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The Ten Commandments Of Dating

November 15, 2012

Yea! I have descended from the mountain and have speaketh with thy Dragon God. And he has spoketh unto me His words of power. I have etched His eternal words upon these tablets. Lo! Behold and heed His almighty wisdom, so that thou mayest go forth and swiftly stab thy mighty rod into many a feminine golden gully of joy!

1. Thou shalt remain confident and outcome independent at all times during interactions with women.

2. Thou shalt improve and maintain thy personal appearance at the highest levels possible.

3. Thou shalt always maintain a sexual frame and sexual EFA.

4. Thou shalt always focus thine energies on multiple women.

5. Thou shalt focus on one area of seduction at a time (online dating, club game, daygame, or social circle game) and become expert at such before attempting other areas.

6. That shalt escalate to sex quickly and strongly. Thou shalt never wait longer than 1-3 hours before beginning hard sexual escalation.

7. Thou shalt focus on the youngest women possible, based on thy age. (If she’s very young, thou hast better check her ID before thy mighty rod enters her golden gully, thou dumbass!)

8. Thou shalt never kiss a woman on a first date unless ’tis very obvious oral sex or real sex is going to occur very quickly on that date. (Touch/kino a woman, yes. Kiss a woman, no.)

9. Thou shalt not spend money on a woman pre-sex, so as to not activate provider expectations from her. Less than $15 for a first date is acceptable, zero is ideal.

10. Thou shalt never try to have sex with a woman over the age of 33 unless thou already knows her personally and some level of sexual interest from her has been demonstrated.

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