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Perfect Tens

May 5, 2014

Time for a fun topic! That of “tens”, women who are a “perfect ten” on the 1 to 10 attractiveness scale. This year in particular I’ve been more successful in this area than I usually am, and even before that I had a little experience with women like this, so today I’ll give you some observations and a technique or two to assist you with these types of women.

Right off the bat, we need to clarify something. It’s something I already explained here so I will summarize: the term “ten” is 100% subjective. Every man in the universe is going to have a different picture of what a “ten” is. Sometimes very different. Your “10” may be my “6”, and my “10” may be your “4”. Yes, this is very possible, and I’ve seen many men online get into a lot of very stupid arguments about this.

Therefore, whenever a man says “ten”, what he’s really talking about is one of two types of women:

  • Your “personal ten”, the type of woman YOU consider to be a ten, but fully acknowledge that many other men probably would not.
  • An “estimated ten”, the type of woman you guess most other men would also consider to be a ten. Usually, when I use the term “ten”, that’s what I’m talking about. This would be a woman I think most men, not all, but most, would consider to be a 10, or at least a 9 or very high 8, based on what we all know of what is considered attractive biologically and societally. Britney Spears about 15 years ago or Scarlett Johansson today are good examples. These are women that most men, not all, but most, would consider tens or very close to it.

My point here is that there is no such thing as an “objective ten”, a woman where all men in your culture would consider a ten. I’m sorry folks, but this woman doesn’t exist. You’re either talking about a woman YOU consider to be a ten, or a woman you guess most men would consider a ten (and remember, you’re just guessing; you could be wrong). A personal ten or an estimated ten, no objective tens.

(There is another argument I’ve heard, one that is hard to dispute. It states that there is really no such thing as tens at all…that tens are merely very fit sevens and eights who know how to use makeup well. Interesting argument, and there’s a lot of validity to it, but I will leave that particular discussion for another time.)

Over the course of my Alpha “career”, I have had sex with and/or have dated a small number of personal tens and estimated tens. Honestly, my numbers in this area are not huge, since I live in the Seattle / Portland area, a place where there are a decent number of eights and nines, but very few tens. Which leads to our first trait of tens…

Typical Ten Traits

1. They move away to larger or more exciting cities relatively early in adult life. 

The reason I have access to few tens is because tens tend to move to larger cities as soon as they’re able. It’s rare for a ten to stick around in a small or even medium-sized town. When a woman is a ten, she figures it out pretty damn fast. Usually by the time she’s about 20 she’s discovered that she’s something special, even beyond other cute girls. Then she’ll move to big city like New York, Chicago, or Los Angeles, or to an exciting city, like Vegas, San Francisco, or Miami, in order to better seek excitement, fame, fortune, attention, a super-rich husband, or all of the above. (Please forgive my American examples. Simply translate to your country’s city equivalents if you live outside the US.)

Most of the tens I have known have done this…moved away to bigger and better places as soon as they feel comfortable. This means that if you live in a bigger or cooler city, you’ll have much more easy access to tens than if you live in a small or medium sized city.

However, even if you live in a non-big, non-cool city, you can still find a ten or two if you put in the numbers long enough (and you don’t live in a really tiny town). I certainly have, but it was simply because I’ve been putting in a lot of numbers for a long time.

Regardless, if you don’t live in a big or cool city, don’t expect any ten you meet to stick around there for very long. If she does, she’s the exception to the rule and you happened to get lucky. If you already live in a very big or cool city, you’re in good shape.

2. They tend to go into gold digger mode starting at around age 22.

Remember, tens know they’re tens, and they figure this out very early in life. Soon they realize the vast power they have over men. By the time they’re around 22 or 23 years old (that’s a very rough average, simply based on my observations), they no longer see the point of dating a guy unless he throws some money at her (one night stands and distant, infrequent FBs being the exception to this rule; I’m talking about ongoing relationships here).

There are varying degrees to this of course. Some tens are extreme gold diggers while others are minor league diggers

Example of an extreme ten gold digger: Once I was on a date with an 25 year-old estimated ten (a perfect blonde Barbie) and she made it very clear to me that she was an “expensive gal” and that she “only dated millionaires” and that she expected gifts from her boyfriend that included jewelry and a car. Yes, a car. She went on to complain that the last guy she dated gave her a birthday present that “only cost $400”.

As you might imagine, she didn’t last very long with me and we did not have sex (though I did get sexual with her which was quite nice). She simply shrugged and went on to the next guy, a much older multimillionaire who proceeded to buy her whatever she wanted, including a new apartment.

Like I said, tens wield vast power and they know it.

Example of a minor gold digger: I once dated an 28 year-old estimated ten (another blonde) who was very sweet and fantastic in bed, but one day started strongly implying that she “really needed fake boobs” and how great it would be if “someone helped her out with that”.

As you might imagine, I helped her out with orgasms, but not with fake boobs (not that she needed fake boobs…her natural boobs were perfect). She was a short-lived FB, but lots of fun while she lasted.

You can take two things from this. First, sometimes a ten’s gold digging tendencies can be managed; it depends on the woman. Second, these tendencies only start at around age 22, which means you can have sex with tens under that age with no trouble whatsoever. I recently had sex with a 21 year-old estimated ten (a model-gorgeous latina) with very little effort. So you can stick with this age loophole and keep it to tens under age 22 if you like. However, realize that will drastically reduce your pool of possibilities (unless you live in a very large city).

