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Sexual Health Myths

May 27, 2012

Warning: This is one of those blog posts that will make you very upset. You have been warned.

Many years ago I was working in my day job with a high level client. She was a doctor and professional speaker in Los Angeles, focusing on the areas of women’s health, specifically breast cancer and similar aliments. She was actually quite famous in medical circles and was (and still is) a well-known name in that area.

During one conversation I asked her about why breast cancer was getting more and more common. I find medical topics fascinating and read up on them often. I had read just a few years prior that one in eleven women would get breast cancer, but I had just read recently it was now one in eight women. Amazingly, just a few decades ago it was around one in thirty women. Wow.

I asked her “Why such a rapid rise in breast cancer? That’s incredible.”

She answered immediately without blinking, “DDT.”

I was confused. I knew all about DDT from my school days as a kid, a dangerous carcinogenic pesticide widely used in 50’s and 60’s but banned in the early 70’s.  “DDT?” I said, “What do you mean? We stopped using that 30 years ago. Plus I’ve done some reading and I’ve never heard anything about DDT being the cause for the recent rise in breast cancer. I thought breast cancer was caused by lifestyle changes in society.”

“You’re right,” she said, “We did stop using it. But it’s now in the environment, in our food and drinking water, and has a half life of somewhere around 1000 years. So every time you eat or drink something, you’re consuming trace amounts of it, even if you eat 100% organic raw food and filtered water, and even though we haven’t used DDT in decades.”

She could see the dubious expression on my face. “What the hell?” I said, “I’ve never heard anything like this.”

“I’m sure you haven’t,” she said, “And you probably won’t ever. The medical community just doesn’t see the point in telling women that they’re eating DDT which will give them breast cancer and there’s nothing they can do about it. So instead they backtrack and talk about all the ‘safe’ standard cancer stuff, like eat right, exercise, take vitamins, etc.”

I’m not a doctor of course, and I have zero expertise in this area. I have no idea if what she said was true. All I can tell you is this woman’s credentials in this area were extreme.

Since then I have been very wary about the standard dogma of the medical community. Many experiences I’ve had with doctors have backed up my theory that in many cases, the medical community is just blowing smoke up your ass about all kinds of things.

When I was a little kid in the 70’s, the big thing from the medical community was “don’t eat sugar!“. Fat and bread, of course, was just fine. Eat all of that you want. Just don’t eat that cookie!

Then in the 80’s, the medical community stopped talking about sugar and went hog wild about cholesterol. Eat all the food you want, including sugar. Just don’t eat any cholesterol! I’m sure you remember those fat-free but high-sugar brownies, pastries, and cookies that were common around the early 90’s. Dude. I ate boxes of those things back then. Because the doctors and the fitness community said they were perfectly okay to eat. Fat was the enemy, not sugar.

Then the mid 90’s rolled around, the Atkins diet hit the scene, and suddenly it was carbs that was the enemy. The medical community did a complete 180 on fat. Eat all the fat you want, fat is good for you. Have all the cheese and steaks you like…just don’t eat any carbs!

Then the 2000’s came, and it was “Hey, you’re not eating enough carbs!  Eat carbs! Just don’t eat trans fats!”

And on and on it goes.

In a few years, you can bet the medical (and fitness) community will turn right around and pick something new that you’re not supposed to eat, and tell you that what you weren’t supposed to eat is now okay.

Are you getting my point yet? It’s all BS.

Okay. Now how does this relate to dating, seduction, sex, and relationships? There are many ways. I’ll just give you two off the top of my head (but there are many more).

1. AIDS Risk For Heterosexuals. The medical community loves to scare the shit out of people regarding STDs. Yet I know many reckless guys who have fucked over 50 or 100 women, almost never using condoms, who have either never gotten an STD or got something very simple one time (like Chlamydia), had no symptoms (just tested positive), took a pill, and it went away, and that was it.

