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What’s Possible for Older Men with Younger Women

August 5, 2019

The following is an except from my book The Ultimate Younger Woman Manual that I have expanded for the purposes of this article.  

One of the more common questions Iâm asked is, âIâm a really old guy. Iâm X years old. Is it reasonable for me to expect to date/have sex with a hot 22 yearâold? Or should I just forget about learning game or relationship techniques and just pay for sex?â 

Itâs a valid question. After teaching thousands of men these techniques over the last ten years, the age categories of men break down into something like this: 

Men in their teens or twenties are younger men, not older men, so they donât require any special changes in their approach with younger women. The advantage younger men have with younger women is, obviously, they donât have to overcome the discomfort and negative Societal Programming regarding a large age difference.

The disadvantages younger men have are: 

1. They usually have very little money, thus making them less attractive to females (and as the West continues its slow collapse, this will become a much bigger problem as time goes on). 

2. They are extremely outcome dependent. Another unattractive trait. 

3. They tend to be short-tempered, quick to anger, and put up with a lot of bullshit drama from women. 

It is those aspects that actually help older men attract much younger women. But regardless, younger men donât have to engage in any special type of dating techniques in order to score with younger women.

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