3. They tend to be very inconsistent, more so than most other women.

This may not be a universal maxim…it’s just been my experience. Tens seems to be much more inconsistent and fickle than normal attractive women. They love you one minute, they don’t want to talk to you the next minute. I’ve experienced enough of this from tens to the point where I don’t think it’s a coincidence. I could be wrong, but I have a feeling that carrying on a very long term, consistent relationship with a ten would be extremely unlikely (unless she was an “aging ten” or “former ten”, like a super-hottie well over age 40 à la Shannon Tweed).

Again, this is simply my impression, and I am but one Alpha among many. If you’ve dated multiple tens and have experienced something different, do let us know in the comments.

4. Estimated tens are hypersensitive about their appearance, and will go to great lengths, financial and otherwise, to improve and maintain their bodies.

I can tell you for a fact that this stereotype is absolutely true, comically so. Tens are fanatically hypersensitive about their bodies to the point of anal obsession.

She’s constantly freaking out about how her hips are half an inch too small for her ratio. Or she’s constantly self-conscious that her perfect thighs are not the exact right shape. Or she files to a distant city on a regular basis to get the fat cells sucked out of her already-perfect abdomen so she won’t “get chubby there later in life”.

These are all real examples of tens I’ve been with. Pretty insane. I almost feel sorry for them. They really worry about this shit, and it truly bothers them. She’ll have a panic attack about some little spot on the side of her neck while looking at the mirror, while I’m standing right behind her, shirtless, jiggling my hairy belly and laughing. Be very, very thankful you’re a man.

5. Personal tens don’t exhibit most of these behaviors, but they will exhibit some of them.

The great loophole here is personal tens. These are women YOU consider to be a ten, but many other men, if not most men, won’t. That means that you get the benefit of a “ten” without a lot of the overhead I’ve listed above. Some of the most fabulous relationships and most mind-blowing, spiritual-level sex has been with personal tens. Because she’s a personal ten rather than an estimated ten, she won’t be accustomed to quite the onslaught of male slathering the estimated tens receive, so her requirements are less.

But! Don’t fool yourself. I have been burned more than once thinking that a personal ten wouldn’t behave like an estimated ten because “not all guys think she’s as hot as I do”. Wrongo. They certainly can and they might. That girl you consider a personal ten has plenty of other men out there who consider her their personal ten as well, or at least their personal nine or eight or seven. That’s still attention, and it has the same net effect. It’s just that the odds are on your side and the amount of overhead will be less.

Advice On Dealing With Tens

1. All the rules about not complimenting appearance go double, if not triple, for tens.

Yep, I’m going to repeat one of my most hated pieces of advice. I have repeatedly talked about how you should NOT compliment a woman’s appearance unless you’ve already had sex with her at least twice, and even then you should keep it down to a minimum.

The more physically attractive a woman, the more this is true. The hotter she is, the more damage you will do to your chances with her if you tell her she’s hot. That means that with tens, this rule is absolute. Not only should you not compliment them, you should act as if their beauty in no way affects you, and in no way influences your decision to have sex with them, beyond what it normally would with any other woman.

As a matter of fact, one of the few times I endorse the use of “negs” is with tens. Yes, negs do actually work on tens, and if a woman is an estimated ten this is one of the rare times I will use a neg or two on her. (I don’t use negs on nines or below; I don’t think they’re necessary. With a confident and outcome independent attitude and frame, you don’t need them.)

No matter how tempted you are, do NOT compliment a ten on her appearance in ANY WAY WHATSOEVER. Not if you want to have sex with her quickly.

2. Do not treat them any differently than any other woman you’re having sex with.

This is simply an extension of not complimenting appearance. Once you are in a regular relationship with a ten (FB or MLTR doesn’t matter), you need to be very cognizant and careful that you are not treating her any better than any other FB or MLTR you’d be seeing.

Even with men with lots of experience and a strong frame, tens can exert power over you in a very subtle way, and it’s not difficult to realize that you’re giving her a little spectral treatment because she’s So Hotâ¢. Don’t fall for this. Re-read my post on how to avoid oneitis if you need to. If she starts getting the feeling that she’s something special, you’re done.

Of course none of this applies to women in the OLTR category. OLTRs are indeed special and of course you can treat a ten that way if she’s your OLTR. However! I will repeat the cardinal rule of OLTRs: A woman is only allowed to be an OLTR until after she’s been an MLTR with zero problems for at least six months.

3. Never stop demonstrating value in very outcome independent ways.

While dating a ten, you need to make sure you’re doing things like:

  • Not seeing her on days she wants to see you because you’re “too busy”.
  • Not acquiescing to her requests to drive her places, or meet her places closer to her home, etc.
  • Let many days go by with zero contact from you.
  • Completely avoid posting anything whatsoever on any of her social media pages. (Instant death if you do this. Let the beta males drool over her on Instragram and Facebook. You want to be the one fucking her, not fantasizing about her from afar.)
  • Delay responses to her incoming texts / calls / messages / emails.
  • Etc. You get the point.

Again, you should be doing this stuff anyway, with all women, and ideally you should be doing these things not as an act or “technique” but because you really are that busy with important tasks to move you towards your Mission (or having sex with other women). I’m saying with a ten, especially an estimated ten, you need to really be aware of this and be very consistent with it.

She needs to completely understand that she’s not dating the typical guy who is enamored of her or thinks he’s “lucky” to get such a Hot Girlâ¢. You’re not a beta. You’re a man on a Mission who is extremely busy and can get any woman he wants. If you’re not like that man, at least act like it, and work towards becoming that man for real.

Which, again, you should be doing anyway, regardless of women.

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