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I’ll Give You A Reward If I Lose Weight

September 20, 2019

Iâve decided to try a little experiment, and youâre involved. Iâve lost a decent amount of weight this year, but the last hunk of the weight is always the hardest to lose. In order to finally get this weight loss chapter of my life over with, Iâve decided to pull out all the stops and put as much weight (pun intended) towards this goal as humanly possible. 

So, Iâll make a deal with all of you. In order to get my audience mentally on my side with all of this, if I hit my goal weight by December 28th, 2019, about three and a half months from now, I will significantly discount everything I sell for a short period of time. 

I just weighed myself and I currently weigh 228.4 pounds. If I weigh 195.8 pounds or less by December 28th of this year, I will discount everything I sell (ebooks, programs, everything) 30% for several days. If I weigh more than 195.8 pounds on December 28th, then no discount occurs and nothing happens. This means I need to lose 33 pounds in 3.5 months. This is a very doable goal as long as I stay consistent with the things that have already worked for me this year.

Since I now post regular videos of myself at YouTube, I won’t be able to fudge this. You’ll be able to see a noticeable weight loss in these regular videos, or you won’t. (Though many of those videos are posted several weeks after they’re created, so you always need to account for that possible time lag.)

My rationale behind this: 

– Accountability. Iâve told everyone about this goal, including all of you, Pink Firefly, my family, and my own coaches (I practice what I preach so I have several coaches myself, and no, please don’t ask who they are). That will help motivate me to get this done. 

– Positive Mastermind. If I know I have hundreds or thousands of you mentally wanting me to lose this weight as bad as I do, I think it will help me. Itâs more of a spiritual and attitudinal thing that I canât explain or go into detail beyond that. 

– Help. Some of you guys may give me some ideas I havenât thought of yet. Iâm documenting exactly what has worked for me so far and what Iâm continuing to do to lose this weight over at the Caleb Jones Blog, starting with this article here. The summary is that Iâve discovered I need to address my psychology rather than doing or not doing certain things with my diet. Refer to that article with more details, and please refer to the list it links to before giving me any advice (since Iâve tried pretty much everything non-psychological you can think of already). 

You might be thinking that I donât want to hit this goal if I have to give you all a 30% discount on my products, and that somehow, I will lose money if I do this. Not really. Iâll only offer this discount for a few days, with a deadline, so I should see a nice little income bump from it. This way we both win. 

Regardless of if I hit this goal or not, I will post a picture of the numbers on my scale at this blog on December 28th so you can see how much weight Iâve lost… or not lost, if I fuck this up. Hopefully I won’t.

Three and a half months, starting now. If I succeed, the very last problem in my life will be gone, and phase two in my physical health plan finally begins (bodybuilding and human growth hormone). If I fail, I’ll have to keep at it.

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