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Why It’s GREAT for You That Everything Sucks

January 24, 2019

50% of people live paycheck to paycheck and have no savings! Oh no!

Wages have been flat for 40 years! Oh no!

Women are disloyal bitches now and are dumping and divorcing men in droves! Oh no!

Climate change is going to kill us all! Oh no!

The Chads are taking all the girls so 95% of men won’t be able to get laid soon! Oh no!

Europe is being overrun my Muslims! Oh no!

Fucking robots are going to put all the truck drivers out of work! Oh no!

Alexandra Ocasio Cortez danced in college! Oh no!

Trump is in the pocket of the rich! Oh no!

Bernie Sanders is going to turn America socialist! Oh no!

The stock market is tanking! Oh no!

We have a student loan crisis! Oh no!





Everything sucks.

But thatâs a problem for everything, not for you.

I have this silly vision of myself at some point in the future. It always makes me smile.

Itâs me, sitting on a beautiful beach on the other side of the world, next to a beautiful woman who is exactly my type (now, Pink Firefly). Iâm in this super cozy beach chair with nice pillows, drinking a perfect piña colada that is melting at exactly the right speed to drink it.

On the other side of me, I have my laptop which is showing me the values of my Asian real estate holdings, precious metals, cryptocurrency, and several other non-Western investments and businesses, all of which are doing well.

Iâm looking out over the pristine blue ocean, and past the water, on the other side of the ocean, I see a giant cloud of billowing, black smoke where Western world used to be, visible all the way over here (I know this would be impossible to see, but this is a fantasy vision, so shut up and just go with it).

I see it, shrug, and say quietly, âHuh. Oh well. I warned you guys.â

Then Pink Firefly turns to me and says, âLetâs go have a threesome with Ashley!â

I burp, then say, âOkay,â and we go do that.

I have found that one of the secrets to happiness, and it really is a secret since society really doesnât want you to know this, is to separate yourself as an individual from âsocietyâ or âeverything.â

See, if you canât do that, then you consider yourself equivalent to society. So if society is doing well, youâll think youâre doing well. If society is doing badly, youâll think youâre doing badly. Whether or not this is actually accurate is another story, but thatâs what youâll think. It’s how most people think. And it sucks. Disempowering as hell.

A better way to view life is to view yourself as separate from society or âeverything.â This way, everything can suck, and you can still be doing very well. Society can be terrible, or on the verge of collapse, or whatever, and your life can be amazing, all at the same time.

I didnât say your life will automatically be great. Youâll have to put in the work to make sure itâs great. The Alpha Male 2.0 lifestyle ensures youâll be very happy even if everything around you sucks, but the catch is that youâll have to put in a few years of work to set everything up. But once youâre there, everything can âsuckâ and you can still live a great life. Read this and this for more details on that.

But thereâs a step even beyond that. In many ways, things can actually be better for you because everything sucks. As an Alpha 2.0, you are uniquely poised to actually benefit from everything sucking, instead of suffering from everything sucking like the typical beta male or Alpha Male 1.0.

Here are just a few examples from my life, though there are many others.

1. Traditional, lifetime marriage has been pretty much destroyed by Western society, with historically high divorce rates. Monogamy is also far worse than ever before, with most people breaking up within three years. That sucks! At the same time, I have a six-figure business here on the internet that only takes me a few hours a week to maintain because so many men and women are getting divorced and breaking up.

Seriously, how much money do you think Iâd be making at this Blackdragon thing if the vast majority of people in the Western world were in stable, multi-decade long monogamous relationships with zero cheating? Yeah. I wouldnât be making shit at this.

So it really sucks, but itâs great for me.

2. Things have gotten so bad economically and culturally that young women have a hard time finding long-term male partners. Some blame for this can go to women, and some blame can go to men, but man-woman romantic and sexual relations are more difficult and strained now than at any other time in modern history. That sucks! At the same time, for the last 10 years Iâve been getting laid left and right, and with hot younger women, and itâs become so easy that Iâm still surprised.

Seriously, how many hot, younger women do you think Iâd be hooking up with over the past decade if the economy was really booming, prices were low, taxes were low, and young men were really focused, hard working and motivated, leaving home at age 18 and getting their own house by 19 or 20? Dude. It would be really hard for me to get laid in such conditions. I mean, I could probably still do it, but god damn, it would be tough!

So it really sucks, but itâs great for me.

3. Business in the Western world is tough right now in many sectors, and will continue to get tougher. (Please note that when I say âbusinessâ I mean real entrepreneurial, free-market businesses, not these corporatist monster corporations on the Dow.) That sucks! But I have two businesses, one as a business consultant and one as a marketing provider, where Iâm doing very well. There are a lot of problems out there, and as a consultant and marketer, my job is to solve those problems. The more problems I solve, the more money I make.

How well do you think Iâd be doing in these industries if the Western world was on the rise and business was easily booming everywhere like in the 1950s? How many problems would companies really hire me to fix? Not many.

So it really sucks, but itâs great for me.

4. As Iâve said before, I have a 94% return rate for all women who leave me for another man. This is because most men are betas or Alpha Male 1.0s. These women leave me for Mr. New Monogamous Boyfriend, and if heâs a beta, he gets super clingy, needy, and full of oneitis. Unattractive. If heâs an Alpha Male 1.0 he starts getting angry, domineering, and controlling. Unpleasant. So they they dump Mr. Monogamous Boyfriend. That sucks! But then they turn around and have sex with me again. Yay!

How many women do you think would come back to me if most men out there remained confident, non-needy and non-jealous in their relationships? Shit, not many. My return rate would be 5% instead of 94%.

So it really sucks, but itâs great for me.

Seriously dude. I could go on and on with numerous examples of how, as an Alpha Male 2.0, I directly benefit from everything sucking. Everyone around me is bitching about how everything sucks, and Iâm living a fantastic life that is literally a dream come true. This is because I focus on myself (and my inner circle of loved ones) as an individual rather than stressing about about what stupid society is doing. You know what? Fuck society. I don’t care. I’m too busy working on my Mission and having a great time doing it.

This is also true of many other Alpha 2.0s (or aspiring Alpha 2.0s) I know or have communicated with. I know a lot of you are benefiting in your lifestyles financially, socially, sexually, and in many other ways because everything sucks.

Yeah. Everything sucks. But you have the power to modify the statement from âEverything sucksâ to âEverything sucks for everyone else.â

As Iâve said perhaps hundreds of times on my blogs and in my books, you are not society. You are not everything. You are an individual. And as an individual, you can choose to live an amazing life even if everything around you is going to shit. You can even include your close loved ones in your circle of awesomeness if you so choose, as I explained here.

So yeah, everything sucks.

But it doesnât have to for you.

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