take his abuse.

Alpha Male 1.0: Get into a screaming match with your dad that lasts 20 minutes. (Or, in some cases, cower like a beta male; many Alpha 1.0s are total pussies in front of their dads.)

Alpha Male 2.0: Immediately cut him off and sternly say something like, âHey, donât ever raise your voice at me like that ever again. If you want to have a conversation, talk to me alike an adult. Otherwise weâre done here.â Continue the conversation if he calms down (which he probably will). If he doesnât, immediately leave, and donât talk to him again for at least six months (or longer if necessary).

6. You close the biggest business deal of your entire life so far, getting a huge windfall of cash.

Beta male: Be excited but very uncomfortable about all that money. Immediately start asking your friends and family members about what to do and how to handle it.

Alpha Male 1.0: Blow much or most (or all) of the money on something big, fun, and stupid like a kickass party, a new boat, or a new truck, which you hope will impress the chicks and/or your social circle and/or your parents.

Alpha Male 2.0: Get really excited, spend about 10-20% of the money on fun stuff, and strategically place the other 80-90% exactly where it needs to go based on your long-term plan, usually comprising re-investment in your business, savings, long-term investing, or paying off debts.

7. One of your kids comes home with a D on his report card.

Beta male: Have a nerdy conversation with your son chocked-full of Societal Programming about how important grades are.

Alpha Male 1.0: Immediate rage. Your son is clearly disrespecting you and no son of yours is going to get fucking Ds. Give your son a long, loud, angry rant about how pissed off you are and how his grades WILL improve. Issue several punishments with a promise of more punishments to come.

Alpha Male 2.0: Let the wife handle it. Child-rearing is her responsibly per the agreement you had when you first moved in together. You’re too busy working on your Mission, traveling, and banging FBs. If, for some reason, she handles it incorrectly or asks for help, spend a grand total of about 25 seconds telling your son in a neutral, donât-give-a-shit tone that if the next report card has a D on it, you will issue a specific punishment at that time. Also offer a small reward if he turns that D into an A. Then tell him heâs now free to make any decision he wants.

8. A married woman in your social circle hints strongly that she wants to have sex with you.

Beta male: Try to have sex with her, if you can. If you succeed, do so once or twice before she gets bored with you and stops, then get oneitis for her and try to get her back, causing an uncomfortable situation for all involved.

Alpha Male 1.0: Immediately fuck her and give yourself an ego-boosting high-five. Do so over and over again, eventually get caught, then have massive drama with her, whomever youâre dating or married to (since you’re probably cheating), and her husband, damaging some relationships and friendships forever.

Alpha Male 2.0: Come to a complete stop and make a quick, strategic evaluation before you act. If you donât know her husband at all and know for sure youâll never run into him, start having sex with her as a distant FB, and immediately soft or hard next her if she ever implies she wants more. If you know her husband or the odds are good youâll run into him someday, refuse to have sex with her no matter how hot she is and stop hanging out with her if she ever persists (unless she divorces him of course⦠then all bets are off).

9. Your next-door neighbor bitches at you on your doorstep about how your dog shit on their lawn.

Beta male: Get defensive and start blaming other people. âHey man itâs not my fault my wife/roommate/kidsâ¦â

Alpha Male 1.0: Get into a heated argument with this person who is clearly a total asshole. Who the fuck is he to come over here and start bitching at you on your property?!?

Alpha Male 2.0: Apologize and tell him (sincerely) that youâll do your best to prevent it from happening in the future, but donât promise anything. If the dog is your GF/wifeâs or kidâs have them go clean up the poop if it happens again.

10. Your brother wins $27 million in the lottery.

Beta male: Call to congratulate him, and then start meekly telling him about all the problems youâve been having lately, hoping heâll help you out financially.

Alpha Male 1.0: Bluntly ask him to give you or loan you a bunch of money to help out with some debt youâve got (and get really pissed off and offended if he says no).

Alpha Male 2.0: Brainstorm several ways in which you can get your new rich brother as a client or customer for at least one of your Alpha 2.0 businesses, or even perhaps a new company you can start. Present your plan with to him, with some specific numbers and benchmarks, as a win/win for the both of you. (Shrug it off if he says no, don’t take it personally, and continue with your Mission and happy life.)

EDIT/UPDATE: I can tell from some of the comments that some readers are interpreting the above parenting example out of context from my overall parenting advice. If that’s you, please read this excerpt from my book (which has two chapters on parenting) for some context (emphasis mine):

As we briefly covered back in Chapter 1, the Alpha 2.0 father has two options:

– Not living full-time with his children.
– Living full-time with a woman who has agreed to cover 90% of the regular grunt work needed in raising a child.

My situation is option one. My kids live with their mother most of the time, and go to school in her town. They live about 40 minutes away from me, and I have my daughter most weekends, during which time I don’t see any women. I also have her much of the summer in addition to most holidays. My son is grown, out of the home, and has been for several years now.
This way, I spend a large amount of time with my daughter and get plenty of dad time, yet I still have a huge amount of time away from my kids to pursue my Mission, get my strong sexual needs fulfilled, enjoy my life, travel, and work very hard. Itâs the best of both worlds in many
The other way to do this is the method recommended by Kevin OâLeary and many other Alphas, and that is to only have kids with a woman who agrees beforehand that she will be responsible for about 90% of the grunt work required to raise the kids, especially when the children are smaller. Iâm not saying their mother spends 90% of the TIME spent with the kids. You can spend as much time with the kids as her, if not more. Iâm only talking about the grunt work. You know what grunt work means: cooking for them, cleaning after them, helping with homework, driving back and forth to soccer practice, changing diapers, folding clothes, and other oh-so-fun parental drudgery that women sign up for when they decide to have kids (unless they are wealthy and can afford full-time nannies, in which case this entire conversation is irrelevant).
The modern-day SP method of men raising kids involves a 50/50 split of this grunt workload with the mother. Itâs a system where, when the baby starts crying at 3am in the morning, your wife elbows you and commands, âYour turn! Get up!â
That kind of arrangement is perfectly fine for betas. It might also satisfy all kinds of politically correct SP in people living in The Prison, as well as make for some funny Hollywood moments in TV shows and movies, it’s not going to cut it for the Alpha 2.0.

You must take 100% full logistical responsibility (within the parameters of rule number six we just discussed above), emotional responsibility, and financial responsibility for any and all children you bring into this world until that child is at least 18 years old. Alpha 2.0s do not go around creating babies they canât afford to pawn off onto society and unprepared women to take care of.

This means:

– Paying child support and/or other necessary finances to support the child for their first 18 years of the life, whether or not you are still with the mother, like the mother, or are even in contact with the mother.
Being there to support the child whenever you are needed (within reason).
Being a resource to the child, a support system for the child, and a source of guidance, advice, and moral support.
Spending lots of time, regularly, with the child to nurture growth.

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