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Make Her Cum

August 10, 2011

Want a woman to set you apart from every other man she’s ever had sex with?

Always make her cum.

Want a woman to always come back to you over and over again?  Possibly for the rest of her life?

Always make her cum.

Want a woman to choose you over another potential partner she’s already slept with?

Always make her cum.

Want a woman to “put up” with the fact you’re still sleeping with other women besides her?

Always make her cum.

Want a woman who will gladly obey any of your orders during sex and who will do whatever you want?

Always make her cum.

Want to ensure she’ll come back to you at some point even after she breaks up with you?  Even after she gets a serious boyfriend?  Even after she marries some guy?

Always make her cum.

A large number of men find the process of bringing a woman to orgasm a tedious one.  And yeah, there are some women out there who take a long, long time to get there.  You still should do it.

If she’s just a one night stand and you never plan on seeing her again, then I suppose it doesn’t matter if she cums or not, but if you have any intention of ever having sex with her again, you need to do whatever is necessary to make her cum.

This is especially true if you’re mostly into FB or poly relationships, where she is going to have to tolerate the fact you’re out there sleeping with other women.  If you don’t give her orgasms, she won’t last long under those conditions; her ASD and societal programming will win over your weak sexual prowess.  If you are making her cum, she’ll make all kinds of excuses to repeatedly see you again.  Even if she gets a boyfriend.  Even if she has a baby with some other guy.  Even if she gets a husband.  I’ll say it again, “Ask me how I know.”

There are ways to bring a woman to vaginal or g-spot orgasm just by fucking her in certain positions.  The easiest way to bring most women to orgasm is to work her clit with your tongue until it happens.  There are a bazillion ways to do this and I’m not going to list them all here.  The point is to just get your tongue down there and get to work and stick with it until she cums.  Some women will cum very fast doing this.  Some take longer.  Some take a really, really long time.

I don’t care.  Always make her cum.

Some women, I’d say about 20% or so, will cum vaginally just by you fucking them normally.  That’s awesome, and I consider women like this a bonus.  However most women are not going to be in this category.  Most women have no idea how to cum vaginally without being taught how to do it.  If she’s an LTR, OLTR, or important MLTR, go ahead and purse that route if you like.  Just make sure she cums while you’re teaching her, even if that means resorting to tongue/clit.

Some women can’t cum at all, always for psychological reasons.  These women are problematic.  Work with them as best you can.  Try to make her cum if you can using tongue clit.  Even if they don’t cum, make them feel as wonderful as possible.  Your goal is to get her to cum at some point.  I promise you if you can’t make her cum, she will not last with you unless you promise to be her serious monogamous BF or husband.

A few tips on making her cum:

– Always make sure the fingernails on your index and middle fingers are clipped down to the skin.  You can really hurt a gal if you are fingering her properly but have even partially grown nails on those fingers.  If they’re clipped down well, you can really go to town without worrying about hurting her

– Practice working her clit with your tongue   Your tongue is a muscle just like any other that will weaken from neglect and strengthen with use.

– Sadly, orgasms for women are at least 80% mental .  That means unless she’s very accustomed to cumming with you, before you “begin” on her, make sure she’s completely comfortable and relaxed.  Remember that women perceive more input concurrently than we do.  Make she’s not too cold or hot, the lighting is appropriate for her comfort level, she’s got a pillow for her head, any music that is playing is something soothing and that she likes, etc, etc.  Yes, all this feminine crap makes a difference.

– SUCK the clit rather than licking it.  It feels better for her (in most cases) and will wear out your tongue less

– LEARN exactly where the g-spot is.  It feels like a little fingertip located in the back of her pussy.  Google around and find some diagrams.  Then practice on your current girl. You need to get to the point where you can instantly locate the g-spot on any new woman you have sex with.  I remember the day I got there…the first time I found a gal’s g-spot within about 2 seconds of putting my fingers inside her for the first time, she was amazed as hell.  And came a lot.  And this was a woman in her early 30’s who had plenty of sexual experience.

No more excuses.

Always make her cum.

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