I’m not saying STDs aren’t a concern. They are. I am extremely careful about condom use and I talk about STD prevention quite a bit in my ebooks. Before you read what I’m about to say, remember I said STD prevention is extremely serious and extremely important. I’m just saying when some doctor is trying to scare the shit out of you regarding getting AIDS or something horrific like that, your bullshit detector needs to be on high alert.

On one hand, the medical community screams at everyone about the dangers of getting AIDS, but on the other hand I once had a doctor behind closed doors tell me off the record that in my city, I could sleep with 200 women without using a condom and I would not get HIV. Yeah, I might get other bad stuff, like Chlamydia or Herpes II, but not HIV. It just wasn’t a risk factor in my area. But the doctor warned me very clearly “Don’t tell anyone I told you that!” Such a message would screw up the medical community’s narrative of “be scared of AIDS everybody!”

And please don’t think I’m discounting the AIDS problem in the world. In my life I have had two personal friends die of AIDS. One of them died very slowly, painfully, and badly. I saw it with my own eyes and it was awful to watch and I felt terrible for him. So this AIDS issue has effected me personally. However, not only were both of those guys gay, they were promiscuously gay, by their own admission. (People start getting very honest when they’re dying.)

I know thousands of people. You probably know at least hundreds of people. Assuming you don’t live in Africa or an inner city slum, of those thousands or hundreds of people, how many completely heterosexual people do you know who got HIV by having sex with someone?

See my point?

2. Pregnancies Caused By “Pre-Cum”. This is a big one that comes up a lot. A lot of guys are worried about impregnating chicks because of “pre-cum”. Why? Because the medical community harps on this constantly. “PULLING OUT DOESN’T WORK!!! PUTTING ON A CONDOM AT THE END OF SEX DOESN’T WORK!!! EVEN IF YOU PULL OUT IN TIME YOU CAN GET WOMEN PREGNANT WITH YOUR PRE-CUM!!!” I heard that for years, and believed it.

Then I thought a moment and looked at the facts. I have a high sperm count (I know, because I checked). I also personally generate a healthy amount of pre-cum during sex before I cum. I was married for nine years to one of the most fertile women on the planet. For nine years straight, we would have sex without a condom, then at the very end of sex I would put a condom on, resume, and cum. For nine years of this she didn’t get pregnant on accident once.

“So what?” you say, “That’s just one woman!” True. So let’s multiply this by a bazillion other women I’ve had sex with. Over the course of my 40 year life, I’ve had sex with many women, many times, where I either put on a condom at the end of sex or pulled out.

I’m not trying to brag here but I’ve had sex with a lot of women. More importantly, I have sex with the same women frequently, and have been following that pattern more or less for about 20 years. That’s a lot of sex. (As regular readers know, I like to have sex at least three times a week, every week, and that’s a minimum.) Therefore, technically I have “pre-cum” hundreds of times with women and I have a high sperm count, yet I have never gotten a woman pregnant on accident in my entire life.

Of course women being on birth control is a factor, and I’m pretty good about verifying that, but over 20 years not all of them were on birth control, as the example of my ex-wife (though there have been many others).


I have talked to other men who have had sex with lots of women, and they’ve told me the exact same thing: The only time they’ve gotten women pregnant is when they gushed inside them.

I have also talked to guys who got women pregnant on “accident” and they “didn’t know why”, only to get them to eventually admit that they did indeed cum inside them “for real”. Not “pre-cum”, but “real cum”.

Conclusion: I call bullshit on this “pregnancy via pre-cum” thing. It’s crap. (Disclaimer: I am not a doctor.) Guys getting women preggo are unable to control themselves in those final moments and are cumming inside them, fully, and then saying they didn’t. It’s not pre-cum’s fault.

I could go on and on with other examples, sexual and otherwise. My point is I have a healthy distrust of medical community dogma. There’s just too much smoke in that kitchen for there not to be a fire.

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