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Independent Customer Reviews from the Last Video Course

February 23, 2019

In getting ready for the next video course coming in March, The Location-Independent Six-Figure Consultant, many of you have asked for independent reviews of my last course on how to create an Alpha 2.0 Business that I released late last year.

Ask, and you shall receive. Below are several reviews from guys who purchased the last course. They are pure copy-and-paste reviews with no edits from me.


I purchased the Alpha 2.0 Business Course back in October, and as of January I have a fully functional, monetized blog. Could I have done this without purchasing the course? Sure, but it would have taken me many months longer, and I would have made tons of costly mistakes along the way. The course took all the guesswork out of starting my business.

Reading Calebâs material is nothing like watching it. He is a strong speaker and a confident presenter with a lot of energy and knowledge of the subjects he teaches. Just like his books, the course was broken into step by step, easy to understand instructions. Yes, some of the information could be found on the internet for free, but it would have taken a lot of time, and to have all of it in one place and presented in an easy to understand format was invaluable. Learning from Calebâs video course and hearing his enthusiasm really gave me the confidence and boost I needed to get off my ass and make my business dream a reality. Totally worth it.


Having previously owned a dental staffing agency in Savannah, GA I wasn’t entirely new to business, however, the Alpha Male 2.0 Business Course assisted me in not only taking that business to levels unimagined, but also helped me move on to a business model more congruent with my goals.

The course is well rounded and ridiculously simple to follow, with relevant information that is categorized and easily consumable.

It covers a wide variety of subjects, to teach you how to start (no experience required) and maintain a business end to end, so that you can avoid creating a profitable business just to have it audited and shut down by the IRS because didn’t know that you had to pay taxes.

The section that helped me the most, as well as also being the most challenging, was finding my niche and then narrowing it down as much as humanly possible.

The included email coaching was both honest and informative with absolutely zero sugarcoating. BD would rather kill your bad ideas right off before they hatch, than allow you to create a bad business model that ultimately ends with you losing time, money…and hair.

BD is humble when it comes to business advice and doesn’t try to speak on topics he isn’t knowledgeable about, and will instead lead you in the right direction to discover the answers on your own.

The bonus content was a nice touch too and helped me get over the looming sense of overwhelm I had in starting another business.

I’ve seen close to one hundred courses out there, and have only ever purchased TWO in my life. This being the best out of them.

My advice to anyone out there who is on the fence, like I was initially, is to simply bite the bullet, make the investment (you get what you pay for), and give yourself a better fighting chance in this ever unsettlingly world; you deserve that much.

Marcus Hagans
Charlotte, NC


While I still have to get full value from the course, I have already benefited immensely from it and can recommend BD courses for people who want to change/improve their lives and want to take action, yet need good though-provoking pointers, working business plans and/or information on how it can be accomplished.

Baseline on course is: if you like how BD writes his blog, youâll love how he presents information in person. Videos are clear, straight to the point and greatly done. Everything unimportant has been purged without mercy – BD takes care of time, his and yours, very professional. PDF files (received after 40 days) serve as good reminders, yet youâd better listen to Caleb in person first.

In conclusion, a few words on the additional audio course: immense value for its price! Best served with main ‘meal’, yet it gives many thoughts, ideas, and techniques by itself.

Best, Alexander Romanov

The final countdown for the Location-Independent Six-Figure Consultant Course has begun. It goes on sale in one month, for just one week. We are also still taking applications for affiliates if you’d like to make some real money during its release week. Just email us if you’re interested.

More information and real content regarding how to be a consultant like this is coming very soon.

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