Every guy has a “type”. A “type” of woman he likes the best, is naturally attracted to the most, and hopes to score with.

There’s a reverse side to this, and it’s much more important. That is the type of women who like you. As you start approaching and dating lots of women, you will quickly find that there are one or more types of women who really, really like the exact type of guy you are. I call this your “target market”. One of your goals in the dating side of your life is to determine exactly what your target market is, what types of women are most likely to date you or sleep with you, and start focusing on only these women.

It took me about a year or two of dating and experimentation before I figured out my target market. Once I started focusing on that market and ignoring all other women, my lay ratios went way up, the drama and hassle in my life went way down, and my happiness bloomed.

Every guy is different. Every guy has a different type of look, age, vibe, personality, style, and social circle. Therefore there’s no way for me or anyone else to tell you what your target market is. All I can do is make you aware of the fact you do indeed have a target market, give you a few examples of what I’m talking about, and make you aware of some of the pitfalls.

In addition to a target market, or women who really like you, you also have a group of women who are repulsed by you and want nothing to do with you, and yet a third group of women who are going to be problematic for you, who will fuck or date you but cause all kinds of challenges for you.

Your “repulsed market” are women who take one look at you and run the other way. Maybe not literally, but you know what I mean. There are certain types of women who will meet you and put you in the “instant no” category, where you will stay no matter how good you are. It’s just a fact of life. Ignore these women and move on.

Your “problematic market” is much more dangerous. These are women who do like you, who may want to date or have sex with you, but are extremely problematic for a guy like you. Either they take forever to lay, or they’re nightmares when you date them, or they’re bad to have in relationships, etc. Your problematic market is worse than your repulsed market, because your replused market won’t waste your time or get your hopes up, whereas your problematic market most certainly will.

Let me state again: Every guy is different. I have different types of women in my target, repulsed, and problematic markets than you do. I’m about to give you some real-life examples but do not assume that any of this will apply to you. Likely you look and act very differently than I do. These are just examples. The only way to determine your three markets is to PUT IN THE NUMBERS and get your ass out there and MEET AND FUCK A LOT OF WOMEN.

After a few months of focusing on this area of your life, trust me, certain patterns will start to emerge for you. Then if you’re smart you will focus on your target market and avoid women in the repulsed and problematic markets.

Only as an example, these are my three markets. As you read through these, keep in context the type of man I am:  A high-energy (though introverted), high-confidence, outcome independent, 40 year-old white American businessman Alpha male with average looks, large build (and a little overweight), with a strong style of dress and a relaxed but commanding presence.

My Target Market

These are women who really, really like me.

Type 2 VYW who are between the ages of 18 and 23. Once these young chicks get the courage to actually meet me in real life, they love me, and my meet-to-lay times with these women is extremely fast and effortless despite the fact I can be over 20 years older than they are. This probably has to do not only with the type of guy I am, but also becasue I’ve probably subconsciously calibrated my approach to appeal to these women over the years.

Asian women also really, really dig me. Whenever I’m on a first date with an Asian gal, they look at me dreamy-eyed like I’m the most amazing man they’ve ever met. I do very well with Asians. Too bad most of them don’t have the big boobs I like. The more curvy Asian women are the only ones I go after. (I need boobs and hips and butts on my women…sadly most Asian women are lacking in those areas.)

Very feminine girly-girls really like me. This is to be expected, since I’m very masculine and opposites attract. My attraction for these types of women is also very high.

Very busy corporate women I also do very well with. Take a hot corporate babe and once we sit down and talk business, finance, and politics, boom, I’m in. Too bad I don’t sleep with women I work with or I’d be up to my ears with women like this. These gals are great because they’re very compatible with my poly lifestyle. As you may imagine I am very compatible with women who have difficult, busy schedules. Most men complain about these types of women…I love ’em.

Those four types above represent my target market. I can lay these women very fast, very easily, with very little hassle, and ongoing relationships with these women tend to be the most rewarding and effort-free for me.

My Repulsed Market

These women hate my guts and avoid me whenever they can:

Religious women. These women can smell me coming from a mile away. Once they observe my relaxed manner and strong sexual frame, they’re gone.

Black women. I’ve had sex with all races…except black chicks. Black women hate my ass. There’s just no interest from them. (I have had sex with half-black women, but never a full black, and I’ve tried. Oh well.)

Low sex drive women. Similar to the religious types. My strong sexual frame just doesn’t work with them. Which is probably a good thing.

Masculine women. Note I said masculine women, not strong women. I do fine with strong women, but with masculine women, it just doesn’t work. I once had a one night stand (I hate those but they do sometimes happen) with a gal who was cute, but had posters of Batman and the Hulk on her walls and worked as a corrections officer at a local prison. Talking to her was like talking to a dude, which was fun, but a little weird. We had sex, and it was terrible. She always had to be on the top.

Um…yeah…not gonna work with me, sweetie. Every time I made a noise (which is constantly, since I growl like a Tyrannosaurus during sex) she complained I was “making too much noise”. It was terrible. We never spoke again after that…she was probably more horrified than I was. (Frankly, I smell a closet lesbian, but who knows?)

My Problematic Market

These women do like me, but give me never-ending problems.

Women over age 33 who I just met. No surprise here if you’ve read any of my stuff before. Over 33 women LOVE me, desperately want to meet me, LOVE me when we do the first or second date, but the minute I try to take clothing off on the second date (or sometimes third), I get the irrational I’m-a-lady-and-you-just-need-to-wait lecture that boils my blood.

These days I avoid women over 33 like the plague (unless I already know them through some other means, then they’re fine). Dating without sex is the dumbest idea ever to come from modern-day middle-age women and I choose not to participate. Stick with beta males who are desperate enough to wait that long, ladies.

Russian women living in the US. Russian women living in Russia are just fine. But hot blonde Russian women with perfect bodies living in the United States? They’re the biggest gold-diggers out there. Even if I’m dressed in jeans and a T-shirt, they smell money on me, and I’m in for trouble. I’ve had some seriously insane run-ins with these lovely ladies. (Though not any more!)

Feminists. This may surprise many of you but feminists love me when they first meet me. I’m a very open-minded guy and I believe in many liberal/feminist positions. They’re pretty cool with me while we’re having sex too. But once a regular relationship gets started, even if it’s an FB one, the claws come out. The betaization goes on full-blast and I’m expected to instantly and magically transform into a submissive beta male, and if I don’t I’m an “asshole”. Yuck. No thanks.

So, taking all of the above into account, what do you think I do? These days, I focus damn near 100% on younger women, feminine women, and corporate types, and that’s one of the reasons I get laid often and fast, whenever I want. I don’t even try to mess with black women, or feminists, older women, etc. Not because I don’t like these women, but because these women give me way too much trouble and waste my time. I’m busy enough as it is. I can’t afford to have my time wasted by anyone.

Reading through this stuff you’ve probably already thought of some types of women who really like you and want to be with you, some types that despise you, and some types that have caused you trouble in the past. This is valuable information. Take that information out of your distant memory and translate it into action.

Only go after the women most likely to A) want to be with you and B) not give you trouble once they’re with you.