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The Different Types of Alpha Male 2.0s

June 13, 2016

This is a post in a continuing series that demonstrates all the different personality types and lifestyles Alpha Male 2.0s have. âAlpha Male 2.0â does not describe one isolated type of man, including and especially me. Rather, itâs an umbrella that encapsulates many types of people.

In the last post in this series, I covered the various types of relationships Alpha Male 2.0s generally inhabit. In this article, I will describe the various personality types Alpha 2.0s have based on the men Iâve met, known, and/or have corresponded with over the last several years (of which there have been many). I did not include any types in this list unless Iâve personally known many men who applied to that particular category. In other words, if I met just one Alpha 2.0 engaging in a particular lifestyle, I didnât include him below.

As youâll see, Alpha 2.0 includes a broad range of very different types of men. Here’s a few…

Married Alpha 2.0

This is a married guy, usually with kids, who lives an Alpha 2.0 lifestyle via an OLTR marriage or similar. He occasionally gets laid with women on the side, but not regularly and not nearly as often as an unmarried Alpha 2.0. Some men have wives who also play around on the side, others donât (particularly those married to older women, or who have lots of children).

Some of these guys have standard OLTRs, others have swinger marriages, and still others have nonmonogamous arrangements that are more complicated. They understand that long-term sexual monogamy doesnât work, even while being married and having kids. Sadly, they tend to be very quiet about the open aspect of their marriages, so as to not receive backlash from their community or embarrass their wives, and discretion is paramount with these men (though there are exceptions).

Married Alpha 2.0s tend to be more relaxed, lower-key, medium sex drive guys, usually introverts, often coming from more traditional families.

Thrill of the Hunt Alpha 2.0

These are high-energy, extroverted Alpha 2.0s who love sexual variety and get laid a lot. Theyâre usually younger guys, but many older men fall into this category as well. They tend to focus on night game or daygame and tend to do well with either. They avoid monogamy like the plague and are not very relationship-focused. When getting into one, they usually donât have anything higher than a midrange MLTR. Even while in relationships, they are still pretty active with pickup and sarging.

Like other Alpha 2.0s, TH Alpha 2.0s are entrepreneurs, though often a little scatterbrained in their business lives. They love to start new businesses and constantly have new business ideas. Itâs hard for them to stay focused with one business idea for longer than 6-12 months, but theyâre still decent at making money. They tend to be very good salespeople. They also tend to be frugal and live minimalist lifestyles, which helps them reduce financial stress and increase freedom.

Older Man Alpha 2.0

These Alpha 2.0s are usually well over age 40 and have high incomes, sometimes very high. Theyâre usually divorced though a small percentage of them are still married, often to completely non-sexual wives. Theyâve taken decent care of their physical health and tend to look good for their age.

They are not frugal at all; they live large. They have no problem whatsoever throwing a lot of money around with the FBs and MLTRs they date. They usually love sugar daddy dating sites and think theyâre the greatest thing in the world. They are constantly pushing themselves to fuck hotter and hotter women, and are extremely picky about womenâs physical appearance, even getting a little upset if they donât find exactly what they want. They tend to be extroverts.

They are usually business owners who make high incomes and who set their own schedules, despite also being hard workers. Their business lives and their sex lives are both very exciting to them and are a topic of frequent conversation.

Life of the Party Alpha 2.0

These Alpha 2.0s are extroverts with lots of friends and big social circles. They get laid using social circle game, but also do a lot of online dating. They are constantly around other people and run small businesses that are very people-focused. They also tend to be artistic, usually into things like art, music, acting, photography, and the like. Many also tend to be exercise freaks and enjoy things like MMA or extreme sports. They love to travel a lot and engage in lots of group activities.

They tend to have a little more drama than typical Alpha 2.0s, since theyâre more emotional guys. They have a lot of sex with multiple women in the same social circles and often have problems because of this. They are constantly trying to figure out how to have FBs and MLTRs within the same social circles or close geographic regions.

Worker Alpha 2.0

These guys are focused, introverted workaholics. Their primary focus in life is their business, career, and Mission, which is usually money or business-centric. They get laid regularly (nonmonogamous of course), but just enough to satisfy their sex drives and no more, so they can get back to work. They tend to be driven, organized, and have very high sex drives. Sometimes they come off as a little cold to others.

They tend to be more into relationships rather than pickup (since they view relationships as less work and less time consuming) and tend more to Pleasure of Sex rather than Thrill of the Hunt. Itâs rare that a Worker Alpha 2.0 doesnât have a high-end MLTR or OLTR in his life. Some of them are married.

Movement Alpha 2.0

These guys are hardcore zealots, rabidly anti-monogamy, sometimes even anti-relationship. Theyâre often involved in movements like menâs rights, red pill, MGTOW, and similar. They tend to be very loud and passionate and sometimes come across like Alpha Male 1.0s. Yet, theyâre still 2.0 to the core; non-monogamous, getting laid, usually self-employed, and strongly supportive of all the baseline Alpha 2.0 concepts.

They believe strongly in saving men or saving the world, and tend towards either right-wing or libertarian politics, which they loudly support and advocate. Their activism is as important to them as their Alpha 2.0 lifestyle, if not more so.


Hybrids actually arenât Alpha Male 2.0s. Instead, they are Alpha Male 1.0s or more confident betas who adopt some, but not all, of the Alpha Male 2.0 models. Sometimes they adopt Alpha 2.0 models but break a lot of the Alpha Male 2.0 rules, usually on purpose.

As a result, Hybrids have more drama and less freedom than true Alpha 2.0s, but they consider these as worthy prices to pay for a more normal or less structured lifestyle.

Examples of Hybrids would be the Alpha 1.0 who has the location independent business but cheats on his âmonogamousâ girlfriend regularly, or the beta male who is nonmonogamous but constantly gets oneitis for MLTRs because he keeps breaking all the relationship rules. Hybrids like Alpha 2.0 concepts, but know in their hearts theyâll never follow the system completely.


If youâre a regular reader here, youâre probably supportive of at least some of the Alpha 2.0 concepts I discuss here and in my book. This means youâve probably connected with at least one of the above Alpha 2.0 subtypes described above. (If you havenât figured out already, Iâm a Worker Alpha 2.0.)

Hopefully now you wonât think that âI have to be like Blackdragonâ in order to be an Alpha 2.0. You certainly donât, nor should be. Most of the Alpha 2.0s I meet at my seminars or communicate with in real life arenât like me in terms of temperament.

In other words, Alpha Male 2.0 is more of a lifestyle than a type of man (though itâs certainly a type of man too).

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